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Our Family life...

Day 13: All you need I a little faith, trust, and pixie dust…

After the late night of yesterday Emily slept as princess Aurora until 7:30 as usual. We all got ready and somewhere around 9:00am we left the Villa to get to Magic Kingdom where we had our first FastPasses at 9:25am. 

It was a bit busier as we had hoped for but after we parked our car at the Simba parking lot we walked to the Ticket and Transportation Center to board the Monorail. At 9:50 we were in the park and we walked straight to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland. A first time for Mama this time because last year she was pregnant and not allowed to ride. And although it’s the seven dwarfs train our little one was not long enough to ride. But she didn’t mind she was having fun in her royal stroller.

  Off course we did a rider switch and Papa went as well. The line for Under the Sea was really short and we decided to squeeze that one in because last time we had a FastPass for this ride Emily was sleeping. She didn’t know where to look with all the bright colors, the familiar music, and the rotating sea shell. 

  From the exit we walked straight to the Hundred Acre Wood to join Winnie the Pooh on one of his many adventures. Emily was smiling from cheek to cheek while we joined Tigger and bounced around. 

For all these exciting things our princess got a bit hungry and she had her pears before we walked to the Main Street Bakery for our daily caffeine shot, a Latte Macchiato for Mama and a Java Chip Frappuccino for Papa. But the line was so long, and sooooo sloooooow that Emily fell a sleep. With our drinks we walked to Tomorrowland to sit and watch people while sitting in the sun. This was also the moment when we figured out how different Disney is with a child. We only did rides in Fantasyland and Adventureland, we have seen more characters as ever before and we never spend most of our time in Magic Kingdom.

  But it was time to walk back to the entrance because we had a meeting planed with the smallest of them all. And with all I mean the characters you can meet because to be able to meet Tinker Bell you first need some Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust to be able to shrink so much that you can meet her. Tinker Bell looked at Emily and she told her to keep practicing her flying because she should be ready for it soon.

After getting back to our original size we left the magic by boat and walked back to our car. On the way back we stopped at the SuperTarget for groceries including meat for the BBQ and someone insisted on M&M’s… 

As soon as we got home we jumped in the pool. Okay we didn’t jump we first put on our swimwear and after that Mama and Emily went in the pool first before I joined. Emily went under water twice and besides that she enjoyed it much more as anytime we went swimming before. It might be the temperature while it was 24 Degrees Celcius outside and the pool was even warmer.

  After the swimming Emily went to bed for her afternoon nap while we had Salmon, Hamburgers and Sausages from the BBQ. We were almost done when Emily woke up again for her dinner, some playing, a story about Scamp and her last bottle of the day. As soon as she had her last bottle I brushed her tooth and she went straight into bed.

We decided to spend the evening with some wine and beer in and around the pool. 

  Tomorrow we are going somewhere we all have never been before…

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Day 12: Sleeping while it blasts…

Today’s my girls had an lazy morning and afternoon while I was working the last day on the Siemens booth at Distributech. After starting to dismantle the booth I could go “home” to join my own two princesses. 

I got home late in the afternoon and after changing to vacation clothes I still needed to bring my rental car back to the National Rental car facility at Walt Disney World. And that’s really close to Epcot…

And as every night they run the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen…Illuminations! We wanted to try at least once to watch this show during these four weeks and tonight seemed to be a perfect evening to do so.

We were able to park the car at Journey 8 (very close to the entrance) and the park wasn’t even crowded although the crowd forecast told us otherwise. We started with getting 3 FastPasses:

  • Spaceship Earth
  • A journey into imagination with Figment (didn’t use it)
  • Illuminations (watched it from another area)

But while we got these we also saw that there was a really short waiting line for a photo with Baymax! And only 15 minutes later we already walked towards The Seas with Nemo and friends. This took a bit longer as expected because little Emily was so excited that she lost one of her socks while we walked through the line. In the attraction she didn’t know where to look at so many colorful and moving things… 

After this ride we used the FastPass for Spaceship Earth. And the lights at the end were really interesting for the little princess. After this ride we got ourselves a nice warm coffee. We went to Mouse Gear where mama got a new vest because it was getting a bit colder in the evening, Emily got her own Mickey Mouse blanket to stay warm. 

And because the clock told us it was time for the last bottle of the day for Emily we went to the Baby Care Center before we went towards World Showcase. Behind her Snooze Shade Emily slept as soon as we reached Italy at 7:30. We had a Funnel Cake to share and after some more shopping we went to our favorite spot to watch Illuminations!

And for our returning readers yes you are right we went to Germany where we enjoyed a Pretzel, Danielle a König Ludwig Hefe-Weizen and I had an Altenmünster Oktoberfest.

After our beers it was soon 9:00pm and the show sponsored by Siemens started. It was an amazing show Emily slept through it although she moved a bit during the really loud parts. 

Ending the day with a blast! #epcot #illuminations #fireworks

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Soon we were at our car where Emily woke up while we were putting her in the car seat but it’s for her own safety. Mama drove back and as soon as we were “home” we put Emily in bed and about 20 minutes later she was sleeping like a baby…


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Day 11: Another first…

In some of our previous blog posts we talked about some of the first we were going to experience this vacation. Today, actually yesterday evening, there was another first. But not just a first on this vacation, but really a first-first.

Sander and I noticed in the last couple of weeks that Emily was starting to show some symptoms of teething. The biting on everything she gets her hands on, drooling so much that she needed several shirts a day. And yesterday evening it was there, Emily’s first tooth showed up. A milestone if I may say so.

This meant we had to go shopping again today because we didn’t pack a toothbrush for Emily on this vacation.

In the afternoon we drove to the Florida Mall since this is an indoor mall and it’s still pretty cold outside. We parked at the Macy’s and started our stroll through the mall there. We bought some nice jeggings for Emily, had a Starbucks and lunch in the dining pavilion. And off course we bought a toothbrush at CVS.

Before we went back to the villa we I changed Emily’s diaper and I don’t know how it is in Europe but in Canada and also here in the US complete strangers like to get really close to babies. So as I was changing Emily’s diaper an older woman came standing next to me and started smiling and talking to Emily. But she didn’t like it and started screaming and almost scared the woman. But how would you feel lying there and some stranger starts talking to you… The only thing I could do was laugh. By the way, the woman apologized later 😉


The evening was as usual, we had dinner and Emily went to bed at 7:00 pm, she was exhausted and slept right away with her little friend Dumbo.


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