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Our Family life...

Soon we go again…

Last May we where on the Disney Dream cruising in the Bahamas. We loved it a lot and as you might remember we booked a placeholder on board, this means you get a discount on a future cruise next 2-years. Before we got home from our last vacation we found a very nice cruise on for later this year.

After a couple of weeks we booked the 7-Night Halloween on the High Seas Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral and we will celebrate Halloween on board! And today it’s just 8 weeks until we are sailing away for an itinerary taking us to Cozumel in Mexico, Falmouth in Jamaica, Georgetown on Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands and not to forget Castaway Cay!

We’ll be cruising on the Disney Fantasy, the sister ship from the Disney Dream. Funny enough this is not the first time we will see this cruise ship as we were on a city trip in New York the day the Fantasy for its christening. The first picture we took from the top of the Empire State Building while it was sailing in to port. The second picture we took a couple of days later when it was actually docked.

But before we sail away we fly to Orlando from Pearson a day before to stay in a Walt Disney World Resort for the first time ever. After we land we will take the Magical Express to Port Orleans French Quarter. Here we will stay one night till the Disney Cruise Line bus will pick us up and drive is to the port to embark the Fantasy. After we disembark we’ll be taking a the Disney Cruise Line bus back to the Airport where we’ll be renting a car from SIXT for the last part of this vacation.

This time we did not rent a villa but a townhouse in Windsor Hills a gated community very close to Walt Disney Resort. The house has a private pool and the resort itself has a lot of interesting amenities including a huge zero entrance pool, that’s what Emily likes a pool she can just walk in…

We can’t wait to get back to the magic of Disney and see how much the experience with Emily is different this time.

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Day 19: Home…

Our alarm went of at 7:00am, way too early but we needed to leave on time to the airport. Yes, today is our last day of the vacation and the only thing we do is travelling. After we’ve got everything done we wake up Emily at 8:00am and 30 minutes later we are ready to leave.

We return the rental car at National with less than 10 miles of gas in tank, I think that’s pretty close to perfect. Someone helps us with our luggage, check-inn at the Air Canada counter went smooth. Customs was a bit different, I went through the body scanner and for the first time the scan was not perfect, somehow the hair bands from Emily ended up in the pockets of my jeans… Also the stroller got a full cleaning service, I think they used at least 6 swipe pads. My bag got pulled out as there was lot going on in it (I typically have all electronics in my carry-on). Finally and 30 minutes later we were all done and took the people-mover towards terminal B (Gates 70-119).

Close to our gates we went to the “The Club @ MCO” the lounge we are able to access because off the credit card we have. Emily enjoyed it and interacted with a (I think) Japanese girl, we enjoyed while Emily had fun and they had a pancake machine.

At 11:20 we left towards the gate, boarding started 10 minutes late, we took of 10 minutes late and we arrived 15 minutes early. Everything went better as anticipated so far, but I needed to wait a very long time for the stroller to be brought up to the gate. As a result we ended up in a huge line at immigrations, it seemed to take for ever. After a while we were first in line when the employees asked us to let a bunch of people pass us while we were travelling with a child…weirdest thing ever! And no I wasn’t asking to get benefits for traveling with a child, I’m just asking to be treated the same as others. I think I’m never going to really like Pearson International Airport…

After one hour we were finally through customs, our suitcases were already on the belt and so we left the airport at 4:10pm. Emily slept a couple of minutes later and we arrived home before 5:00pm.

While we unloaded the car, Emily directly checked out all her toys and seemed really happy to be back home again. This was our first vacation of the year, a pretty amazing one even though we were all sick during the trip.

Thanks for reading, looking at the pictures, liking, reacting and leaving comments! “See” you next time!

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Day 18: Bon Voyage…

No we are not yet leaving, but that’s the name and theme of the character breakfast we have today. 

After a late night yesterday we slept until 8:00am due to our alarm clock, Emily slept till 8:40am and at 9:05am we rolled of the driveway towards the EPCOT parking lot.

We parked at EPCOT instead of at Boardwalk where Trattoria al Forno, the restaurant, is located. Just because we wanted to walk through EPCOT and enjoyed a quite morning. EPCOT has 2 entrances, and the restaurant is located not far from the entrance at the International Gateway. Just before 10:00am we arrived at the restaurant and we got seated a couple minutes later. 

Every character was announced while entering the restaurant and we were the first table to be visited by each of them. First one to stop by was Flynn Rider from Tangled. She saw him writing in her autograph book and that was the only thing she wanted to have from that point in time, Right after him came his girl Princess Rapunzel who distracted her with her long blonde hair and was able to write in her book too.

Next up we’re Prince Eric and Princess Ariel. Emily recognized Ariel pointed at their the moment she saw her but she was a bit starstruck again until Ariel left that’s where she almost jumped out of mama her arms and gave Ariel a big lengthy hug.

The food during the breakfast was amazing, the pastries were delicious, Danielle ordered “Swimmers di ‘light’” (Smoked Salmon Egg White Omelet with Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Goat Cheese and Roasted potatoes), Emily got “Flounders Flapjacks” (pancakes with a sausage and fresh fruit) and I ordered “Golden Frittata” (Prosciutto di Parma, Piquillo Peppers, Green Onion, Pecorino Romano and Roasted Potatoes). Mine was served in a frying pan.

After breakfast we strolled a bit through the Boardwalk area and went back to EPCOT. Between the U.K. Pavilion and the Canada Pavilion there were a couple characters taking pictures, we were just in time for a photo with Mr. Smee. 

With the last page of Emily her 2 autograph books filled we decided to stop at the Starbucks and leave the park. While waiting for our drinks it started to rain and Emily and I left towards the car, but before we got there it stopped raining already. And that was good because mama had the car key with her…

Next stop was the villa for a afternoon nap for Emily. At the same time we (mainly Danielle) started packing the suitcases for our voyage home tomorrow. 🙁 Emily slept almost 4 full hours, she must have been exhausted. 

She got her dinner and after she was finished we went for one more visit to Disney Springs. Danielle got to pick out new Disney themed bracelets from Alex and Ani and we had dinner at the D-Luxe Burger place. And it was delicious, Emily got some fries and she loved them. 

After dinner we went back to the villa for our last night in the villa, the last packing and the last blog from Florida during this trip. Can’t wait to go back….

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