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Our Family life...

Day 2: Barcelona!

The night was, how do I say this? Interesting. We started of with Emily in the sleeper-sofa and us in the “big” bed. Emily was sound a sleep around 9pm but we were not…

This continued for the next hours and somewhere around 2am I decided to move to the “tiny” bed and sleep besides the princess. Within moments we fell a sleep for a little bit but it was just to warm in the room and I ended up with some feet in my side, face, stomach, …

At 5:45am Danielle and I were both awake, after we showered we woke up Emily. This went better as we expected. 6:40 we arrived at breakfast which was ok. At 7:00 sharp we started the car and drove to the airport.

We expected some lines but there was no wait at all and at 7:25am we arrived at our gate.

Later we learned that the flight would be delayed by an hour due to the bad weather in Barcelona. We bought some food for in the plane as we still boarded on time but would be waiting on the tarmac for almost an hour before we took off.

At 13:00 we stepped of the plane, Emily did really well on the plane. Most likely because we brought a movie filled iPad. 😉 Out of the gate we walked and Emily raced through the airport towards bag claim. This took a while but Emily found a friend at the cruise line transportation desk, Victor, who was in love with her suitcase.

After about 30 minutes we got our suitcases and left towards the taxi’s, at 14:30 we arrived at our hotel. Someone was bit tired and fell a sleep during the ride.

Check-inn went quick and with the digital key on our phone we were in the room quickly. This room is very spacious and if it wasn’t for the bad weather we would really have a tremendous view over the city and sea.

After a nap, we left to the mall across our hotel for Tapas! Good choice, not far from the hotel, affordable and we shared Sangria! Before people understand it wrong, Emily went for peach juice.

After dinner we walked through the mall, grabbed a coffee to go at the Starbucks and went back to our hotel through the pouring rain.

Since we are all tired its going to be an early night today.

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Day 1: Sleeping @ MUC

As we needed to wake up too early to be on time at the airport tomorrow we decided to use some of our IHG points and stay at the Holiday Inn Express near the airport. After we finished up packing this morning we left around 1pm.

At 3pm we arrived at our hotel and Emily was immediately mesmerized by the airplanes flying right besides our hotel. From within the room we can actually see them flying in and passing.

After we brought the suitcases to our room we directly took the free shuttle, platinum member perk, to the airport. Within 10 minutes we walked into the München Airport Center.

Finally time for a very late lunch and a really early dinner at the Airbräu Brauhaus. Mama went for the grilled salmon, Emily and I went for the schnitzel, Emily inhaled hers and finished her meat first.

After dinner we went for a Starbucks coffee inside the terminal. And before we took the shuttle back we stopped at the Edeka, a supermarket, to get some water for in the room.

In the room we tried to figure out the sleeping positions. In the beginning we missed a bed for Mama but it seems like we’ve found a solution…

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