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Driver’s Licenses…

We both got our Driver’s License when we were 18 years old (Sander in 2001 and Danielle in 2002) in the Netherlands. And since we are European citizens our Dutch Driver’s License is also valid in Germany. But between European countries there is a lot of difference in regulations like with the Driver’s License. In the Netherlands there is an expiration date and in Germany there is not.


So our Driver’s License will expire. Mine in February and that made us decide to get both a new driver’s license. Begin December we went to the City Hall in Altdorf (our hometown) to request a German driver’s license. This seemed easy we needed to fill out some paperwork, a copy of our dutch Driver’s Licenses is made and we need to handover a biometric photo and after 2, maybe 3 weeks we would need to pick them up in Lauf where the local government is seated (Landesratamt).


But within one week Danielle got a letter that she need to hand-over her Driver’s License in Lauf. After a phone-call it was okay if she send a color scan. That was easy.


But 2 days later Sander got a letter to hand-over his and he needed to pay € 28,90. Sander made a phone-call and suggested to do the same as with Danielle. But this was not allowed, we need to bring our Dutch Driver’s Licenses to have them send to the German Federal Criminal Police Office to have them checked.


On Monday the 13th of December Sander drove to our Local Government to hand-over our driver’s licenses. It should take 2 weeks, maybe 3 because of the Holidays and then we could pick them up. In the mean time wegot a special paper which was a car-drive allowance for Germany, this meant it wasn’t allowed to drive outside Germany. If the Dutch licenses would have returned they would give Sander a call so he could pick them up.


But on the the 11th of January there was still no news from our local government. Sander made a phone-call and first he got the answer that nothing had happened, but he needed to hold the line for a moment….after over 5 minutes both our German Licenses were ready to be picked up.


And since the 12th of January 2011 we are both proud owners of a German driver’s license valid till 2032.

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Every once in a while I feel like changing the wallpaper of our Mac’s. This time the iMac was due for a change. This is the most simple one since there are not so many with the right resolution (2560 x 1440). But I found a nice one!


Below you find the wallpapers we’ve used the last year:
All originals are available on


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Where am I…

A new year has and like every year I’ve the intention to post more on our blog. One of the changes is that post in the future will be in another language and to keep most of our readers (are there any?) happy I’ve picked out English!


As a start I would like to add a new page to our website. As some of you already know I’ve started using foursquare during our vacation in Florida. And I’m still using it, it’s funny to become mayor or receive badges for check-inn at locations you visit!


I need to so thankyou to for getting me familiar with foursquare! On his website he’s got a very nice foursquare add-on, a heatmap based on GoogleMaps. The heatmap is generated on the location you’ve checked into and evolves due to automatic updating the information stored in your foursquare profile!


I’ve added a 4square page to the website so you can see which places I visit! Click on the picture below to jump to the automagically updated heatmap!


















Link: Heatmap Sander 4 Square

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