Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

So this was Christmas 2011…

This year we have decorated our house in November. We’ve decorated it outside with LED’s as usual and off course our Christmas Tree with 1.000 lights is there as well. After more then 2 years we’ve build up our Christmas Village again. Okay I’ve to be honest only a part of it.

The christmas days we always plan a little bit up front. This year the Christmas Eve was spend at Sander’s sisters place where their parents joined us for the christmas ‘breakfast’ and unwrapping the presents. It was nice to be with all 6 family members together since Sander’s dad is staying in the hospital at this time and it was not sure or he would get the allowance to join us at home. We both got a lot of nice gifts and we had a very great evening. At the end of the unwrapping we were finally allowed to play with our gifts and Sander could wait setting up his new iPad 2. And then he also got the biography of Steve Jobs in English! Too bad he can’t too both at the same time!

The day after Sander went to pick up his grandma to visit his parents house so we could celebrate the 1st Day of christmas together. His dad also came home for a couple hours. His mother and Danielle prepared the brunch which consisted out some cold dishes with food and bread. It was delicious. After bringing his grandma back home, Sander went to the hospital to enjoy dinner with his dad. Danielle stayed with her mother in law for dinner.

The 2nd day of Christmas we had a very busy day. The first thing was picking up Danielle her sister and boyfriend to visit their Grandparents. It’s always nice to see your grandparents during Christmas time and it’s even more special when you live a little bit further away like we do. Afterwards we went to Danielle her parents and there we started with the christmas gifts. Danielle was very delighted with the gift she got since she already knew what she would buy from it. Her Dad got a very special gift, a Glennfiddich 15 Years Distillery Edition Wishky! Sander got also a nice book, the Biography of Steve Jobs in Dutch.


After the gifts it was time for dinner. The dinner was delicious with as highlight the home-made chocolate mouse with whipped cream! Since it was still early we decided to play a board game. The choice was ‘Mens, erger je niet’ because that wouldn’t take so much time! The game took over 3 hours! We won’t tell you who won but Danielle’s father came in last!

This year we enjoyed christmas very much! Now we are getting prepared for New Years Eve.

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Dutch Travel Documents… (2)

After ordering our new passport and I.D. we received them by mail on Saturday the 17th of December. The most sup rising thing was that we didn’t need to sign for receiving the documents. But everything was fine and we can now leave Germany legally again.

Next weekend we will ‘use’ our I.D.s for the first time since we will celebrate christmas in the Netherlands this year.

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