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Our Family life...

Planning ahead for NYC…

Now we are both visiting New York City for the first time in our lives we wanted to plan the things we’d like to do and if necessary reserve tickets.

Danielle definitely wants to eat cupcakes when we are there. She is talking about the Magnolia Bakery since we started planning the trip. I head never heard of this famous bakery but I’m sure we will visit on of their locations.

And I told Danielle I wanted to visit the famous Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. The store entrance is a glass cube only showing the Apple Logo. It’s open 24/7 and 365 days a year I’m sure we are able to fit it in our schedule.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue

And we both want to visit at least one broadway show but we will figure out which and when if we are there. Which show we want to visit didn’t figure out yet but with The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Wicked and a lot more to pick from we are sure that it will be good one!

When we were both young we wanted to visit the World Trade Center in New York to overview the big apple. But on 9/11/01 this was made impossible. The new One World Trade Center is not finished yet but the 9/11 Memorial is opened for visitors. This is the only thing we’ve planned ahead since this is something we want to see because this event changed a lot all over the world.

We know that this is not everything we want to do but these are the highlights we think to see during our trip. If there are additional suggestion please leave these in the comments!


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We’re Approved…

With our never used passports (see Dutch Travel Documents… (2)) it was necessary to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This necessary to before traveling to the United States of America and can be done on the Travel Authorization website. This approval process cost 14$ a person.

In most of the cases you get an instant approval like we got. We filled out the questions in Dutch but here is the prove of the authorization:


We are prepared and we can’t wait to leave!

Important note for other visitors make sure you use the right link there are a lot of phishing website on the web which just steel your credit card information. The right link of the website is:

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