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A little bit of Disney in NYC…

Today we woke up pretty early because we wanted to visit the Observatory deck of the Empire State Building at 5th Avenue. After we took some pictures of our hotel by daylight we went to the subway station to drive to the Empire State Building. The sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear. We also saw Macy’s, but that was for later.



Thanks to our New York Pass we did not have to pay for the Entrance for the Empire State Building. We bought some sort of map and with this map we could see where in NYC all the buildings really are.

As soon as we entered the waiting line we had to go through a security check (similar as a security check at the airport). After that we went to the elevators which took us up to the 80th floor of the building. At the 80th floor we had to change the elevator to get to the 86th floor. Here we got to the Observatory Deck and guess what we saw…… The Disney Fantasy (Cruiseship of the Disney Cruise Line) at the Hudson River going to the Cruise Ship Terminal, We took a lot of pictures from it. At the East and South Side of the building it was very windy and cold. On the other hand, the other side of the building was easy to found and here the sun was shining. The views were amazing. There was a possibility to get to the 102nd floor for an additional ยง 15, but we did not do this.




After this it was time to go to the 9/11 Memorial. Again we took the Subway and founded it pretty soon. And here again a big security check . The Memorial was pretty impressive even though the Museaum was not open jet. From here it was also possible tot see the Freedom Tower. This tower is still being built and we think it is going to be beautyful.



After that we went back tot Macy’s, the biggest department store in the world. First we went to the restaurant in the Cellar of Macy’s. It is located at 151 W 34th. We both had the Burger of this restaurant and it was very good. After that it was time to go shop, but Macy’s was not what I was expecting from it. So we went to the next store – Victoria’s Secret. This store was a madhouse, because they launched a new fragrance. We bought some nice things there. Next shopping shop was going to be Bloomingdales, but Bloomingdale is unfortunately not next to Macy’s and Victoria Secret, so we had to walk a couple of blocks.


When we we’re walking towards Bloomingdales we saw the New York Public Library, so we we’re going to visit the Library. It was a short visit (only the restrooms) and we were walking further towards Bloomingdales. We stopped at the Build a Bear shop and at Armani and Tommy Hilfiger (where we bought some new clothes for the both of us).


We had to walk 22 blocks on 5th Ave. After we took some pictures of the Apple Store at 5th (by daylight) we arrived at Bloomingdales. The store is really big, but a lot of people are trying to sell you all kinds of stuff. At the cosmetic department, they tried to sell me some expensive cremes, but they did not succeed. On top of that, I was trying on some clothes of Ralph Lauren in a dressing room at the Michael Kors part of floor. The saleswoman was freaking out…. Sometimes the Americans are a little crazy.


After the shopping part of the day we were really thirsty, so we went to the Trump Building to get a Starbucks. The Trump Building is a really chique building with lots of companies in it. On our way back to the hotel we visited finally the Magnolia Bakery. A Bakery where you can buy really expensive Cupcakes, but when you are in New York, you just have to buy them. And I can tell you, they are delicious.


Pretty early we arrived at the hotel, because walking all day through New York is no picknick and we need to give our feet some rest.

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Wonderful views…

Because of the jet-lag I (Sander) woke up early at 5:55 this morning and Danielle woke up short after. It was nice to read the reactions on the blogpost from yesterday! And soon after we were ready to go!

The first stop was Planet Hollywood to get our New York Passes. The first stop of the day would be the Top of the Rockefeller Centre. We decided to take the metro and got Metrocards which are prepaid tickets. Every ride costs $ 2,25 and if the money is gone you can reload the card at every metro station or select bus stop. After a short metro ride and walk we entered the Rockefeller Centre and it seemed like we were the only ones visiting early. There was no waiting line and we could take pictures from every observation deck and the views from there are great! There is free wifi on top and that combined with the iPhone app made it easy to spot the highlights in the area.


After a short stop at a Starbucks we went towards Bryant Park which is a small park near time square. From there we walked towards Grand Central, the major train station in New York. We spend some time in the new Apple Store there, this is definitely the most beautiful we have seen so far!



After a shirt while we took the Line 4 Metro in Downtown direction to visit Wall Street. We had a look at the New York Stock Exchange and the statue of George Washington.


From Wall Street we walked via Water Street to Battery Park. From there we went took the Statue Cruise towards Liberty Island to check out the refurbishment works on the Statue of Liberty. From here we have made also some amazing pictures of the New York Skyline including the Freedom Tower/One WTC which is being build at this moment. We soon stepped on he ferry towards Ellis Island.


Ellis Island is the place where all the immigrants from oversea went in the early 20th century. It was interesting to see the process where all the immigrants went through in the time. At 14:45 we went back to Manhattan because we would meet up with Glenn at the Staten Island Ferry.


Glenn showed us some other things in Manhattan like the globe which was standing in the original World Trade Center but got damaged in 9/11. The ball is a special symbol together with the internal flame. Interesting place since you have a clear sight on the One WTC from that place.


We walked through the streets of Manhattan and ended up at Pier 17 where Danielle and Glenn had a Bubble Thea, I went for a regular coke. After a drink we decided to go to Staten Island to have a look at Glenn and Gina’s place.



For dinner we went to our all time favorite steakhouse the Outback! Gina joined us too and we had a lot of fun together! And off course we learned some new signs!


After diner Glenn took us back to the Statem Island Ferry which we took back to Manhattan. And after a ride with Metro Line 1 to uptown we got back to 50th street near our hotel in no time. After 13 hours of wandering and traveling we are tired but we seen some amazing things.

Thanks Glenn and Gina for joining us today!

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