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Our Family life...

Movie Collection…

When we moved together in 2006 we got our first flatscreen which made it worth watching moveis at home instead of in the cinema. First we rented a lot but soon we started collecting them.

When we left the Netherlands back in 2008 we had about 200 DVDs in our collection. In hte beginning of our time here in Germany we didn’t add a lot of movies to our collections because we didn’t liked the DVDs/Blu-rays here in Germany since there was no closed captioning and in most cases the title of the movies are different as the original title.

But the world-wide web helped us out and we started ordering movies from and And in addition we visit the Dutch Mediamarkt every time we visit our home country. This all results in 738 DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Since we want to have them organized we bought special cabinets form the IKEA called BENNO. Lately they were almost full which menat we needed to add a couple, since this week we have 15 BENNOs at our place.

There should be place for another 582 movies in our collection…
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I’ve got a new toy, a slot-car track…

It’s been a while since the last post because we’ve been very busy with a lot of things. But this weekend is a lazy weekend and I’m playing with the last gift I got last year! For some reason we started talking about slot-cars during christmas at Danielle her parents and Christ showed me a 30-year-old Fleischmann slot-car, to bad it wasn’t fully working at that time but he suggested to refurbish the track and buy some new parts for the cars so we could race the next we are visiting the Netherlands. Sounded like a great plan…

But for all people who know me a little bit better I was already ‘dreaming’ of a slot-car for several decades (I’m that old) so I couldn’t wait any longer. After coming back home in Germany I did some research and I knew which system I’d like most. After doing some research on prices on the internet I found out that the several toy stores had discounts on the them. And then it happened, on the last day of 2012 Danielle said let’s go look for a track and if we find a nice one we might buy it.

This is the one!
This is the one!

We went to multiple stores and end up buying the Carrera Digital 132 Ferrari Competition! And after coming back home the first thing I did was building the track and the last 5 hours of 2012 Danielle and I where racing with the cars, an awesome ending of 2012. The best thing about the Carrera Digital 132 is the digital part you can ride with up to 6 cars in one slot, overtake each other due to the lane change sections, turn the lights of the cars on and off and more. For the more part you need to buy new accessories.

Track @ Night


Racing against friends
Racing against friends

The track stayed in the living room for another couple of days but since it’s big I needed to place it in another room so I could race with friends the weekend after but a couple of days later Danielle told me it had to be taken apart and put in the box again.

And that lasted till this weekend since Danielle surprised me with a new control unit which support new accessories. One the accessories is the so-called Lap Counter. But it does more than just lap counting. It can set up a time race, a lap count race and it measures times and laps. This makes it a great competition since it’s easier to see who won in the end and you can also see your own lap-times during the race.

Track overview!
Track overview!

After playing an hour today I got my lap-time back from 3,466 seconds to 2,955 seconds and I’m curious or I can do even faster. For the record that’s 8,41 km/h! And I’m sure faster is possible because I’ve reduced the maximum speed of the cars to 50% at this moment since you need a lot of practice to stay in the slots at these high speeds.

And another new thing is Vine, it’s a new social media network where you can make videos from 6 seconds. I started playing with it yesterday and I love it, I guess I’m posting less on Instagram in the future, see my Vine-video from today:

If the video doesn’t load follow this link: Vine vide slot-car

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