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Full throttle GeoCaching…

A couple of days ago we grabbed a couple GeoCaches near to our home and so we thought it would be a cool idea to find a couple this weekend. Yesterday we started and ended up with 6 new GeoCaches from which a couple where really neat! During the tour (by car) we planned a spontaneous date with the Fam. Adling for a harvesting tour through Altdorf! We checked out 3 GeoCaches we had done before so no new finds for us except for a new Italian place near our house!

In the evening Danielle could only think about how to get to more as 200 finds before we fly to Miami. So I told her to look for a so-called power-trail. A power-trail is a trail with a lot of easy to find geocaches to raise your number of smileys! Smileys is similar to the number of finds. I thought she would never find one close enough for a sunday tour but only a couple of minutes later she found a tour located less than 15 km from our home. So we went to bed earlier as usual on a Saturday evening to wake up early on sunday.

Sunday morning 9:00 o’clock we drove out of our garage! After we bought some candy for during the tour we went to a parking-place from where it was only a couple 100 meters towards traditional cache number 1 from 38! Danielle had it in her hands before I knew it so we went on to number 2 which I had in my hands after Danielle didn’t look close enough. After the first 10 traditional caches it was time for the first bonus-cache, a mystery which was really awesome! It made music, there was a special themed logbook. This is really promising for the next 28 traditional and 2 bonus-caches.

GC-SEPT_50 1

But after continuing the variety of the stashes went down it was more of the same, the 2nd half could have been called a bit boring but this was all about the numbers and the 13 km walking you need to do to find all the caches. After 5 hours and 32 minutes we found all of them including the 3 bonus-caches and a traditional which didn’t belonged to the trail. With one of the bonus-caches we made a mistake in calculating and we lost about 15 minutes searching on the wrong spot here but in the end we found out that we were 1,2 km away from the correct spot.

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After finding the 42 caches we were really hungry and a bit tired so we walked back to our car and drove to an American Diner. The American Diner wasn’t that great so this was the last time we visited this place! But after sitting a while we both felt like let’s hit the 50 caches today! And so we did we drove with our car to be as close as possible to the GCs and hit 5o at 17:42!


And so we called it a day!

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