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Our Family life...

Tokyo Disney Resort here we come…

We’ve bought our Tokyo Disney Resort entrance tickets!!!!

Since the majority of our vacation overlaps with the Japanese Spring Break we’ve planned to visit Tokyo Disneyland Resort at the beginning of our vacation hoping that it isn’t extremely crowded yet. To enjoy the maximum flexibility we’ve bought 4-day passports and these must be used at consecutive days. In addition to that limitation the first 2 days of the tickets we needed to select one of the two parks to visit, the 3rd and the 4th day we can hop between both parks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 14.08.40
For the first day we’ve planned to visit Tokyo DisneyLand, the park is opened till 10 o’clock but I guess that we are both a bit too tired to stay up that late at the first day but at least we want to see the “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights” to finish the day before easing back to our hotel.

TDS 001
The second day we’ve planned to visit Tokyo DisneySea, the most beautiful Disney Themepark according to Sander. We hope that we are able to ride some of the unique rides in this park as well, according to the calendar the almost all rides are open.

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Online in Japan…

Surprise, we’re prepared to be online everywhere! Being online when you are sightseeing can be a real benefit in Tokyo and also in the other parts of Japan. One of the biggest advantages from being always online is that you can use the following website and/or app with english information regarding the train tables and possible routes.

Besides that in Japan real street names and signs are very uncommon and you would probably need to use maps more as during other citytrips and with our smartphones we have better possibilities in finding our way to restaurant, tourist attractions and more… 

So what did we do for this trip? I’ve selected a local mobile data service rental company, it’s called Global Advanced Communications. At first I wanted to use our own MiFi (Portable Hotspot) but since the price and the speed when renting a local MiFi is much better I went for that solution this time.
We’ve rented the Pocket WiFi with 75 Mbps, which is extremely fast, if we are really able to reach that download speed it would be 3 times faster as at home over DSL, I can’t wait to run the first Speedtest with the device. It will be delivered to our hotel for free and we can drop it in a mailbox on the airport when we go back home again.

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