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GeoCaching PowerTrail (Part 1)

A couple of months ago I was looking for a nice GeoCaching tour somewhere not to far a way from our home. After searching a bit I found the “Bayern – Wald – Trophy”, a so-called power trail from at that moment 156 GeoCaches, that sounded interesting to us. I suggested this to Michael, Iris and Vanessa and we agreed to do this together in the spring when the weather would be a bit better.

We went for the 3rd of May, the weather forecast was good. There was a 50% change on rain, it should be a bit over 10 degrees and since the trail was placed to by car we would be fine. But…the temperature was floating in between 4 °C and 8°C and since at some parts every 200-300 meter a cache was placed and the car doors were opened it actually a bit too cold for this adventure.

At 10 o’clock IrMiVa arrived at our place from where we left to wards cache number 1 of today, at 11:15 we arrived close to ground zero and before I hit my brakes every passenger in the car screamed out load: “Ich sehe Ihm” The first 5 stashes were found almost instantly, although Vanessa needed to some climbing… But then the driver & navigator made a wrong move which costed a large amount of time! But within a couple of minutes we were back on track to grab number 6.

GC-PT_RB 006

GC-PT_RB 007
After number 6 we went on and on and on towards number 37, unfortunately number 11 was a bit off-track but there for it was probably the most challenging stash of today. All 37 caches where there and we found a lot of variations like black can, cover & green wire, black can, black lid & green/yellow wire, black can, grey lid and blue wire and at one ground zero even 2 stashes from which one was white!

GC-PT_RB 011

GC-PT_RB 012

GC-PT_RB 014

GC-PT_RB 013

GC-PT_RB 015

GC-PT_RB 016

GC-PT_RB 017

GC-PT_RB 026
After Danielle and Vanessa found number 37 we went to Cafe Kernbichl to have lunch at 13:45. We went for bread with cold cut and cheese and some warm drinks to get warm-up again. And to finish this delicious lunch we also got a piece of the delicious pies! after being warmed-up again at about 15:00 and adjusting our target down to at least 75 stashes today, the mark of 100 caches looked to far away at that time.

GC-PT_RB 018

GC-PT_RB 019

GC-PT_RB 027
After leaving the town called Brennberg it more went to power geocaching. At 15:30 we found stash number 50 of today which meant 13 geocaches in less than 30 minutes and looking on the map it seemed like it would go on like this for the next 20 caches! Will we find 100 today?

GC-PT_RB 020
75 minutes later at 16:45 we had stash number 75 in our hands and we decided to go on until at least number 100! In the mean-time the temperature dropped towards 4 °C which made us cache even faster to stay in the car as much as possible.

GC-PT_RB 021

GC-PT_RB 022

GC-PT_RB 030

GC-PT_RB 024
Before 18:00 we made it to 100 founds in one day! This called for some celebration and IrMiVa brought some (alcohol-free) beer along for this moment! After having our beers we decided to follow the trail until number 112 before we would go back home. In our hometown we went for Pizza at Pizzeria Pinto to close this day full of adventure.

GC-PT_RB 023

GC-PT_RB 025
And we agreed to be back for the other 187 caches when the temperatures will be higher!


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