Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Emily’s first Christmas season…

Emily was just over 3 months old when we decided to set up our Christmas tree for this season. We kept the same color scheme as last year with red and white decorations, you could say a ‘real’ Canadian tree. Decorating went quick mainly because the GE String-a-long lights where really easy to fit into the tree and all were still working. I would love to get these in Europe too in a couple of years.

Last year we were able to control our 1,000 lights in the tree with our iPhones but this year we went a step further and we don’t only have a remote-controlled tree, we have a Siri controlled tree. Thanks to one iHome Smart Plug!

kerst - 1

And as every year we’ve some new decorative additions to the tree. This year the most prominent addition is the gigantic running around the tree North Pole Express train. I was looking for something like it for years and now it was available at our local Home Depot for only $39,99. Something I could not resist.
kerst - 1 (3)
Off course it’s remote-controlled and it makes sound!

Off course there are some cool ornaments in the tree, dedicated to the things we like. For example this one from our local coffee shop:

kerst - 1 (1)

We had an amazing 2015 in which our biggest wish was finally granted and without a doubt we needed to give that one a place in our tree too. And it’s probably not a surprise to anyone but we wished for Emily… Last year the day before Christmas we found out that we were finally expecting and thus we needed to honour this in this tree with a special ornament for our little Canadian princess. And so we got her a custom-made ornament…

kerst - 1 (2)

For us the most important thing this year is enjoying it all together as a Family! And as you can See Emily enjoys the train as much as her dad does…

kerst - 1

Enjoy the Winter Holiday season!

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