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Our Family life...

Day 20: Home…

What a night…everything went as planned the suitcase where 98% ready and all combined 2 kilogram to heavy but we figured that Emily would get that resolved with being her normal self and saying hello or something.

We finished the the wine, beer and chips before we went to bed around midnight until Emily woke us, ok I’ll be honest, woke her mama for the first time at 1:00am. The third time at 2:09am I woke up too and went to her room and she started coughing weird and before I knew it I was 110% awake and tried to catch her vomit.

She vomited in her bed but wanted to continue sleeping in it…not a good plan and so she ended up in our bed. At 3:00am when we were finally a sleep she vomited one more time, but this time she showed that she is becoming a big girl quickly. She woke me up with force and determination (that’s necessary) wanted to go to the toilet and vomited there. Unbelievable…I had never expected this as it’s only the 3rd time I’m her young life that she experienced this, you can imagine how proud we were. Besides that we were also worried about the next 15 hours until we would be home.

After this second time she climbed into our bed and fell a sleep right away. As usual we didn’t get a lot of sleep as Emily used up about 3/4 of the Californian King side bed but at least she got sleep.

In the morning everything seemed to be fine and she was busy with emptying the suitcase we just packed, very helpful. At 9:15am we were ready to leave to SIXT to return our rental car where we arrived at 10am, I’m missing that car already.

The shuttle was already there to bring us to the terminal and a half our later we dropped of our suitcases. Emily did what she was supposed to do and the steward looked at the scale shook his head but waived the additional fee while he was having fun with her.

Next stop security, went very smooth. Although the additional check in food items is a bit over the top and it just slows everything down. From there we went to The Club @ MCO to spent another 2 hours until our boarding would start.

When we came to the gate there were additional security measures with an additional TSA check, very annoying at first but in the end I believe it made the boarding process go smoother. No one dared to start lining up to early which is a big issue at MCO as 2/3 of the people travel with children and block the whole area.

The flight was easy Emily slept before we left the gate for about 1,5 hours and I slept for about an hour during the flight. The remainder of the flight Emily was busy with colouring, watching Cars and Elena of Avalor. At 4:15pm we landed and from there everything went reasonably fast.

Danielle got us coffee for the way home while Emily started loading the suitcases in the car! And yes it is cold here only 6 degrees Celcius… After short detour to get milk for Emily at the Supermarket we arrived home at 6:15am. The same time as our dinner ordered through just– got delivered.

After dinner we started unpacking and now Emily is in bed and we are winding down from this crazy day. Tomorrow everything is back to normal when I go back to work and Danielle does her usual things again…

But what a vacation, the cruise was amazing, the Townhouse was great, the visits to the parks where superb and the weather was as good as it can be this time of the year. I wished we could stay there forever….

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Day 19: Last day in Mickey Town…

Yesterday evening I switched our earliest FastPass for a later one and I’m happy we did. I was still tired when we woke up but that might have something to do with the fact that it is our last day…

At 10:00 we arrived at the Ticket & Transportation Center where we took the boat to Magic Kingdom. First stop was the Speedway, a ride we have never done before but we thought this would be really funny with Emily behind the steering wheel…but steering was way to hard and I needed to lean over her to steer. The positive we made it without bumping into Mama in the car in front of us, the negative Emily liked it… lucky for us the wait line was long and we had a reason not to go again. The remainder of the day she kept talking about the “autos” and every time we passed them she wanted to go there.

After our race we split up, I wanted to ride another ride we had never done before the Astro Orbiter and Mama wanted to see the Carousel of Progress. Simple solution Emily and I took the elevator to the rockets and Mama went for the carousel. After 5 minutes in line Emily wanted to go to the restroom (WC?) so we diverted course. After this detour we went back in line. Every thing went well until we sat down in our rocket…

She started crying and screaming but as soon as the rockets blast off she got quiet and enjoyed the view, she even pointed out the “autos” and the train (peoplemover). Mama was done and after ride we took the elevator back to ground to join mama. Next stop was our next FastPass the Haunted Mansion. Emily loves her dark rides, she sat on the edge of the seat to watch as much as possible.

Now it was time for lunch which I ordered through Mobile Order at the Columbia Harbour House, we enjoyed it upstairs with a view into Fantasyland, the ride It’s a Small World to be exact. Emily pointed this out a between every bite she had.

Lunch was done and we went towards Adventureland to go on a Jingle Cruise. Terrible experience way to many flies navidad…and similar jokes. Really funny the Christmas make over on that ride.

Emily was still very active and since it was the last day we took advantage of it, next stop Dumbo the Flying Elephant. But on our way I pointed at the teacups and Emily liked that idea a lot, we have never done that ride in Mickey Town as far as I can remember. But when I asked if she wanted to go on the Barnstormer and surprisingly she said no…

When I asked if she wanted to say bye to Daisy, Minnie, Goofy and Donald she was excited. And so we did, unfortunately Daisy got sick and we missed her but the other meets where amazing. As soon as the previous guest was gone she ran to them and gave them a big hug and the full treatment. Donald almost fell over when she gave him a kiss, maybe while she was holding beak to make sure he didn’t run away? Just kidding she was very gentle for a 2-year old.

After the last character meeting we went to Under the Sea to say bye to Ariel and Flounder. However when I told Emily we were going to say bye to Ariel she ran of straight to Ariel’s Grotto. Very special to see that see remembers all of these meetings and where her favourites are, earlier in the day she told us where Elena was but the line was too long.

Last ride of the day and thus the vacation was It’s a Small World die to multiple request from Emily. We were lucky and got to sit front row in the boat, she loved it and didn’t know where to look at.

The last stop in the park was the Sunshine Tree Terrace, I was looking at the Citrus Swirl Orange Float (Citrus Orange and Vanilla soft-serve ice cream floating in orange soda) every time we passed, and today was my last chance! And it was delicious!

Now we left the Magic Kingdom with the intention to check out the Grand Floridian (a deluxe hotel a long the monorail track) but the monorail (mamaro) was very slow on service and we decided to change plans and go back to the car right away. The plan was to go home so Emily had her afternoon nap in her bed, but she slept before I left our section of the parking lot. Chance of plan number 2, we drove around a little bit got us a Starbucks and after about an hour we parked at Disney Springs.

We walked around a little bit and did some last minute shopping before we got our dinner at Earl of Sandwich. While I was waiting for our order mama and Emily got a picture taken wit a beautiful Christmas tree…

After we were done eating we walked through the Christmas Tree Trail full with Disney themed trees. Really well done.

The next stop was our car to go back to Townhouse for the last time… And for all readers that means only one more blog and this vacation over…

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Day 18: Done a lot…

Good morning Kissimmee! That’s not really how it felt by the way but still another day in paradise…

We started our morning with an early breakfast at the Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot, this is a character breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Chip & Dale and Pluto. And the part I liked most a gigantic cinnamon bun…that is something you can wake me up for anytime.

As soon as we got seated at 9:15am we were visited by Mickey Mouse. The next was Pluto followed by first Chip and then Dale. Somehow Emily got lucky as she got more hugs from Mickey, Chip and Pluto just before we left.

After breakfast we first used the rider switch pass for a family ride on Frozen without having to wait. Emily loved it as you can see in the onride picture.

Ok I’ll be honest it is taken when the boat goes downhill. When I jokingly asked her if she wanted to go again she said Yes, go to Anna and she tried to get back in the boat… Since the wait was over an hour we didn’t went back and I got to use my rider switch on Mission:Space for the orange mission.

After I got back from Mars we went on more time to the Character Spot to get some pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

Afterwards we decided to say goodbye to Epcot for this year, can’t wait until we come back as I just love this park.

On the way back home we drove by a Starbucks for a coffee, after we got home Emily and I went swimming in the resort pool while mama was working on suitcase no. 2 and 3. Emily loved the water she jumped in, ran in through the zero entry, splashed, went underwater, used the stairs to climb out the water…I couldn’t get her to go home for almost 2 hours.

Back home she went to bed and after she woke up we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s to watch the Frozen show, Emily shouted the characters names every time they came on stage Elsa, Anna an Olaf (Ofal). After the show she wanted to go back but I could bribe her with a walk to Sunset Boulevard where the Flurry of Fun was just started. It means a fancy light show on the tower of terror, movies a long the street and snow!!!

Mama went on the Tower of Terror while we found ourselves a nice spot for Disney Movie Magic, a mix of movie-scenes projected on the Chinese Theatre. Right after Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam the seasonal fireworks show started. Beautiful combination of projection, music, storey telling and fireworks!

After this show we rushed towards the 7,900- seat Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre to watch Fantasmic! This show is just great, Emily recognized a lot of characters. She even saw Moana on a boat before we saw here.

After the show we followed the crowd towards the parking lot and went home. Tomorrow is our last full day here and we’ve some FastPasses in Magic Kingdom.

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