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Our Family life...

Day 15: Port Huron, MI > Whitby, MI

Good morning Michigan, goodbye USA! After a breakfast with the famous plastic bag pancake machine from the Holiday Inn Express we packed our stuff in the car and we drove towards Canada.

Unfortunately we don’t have pictures as we weren’t allowed to take any and it was so foggy that we could barely see 50 meter in front of our car.

After paying the 3$ toll for the bridge we enter the border control area. Everything was fine and we passed the border just 10 minutes after we left the parking lot of our hotel.

Emily slept the 30’minutes of the 3 hour drive home and after she woke up we stopped at the first Starbucks we found for a coffee and a restroom break.

Besides a little bit of traffic the drive home went smooth and at 1:10pm we arrived home from an amazing vacation full of adventures.

We drove a total of 5322 km in the white Toyota Sienna. Although it didn’t look entirely white anymore after this trip. That average to roughly 380km a day. In total we had roughly 50 minutes of delays due to traffic or construction along the road, not bad I think.

Also we visited a total of 17 States including the District of Columbia and Ontario in that count, not bad with a 2 year old in the car.

Emily did much better as expected, we did not even use the iPad in the car. During the trips over 5 hours she got a bit annoyed but every morning she wanted to go back in the “Witte auto” (White car). But today she was really excited to go back home to Mama’s Magical Castle! Don’t ask me where she got that from, but one thing is sure her imagination works really well! And she was really excited to come home to this note, she couldn’t stop talking about these 2:

And I was really excited to come home to a fresh mowed lawn is pretty amazing, especially since it was done both in the front- and the backyard! Thanks crazy neighbour!

Mama was less excited as she needed to do the laundry from the last 2 weeks at once!

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