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Our Family life...

Day 8: Villafranche

Yesterday we already got some nicer weather after the tons of rain we got on the beginning of our cruise but today we woke up to the beautiful sights of the French Riviera with incredible weather.

Today we had an excision planned for which we had to wake up early. Our breakfast arrived to the room around 6:15 am which we enjoyed at the veranda and at 7:30 am we were at the Walt Disney Theatre, which was the meeting point for our port adventure to Monaco.

Since Villafranche doesn’t have a real harbor where cruise ships can dock we were using tender boats today to get ashore. After we arrived ashore we met our tour guide and boarded our bus which would drive us along the coastline towards Monaco.

It took about 45 minutes and the view during the ride were amazing. Around 9 am we arrived in Monaco to board the Little Train for a tour of the city of Monte Carlo. We could still see the “aftermath” of the Monaco Grand Prix from last weekend. We saw lots of beautiful buildings, fancy cars and hotels and the changing of the guards at the palace of the Prince and Princess of Monaco.

At the end of the port adventure we got ourselves a drink at one of the many restaurants at the Monaco harbor. It was close to where the paddock was last week for the Formula 1 race. After that we went back on the bus, heading back to the ship. This time our bus driver took another road with again beautiful scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Once we arrived back at the boat we boarded the tender and went back to the Disney Magic. We had some lunch at Cabanas which we enjoyed outside we amazing views of the coastline.

After lunch it was time for Emily to take a nap since we missed it yesterday and tonight we’re going to watch the Tangled show after dinner.

While Emily went to de Oceaneer’s club we went the Keys (a piano bar in the after hours part of the ship) for a Champagne tasting. For one hour we were told about everything you want to know about all different kinds of champagne and we tried about 5 different kinds of champagne.

Tonight was semi-formal night, so I went back to the room to change and Sander picked up Emily from the kids club and went to get some pictures taken with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in their French outfits. After I joined them we took pictures with Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse and Cinderella. Then it was time for dinner at Lumieres, lobster night.

We both enjoyed the oven baked Lobster tail and had some delicious dessert after. And our waiting staff was again amazing tonight.

To end this amazing day we went to the Walt Disney Theatre to watch the Tangled show.

Unfortunately there are no photos from the photo points on board yet as the website is down right now. I plan on adding them as soon as I’m able to access them.

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Day 7: Pisa!

Good morning Naples, another day in a port with a port adventure and better weather as the first half of the cruise.

I ordered breakfast through room-service and around 9am we left our cabin for a coffee at Cove Café. As always we watched a part of a movie running on Funnel Vision. And soon it was time to go to Fathoms.

In Fathoms we learned that our tour was altered due to the westher of the last days. The rain made the river Arno to dangerous for the little boat we were scheduled to go with. Instead of the boat it became a trolley train.

We left the port by bus, had a nice drive towards Pisa. In Pisa we switched to the little train which took us close to the Square of Miracles. This square is the place where the famous, still leaning, tower of Pisa is standing.

After the mandatory pictures we went for a lunch at restaurant Da Listra nearby as we had one hour to go until we were being picked up by the tour guide again. While we were enjoying our pizza and pasta it rained outside. Just on time for our meetup with the group it was dry again, lucky us.

We continued the tour through Pisa with the trolley train, the guide was very good and entertaining. After the tour was done we left the train behind and got in the bus back to our ship.

On board the first thing we did was eating a ice-cream come from eye-scream. And then Emily wanted to go for a swim, not paying attention to the weather at all we sad yes.

After getting changed and all wet, the pools where set to close due to a thunderstorm. Emily was confused and not happy. But looking on the bright side, she would be on time for a meet with Goofy.

After Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Mickey Mouse followed. Emily is so excited meeting them. She is literally bouncing up and down until it’s her turn.

We had dinner at Rapunzel’s Royal Table winch inclusief a live show Withings Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. At the end al the kids were invites to dance, Emily ended up walking hand in hand with Rapunzel. She was a little bit overwhelmed by all the people standing and cheering at them so she was happy to come back to us again.

After dinner we took a last picture with Donald Duck before we called it a day and walked back to our room.

At 9pm Emily was sound a sleep and we followed quickly after as tomorrow it’s going to be a really early morning.

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