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Our Family life...

Day 19: Be our guest!

Our last full day near the magic has started, we took it slowly this morning as we didn’t had plans until later in the day.

Close to 10:00am we left towards the Mall at Millenia. We paid one more visit to the Lily Pulitzer store as we got early access to the new collection. And both of my girls got lucky, Danielle got a nice new blouse and Emily got a beautiful spring dress.

We also decided that we wanted to look for better sunglasses for Emily. Her favourite pair is getting old and the Sofia the First emblem has already fallen off. Also she is very careful with them for a 4-year old that is. We looked at the Sunglass Hut and they had the same pair as Danielle for kids. Then I remembered that they have a Disney x Ray-Ban version, but unfortunately only available at the Disney Springs store!

Next stop: Disney Springs! We only visited the Sunglass Icon, and yes they had 3 versions. Emily went for the latest Limited Edition Version.

Now we went back to the Airbnb, here Emily got to rest a bit. Danielle packed some more stuff and eventually I closed my eyes for about 30 minutes.

Finally time to get in the car the Magic again! More exactly the Ticket & Transportation Center where we parked nearby the entrance at Hook 312.

We took the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom, entering the park was a challenge as the afternoon parade just ended and a lot of people left the park already.

Our first stop was the Fairy Godmother, but we got in line to early as she switches out with Cinderella’s Stepsisters. Danielle and Emily went for that meet & greet while I waited a couple spots behind them in the same line for the Fairy Godmother. Amazing experience, Emily chatted with her and the Fairy Godmother gave her an additional card with her autograph because she behaved so well.

After this meeting we went to the castle of the Beauty and the Beast. Inside there is a restaurant called “Be our Guest” at which we finally got a reservation.

We got seated in the Rose Gallery, the best among the three rooms we think. The west wing would have been nice but was way to dark, and in the ballroom it was to crowded as it’s much larger and have many people passing through.

Emily got the Fruit & Cheese platter as appetizer. Mac & Cheese with Green Beans and Rice as Entree and for dessert the Grey Stuff combined with a paintable white chocolate Chip and a cake-pop.

Danielle got the Maine Lobster Bisque, Center-cut Filet Mignon and the Dessert Trio consisting of a lemon-jam macaron, a white- chocolate “Chip” cup filled with Grey Stuff and crisp pearls and a dark chocolate truffle. I got almost the same, the difference was the appetizer which was a Piment d’Espelette spiced Tuna and I added a Saison Dupont, Farmhouse Ale from Belgium. Everything was delicious, the experience was good, maybe a bit overpriced.

And I should not forget that after dinner we got to meet with the Master of the House, the abesst himself.

Being done with dinner we went to use our first Fastpass+ of the day at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Our second Fastpass+ we used at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! We left the park after taking a last look at the castle and picture with one of the Photopass+ Photographers. At 7:50pm we arrived at our car and just after 8:00pm we arrived at the Airbnb.

Here we packed the last stuff in our suitcases before we call it day. Tomorrow we fly home again…

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Day 18: Doing nothing!

Our early morning decision was to not do a lot today. We left around 10:30 for a coffee at Starbucks and continued to the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.

Here we checked out multiple stores and bought something at the Character Warehouse, a Disney outlet, and the Tommy Hilfiger before we went for dinner at the Ford’s Garage in the mall.

After lunch we shopped at the Old Navy before we drove to Disney Springs.

In Disney Springs we checked our a couple stores. Daniƫlle bought a new bead from Pandora, a Disney Park Exclusive from the Happily Ever After fireworks.

Next we stopped at the Walmart nearby our Airbnb, here we bought an extra suitcase (we only took 2 with us) for the trip home and some groceries for the last couple days.

Also this was the first time in days Emily got to take an afternoon nap! Daniƫlle packed the first suitcase while I wrote the first part of the blog.

After Emily woke up we went out for dinner. Emily wanted rice and so we ended up at Bento an Asian Bar on the Sunset Walk at the Margaritaville Resort.

Emily finished her hole Bentobox in the blink of an eye and asked for ice-cream. Since there was a Bahama Buck’s serving Shaved Ice across the street we took our chance. Emily got a Rainbow Unicorn Sno, looked beautiful tasted interesting with all the different flavours mixed. The best part was either the heat/cold colour changing spoon or their slogan: “Eat Yellow Sno”.

On the way back we stopped at the Dollar Tree, we found some learning cards for Emily to keep her English fresh.

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