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Our Family life...

Day 10: Relax…

Last night we had one extra hour of sleep, we only found that out after Emily woke up really early. After some negotiating with Emily at 6:45 we agreed that mama would get her out of bed in an hour is she would sleep a little bit. Oh and I got a kiss!

Off course I couldn’t sleep anymore after making such a deal, but mama was happy. I decided to get out of bed and work on the last blogpost of the cruise to get them ready with pictures and uploaded. Somewhere today everything will be up and readable.

First things first, I didn’t live up to my promise to make pictures of the Townhouse and the car but I’ll give it an another try again tomorrow. Sorry…

Emily slept till 9:15, I guess that’s a new record! Out of bed we had a very slow pace, at around 10:00 we decided that we would drive somewhere with the car, Emily kept asking “go with the Auto”, so that would resolve that. First stop the Premium Outlets at Vineland Avenue, die to a lot of traffic we arrived there around noon. It was difficult to find a parking spot but then Mama suggested to park at the Promenade section across the street, plenty of space.

The main reason for the visit was the Disney Character Outlet. The shop was extremely busy and Emily didn’t like it but the deals were great, the selection was mainly items related to specific events like Christmas 2016, the Alaska Cruise, the Disney Wonder in New York, etc. Not a lot of things we were interested in.

After this we decided to check out the promenade section, we had never been here before but they had some interesting stores. We found some cool clothes at Tommy, I know what you think but no not Tommy Hilfiger, but Tommy Bahamas.

After this we went on to the Mall at Millenia, the more luxurious mall in this area. Funny was that we parked right across from a car with a Dutch license plate (front only). First stop Apple Store, I wanted to see the iPhone X with my own eyes. Beautiful phone but I don’t think it’s worth the price.

Then we all got hungry and we stopped in the foodcourt together some fried rice, veggies and meat at the China Town counter. When that was done we went to mama‘s favourite store Lilli Pulitzer! The staff recognized Emily from the last couple visits, not sure of that’s positive as she always touches the mirrors in there!

After this shop we drove back to the TownHouse and off course the little princess fell a sleep! We decided to stop at the Super Target to get some more water and other useful things. Mama did the shopping papa stayed in the car. Just before mama came back Emily woke up…

We drove back to the Townhouse and the first thing to do was getting our bathing suits on as we wanted to check out the resort pool before it got dark (which is around 6:30pm). In the beginning Emily needed to adjust to the water temperature and the fact that water is different but afterwards she had the most fun of all! It was even difficult to get her out of the water but reading a book and colouring did the trick..

At 7:30 she asked to go to bed and so we did, 8pm sharp we closed her bedroom door. Danielle did some laundry and I’m writing this blog enjoying a cold beer and chocolate, I love vacation!

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Soon we go again…

Last May we where on the Disney Dream cruising in the Bahamas. We loved it a lot and as you might remember we booked a placeholder on board, this means you get a discount on a future cruise next 2-years. Before we got home from our last vacation we found a very nice cruise on for later this year.

After a couple of weeks we booked the 7-Night Halloween on the High Seas Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral and we will celebrate Halloween on board! And today it’s just 8 weeks until we are sailing away for an itinerary taking us to Cozumel in Mexico, Falmouth in Jamaica, Georgetown on Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands and not to forget Castaway Cay!

We’ll be cruising on the Disney Fantasy, the sister ship from the Disney Dream. Funny enough this is not the first time we will see this cruise ship as we were on a city trip in New York the day the Fantasy for its christening. The first picture we took from the top of the Empire State Building while it was sailing in to port. The second picture we took a couple of days later when it was actually docked.

But before we sail away we fly to Orlando from Pearson a day before to stay in a Walt Disney World Resort for the first time ever. After we land we will take the Magical Express to Port Orleans French Quarter. Here we will stay one night till the Disney Cruise Line bus will pick us up and drive is to the port to embark the Fantasy. After we disembark we’ll be taking a the Disney Cruise Line bus back to the Airport where we’ll be renting a car from SIXT for the last part of this vacation.

This time we did not rent a villa but a townhouse in Windsor Hills a gated community very close to Walt Disney Resort. The house has a private pool and the resort itself has a lot of interesting amenities including a huge zero entrance pool, that’s what Emily likes a pool she can just walk in…

We can’t wait to get back to the magic of Disney and see how much the experience with Emily is different this time.

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Day 16: Pandora – The World of Avatar…

What a night, yesterday night we got to see Emily her dinner for the second time. Unfrotunalty she could not go back to bed as we needed to clean the crib and wait for it to dry. Somewhere around 11:00pm she was finally in her bed, we figured that it would be rough night but she slept till 8:00am. 

I believe that she woke up from being hungry and thirsty but we didn’t want her to feel sick again and started of slowly with water, some time later more water and finally a banana. After the banana she was unstoppable and wanted to go outside in the backyard. Just 15 minutes later at 10:30am we all changed in to our bathing suits and jumped in the pool. 

We had a blast, soon it was time for a quick lunch and right after Emily was enjoying her afternoon nap. This was a bit earlier today while she slept less last night but also because we were expected in Anmimal Kingdom for a 2 hour preview of Pandora -The World of Avatar! 

We left the villa at 4:20pm and walked through the park entrance at 4:35pm. We walked straight to Expedition Everest as Danielle and I had a FastPass for this ride. Danielle got to go first and after I finished my expedition we walked to Creature Comfort (a Starbucks) before we travelled through space to Pandora. 

The new land is opening on the 27th of May but for Annual Passholders there were sneak peaks announced in March. Unfortunately we did not receive the invitation email and so we missed out on the possibility to sign up. I decided to give them a call while being here in Florida and the wonderful people at Guest Relations where able to accommodate us today from 6:00-8:00pm. 

When we entered the new land we could directly see the difference int the plants, the teaming looked so realistic that we needed to look really close to see the difference between real and not-real. 

First we walked through the park and we got a picture taken with The Valley of Mo’ara in the background. I’m not sure how they did it but the mounts really seem to float. 

In the new land there are 2 new rides. The first one, Avator Flight of Passag, we could not ride together as Emily isn’t tall enough and probably it would have been a bit too scary too. What an amazing experience the theming of the waiting line is very detailed and very beautiful. The ride is done very well, it starts with finding and being linked with your own Avatar with afterwards the flight on the back of a banshee.  I would say the whole thing is a very special mixture between Dinosaur, Soarin, Mission Space + 3D! And today it was almost a walk on! 

After I got back from my flight we wanted to go on the Na’vi River Journey. This a laid back ride in a boat where Emily was able to join us, as soon as we came close to the boarding area the ride broke down and we needed to leave again and try later. 

When we exited it started to rain, Danielle went to get linked up with her banshee to fly around Pandora. Emily and I to find a place to sit as we expected a little bit of rain, we were not even inside the Satu’li Canteen and it started to poor down. We found a nice place and after mama came back from her flight she joined us until the rain was over. The food was delicious, Emily ate half of her portion, mama got the rest and I ate mine all by myself. Probably the best counter service food in any of the theme parks I’ve visited. 

We walked towards the Na’vi River Journey and it was open again, lucky us. I thought I had seen some amazing dark rides before but this one blew me away. The colours, the lights, the moving plants, the creatures moving around you, impossible to see where video ended and reality took over. Emily was sitting in between us and she didn’t knew where to look but from time to time she was dancing along with music and clapping when she saw something special. 

After we excited we were able to ride it one more time. All of a sudden Emily shouts Kickey pointing at a couple flowers, she found her very first Hidden Mickey. For everyone who doesn’t know a Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse subtly inserted in to Disney design for rides parks and more. I don’t even think that Emily knew what she discovered but we will tell her later. 

After the ride we left Pandora as the preview was over, we were undecided if we would stay for Rivers of Light or not. The weather wasn’t that great but the weather radar showed that it would be dry the remainder of the night and we decided to stay. 

At 8:55 we were in the viewing area together with Dusty and Melina a friend of him. We got a picture taken and then it started to rain a little bit. We decided to stay while walking back in that weather to the car would not be any better. A couple minutes in the show it started to rain heavier and I decided to leave with Emily and find a dry sport somewhere. 

Until Emily decided to wave at a couple cast members. We were allowed to stand under the exit gate which was a covered area, we had a great view of the show and where among the first to leave the viewing area, we waited for the other three at the stroller and left Animal Kingdom together. 

Emily fell a sleep 2 minutes before we got back to the villa but in 15 minutes we got her changed into her PJ’s and I read her a 2 page story before she was sound a sleep in her crib. 

What a day we are all tired…

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