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Our Family life...

And back home…

On this 21st day of our vacation it’s time to go back home. Our first flights leaves at 11:50 from Orlando International Airport towards Detroit. Since both of our suitcases where a bit overweight we decided to leave as soon as we were done showering and packing the last couple items. At 8:40 we left the Staybridge Suites in Lake Buena Vista and headed to the airport with avoiding the toll-roads.

Day 21 001
Day 21 002
At 9:25 we dropped of our SUV at Alamo and as expect no additional costs and at 9:30 we were already dropping of our luggage at the Delta Check-out. And both our suitcases were 3 pounds to heavy (about 1,5 kilo) and we needed to re-pack our stuff, which we did and we managed to get even more stuff in our carry-on items, both suitcases almost exploded but it all fitted in.

After having a small bite at the gate the plane left almost on time and from the air we had some nice views over the Florida coast line. And before I forget we had complimentary 30 minutes WiFi in our flight towards Detroit and Delta started with allowing usage of electronics from gate to gate! About 2 hours later we arrived in terminal A at Detroit and we walked towards our next gate. During the walk we discovered the Detroit City Mug at the Starbucks but our carry-ons where already full…

Day 21 003
Day 21 004
Day 21 005

But I didn’t want to leave it there and decided to re-pack our stuff again and we managed to find enough place for a mug! So I walked back and brought us something to eat before we board, at that time it was already 15:00 and before we would get something to eat in the plane it would take at least a couple of hours. The flight to Amsterdam was pretty good the entertainment system was amazing and we both watched some cool movies The Internship (Danielle), Jobs (Sander), Planes (Danielle), Now you see me (Sander) , The Watch (Danielle) and a part from Armageddon (Danielle) and Iron Man 3 (Sander). The food wasn’t bad either, we both went for the chicken. After only 6 hours and 50 minutes we already arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam we had to wait for about 2 hours before we could board our third and last plane back home. The plane was in the new KLM design which was nice and gave you some the feeling that you have more space. But the best thing was the breakfast, 2 sandwiches and something to drink. The sandwich was really delicious.

We landed at 9:15 at the Nürnberger airport, at 9:25 we had our suitcases, at 9:28 we passed through customs without any question asked, at 9:35 we found our car back and minutes later I was already racing the Autobahn! At exactly 10:00 we drove into our parking garage.

Day 21 007
That leaves us to a last word of thanks to every reader of our blog, thanks for leaving comments, thanks to Richie and Denise for inviting us over and many thanks to our neighbours for taking care of our mailbox! From now on we will stop bothering you with daily FaceBook updates and sharing overloads with pictures!

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  1. Bedankt voor de dagelijkse blog bij het ontbijt. Jammer dat het weer voorbij is, maar ik heb heerlijk meegenoten. Thx for sharing,

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