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Arrived in the USA…

Early on this Sunday morning Jörg brought us to Nürnberg Airport. The start of our first trip to New York City was made and on time we took off towards Düsseldorf Airport from where we would fly to Newark Airport. The Short fine was nothing special except for an almost empty plane. The flight to the US went fine as well even the food was good.


After 8,5 hours flight-time we arrived at Newark where we needed 30 minutes for the Customs. Our suitcases where already circling on the baggage claim carrousel and at 15:45 we where waiting outside for Glenn which would pick us up to get dinner together with Gina and his parents.

The dinner was planned at the favorite restaurant of Glenn but it was way too busy which made us change to the Cheeseburger in Paradise! Danielle and I both got an All-American Cheeseburger! The burgers where really good and the company was even better. We had much fun and there will be much more to look forward to this week!


After dinner Glenn drove us to our hotel which is really in the middle of Manhattan! The location is better then we expected. At the check-in we where already surprised by the friendliness and got directly a FourSquare Action coupon for additional points for our stay, free entrance to the fitness area and free wireless internet ($ 9,95 for 4 hours). This because I’m a Priority Club Gold Member! The hotel room looks amazing and is on the 42nd floor! It’s not a Time Square view and it was to dark to see what our view is.



After checking out the room we went down for a short walk through Manhattan. This walk brought us to the Disney Store, Starbucks, Toys’R’us, Rockefeller Square and the Apple Store on 5th Avenue! After some grocery shopping we went back to the hotel and after being awake for 23 hours we are both very tired!





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  1. Mooi dat de reis goed verlopen is, nu lekker genieten.
    We houden jullie updates in de gaten!

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