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Our Family life...

Day 10: Leaving the Magic!

Oh no, today is the day we new that would come! We are forced to leave the ship…

Our suitcase were already picked up by the staff yesterday and with just our hand luggage and a stroller we left for breakfast one last time. Breakfast on the last day is at the same restaurant were you had dinner the night before, but at 7am!!!

But still we had a nice relaxed breakfast, until I figured out that I lost my Key to the World card somewhere. Probably while carrying Emily around. So I couldn’t leave the ship! But I unfortunately that is not how it worked, I need to get in line with Guest Relations to get a new card.

After I got my new card we did one more restroom stop before we left the ship for the last time this trip. In the terminal we needed to gather our suitcase, 2 were found quickly but one was not in our section. We panicked for a little bit and started searching for it. Finally in the second to last section I found it, what a relieve.

Getting a taxi wasn’t so magical either many people were stressing as they booked a (too) early flight and this resulted in a mess a the taxi stand which looked pretty good organized before.

Finally we got ourselves a taxi and in roughly 30 minutes we were in the airport waiting in line for a spot to park…and then another taxi hit our taxi. The bump was at a very low speed so nothing happened, the taxi wasn’t even damaged. But our driver was completely shook up. He started unloading the suitcases and we got out of the car, while everything was off loaded he stood there wishing us a good flight. We waited for him to pull out the payment terminal when he asked were we waiting for, we told him to pay. At that moment he woke up, gave me a hug and we paid for the ride.

Off to checking, this went quick as well because we has Vueling Family tickets with a preferred check-in and a special line through security. This left us with 3 hours to go until take-off.

We spend the majority of the time at the Starbucks before we went to the gate. At the gate we learned that we had a 30 minute delay which ended up being closer to an hour.

We didn’t fly home, we flew to Paris Orly! We added 5 days to our vacation in Disneyland Resort Paris, you can newer have enough magic in your life! The first night we stayed in a Novotel hotel at the airport as we arrived late in the afternoon.

We had a simple dinner at the McDonalds before we went to bed.

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