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Our Family life...

Day 13: First roller coaster ride…

Finally we went to the Magic Kingdom of Mickey Town! We woke up really early, we arrived at the parking at 8:45am, parked on Simba 118 and walked towards the Polynesian Resort to take the monorail from there directly to the park. We love the new bag check system as now you arrive at the entrance and you can just walk into the park. Ok we needed to scan our MagicBand first but still..

After entering the park the first stop was the Meet & Greet with Elena of Avalor (Enena) and Cinderella (Ella) but honestly it felt like we went to Arendelle or the Northpole. The air-conditioning was blowing so cold people starting turning blue. If we don’t get a cold from this we are super humans. Emily was over excited meeting Elena, she couldn’t stop talking about it and she almost took Cinderella with her to introduce her to Elena (they stand side by side).

Next was our first FastPass+ of the day, meeting Rapunzel (not recognizable yet) and Tiana (Tia). Emily was really cold but she wanted all of them to see her Sofia and she wanted to see their shoes so she could show her Crocs.

After this meet & greet we decided to have a short water break in the shades as it was really hot outside. Emily was still talking about Elena…

Next was a first time for everyone, we went on the train around the park, we got of at the Main street station as this was really close to our meet & greet location with Tinkerbel. Emily liked her more this time.

First thing Emily wanted to do was going back on the train. We got of at the Fantasyland station which is where we parked the stroller. And it was also really close to Ariel’s Grotto where we had another meet & greet, Ariel (Aiel) was really chatty and Emily was only pointing at her mermaid tail and showed her Crocs which had Ariel on them.

While in line I got Danielle a FastPass (no. 4) for Space Mountain, we would ride this on our way out of the park. While Danielle scanned her FastPass we went to one of my favourite rides in Tomorrowland, the PeopleMover. At first Emily wanted to sit opposite from me it API the first corner she almost fell over and she wanted to sit with me, selfie time! Oh and we got stuck with a beautiful view on Cinderella’s Castle…

I also got us another FastPass for at It’s a Small World. Emily loved the ride, unfortunately it was to dark for the GoPro to film her clapping and dancing.

Again in line waiting to get onboard I got us another FastPass for The Barnstormer. The Barnstormer is a rollercoaster for children, we’ve never done this ride but since Emily is 94 cm. she is tall enough know (89 cm. is the minimum height requirement) this was our chance.

She loved lining up and watching the plane themed train going over the track, she loved getting in the vehicle. She liked going up the hill, she screamed really loud going down through the curves, and she loved getting out of the train… When she came out she had a really big proud smile on her face and we took a selfie, but when I asked if she wanted to go again she said no… We’ll see about that I do have another FastPass for later this trip!

Now we decided to head back to the car by boat and walking as Emily fell a sleep. On the way home we took a short detour to the Chick-Fill-A for a late lunch 2pm. Emily wasn’t really hungry and was a bit annoyed so we thought time for bed.

At home she felt a bit warm (apparently Emily is not a super human 😉 ), as she had developed a fever. We put her to bed for a nap, she woke up for dinner but went right back to bed after it. Let’s hope she feels better tomorrow but for sure it is going to be a lazy day.

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3 thoughts on “Day 13: First roller coaster ride…”

  1. Volgens mij is jullie kleine prinsesje gewoon over verhit geraakt van al de “excitement”
    Hopelijk is ze snel weer de oude en wordt het niet erger

  2. Emily haar eerste achtbaan rit leuk hoor.
    Ik hoop dat de koorts snel verdwijnt maar dat zal best goed komen met een rustig dagje.

  3. Wat hebben jullie veel prinsessrn gezirn het lijkt wel een prinsessrnmeeting 😃. Hopelijk worden julloe niet echt ziek van de airco en kunnen jullie genieten van de komende dag.

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