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Day 6: Flying over New York…

The only bad thing about a trip to NYC is that you need to wake up early every day since there is so much to do and today even more as we actually had in mind, but that means more experiences. We started with a walk towards Penn Station where we would meet our guide and the tour-group for the Food on Foot tour. As usual we were a bit early and need to wait a little bit till it was 10:20 before the tour would start. The group existed of about 30 people with all different nationalities with made the tour even more interesting.

Soon we started and left the station for the first food stop at New York Pizza Suprema. Here we shared a slice of a regular pizza and it was really delicious. From there we walked to the subway station at 34 Street/Penn Station where we took the Subway Line E towards 50 Street.

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After a short walk we arrived at a Mexican Deli called Tehuitzingo Deli where we shared a Mexican Chicken Taco and then there was the first sweet stop we went to the Sullivan Street Bakery to have a caramel tart (Danielle), chocolate tart (me) and a chocolate cookie (me) which we ate in a park nearby.

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Now we were half way during the tour and we had still 3 stops to go and we felt already full although we shared the food which was inexpensive by now we only spend $ 23,50. The next stop was at City Sandwich a restaurant from a cook born in Naples, raised in NYC and cooked in Lisbon which had the most interesting sandwiches on the menu. Again we shared and we went for the Salvatore sandwich which is a chicken breast sandwich.

From he we walked down a couple blocks to get something sweet a greek bakery called Poseidon, I went for the Apple Strudel. And then it was time for the last stop which was at Shake Shack near our hotel. At this stop we went for the Double Cup with Frozen Custard (Vanilla & Chocolate) and we were stuffed.

It was still a bit to early to go directly to the second experience of the day so we went back to the hotel to give our feet some rest from this close to 4 kilometer walk through Manhattan.

At 3.15 we left to the South Ferry again for the at the helicopter dock. And this time we had more luck the weather was great with almost no wind and clear blue skies. We waited about 50 minutes before the boarding procedure started. We walked over the deck and had a picture taken in front of the helicopter. This picture would be free for us due to the long wait we had on monday.

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We got both seated near the window and soon the helicopter took off. We first flew in the direction of Liberty Island to wave at Lady Liberty and then we flew down the Hudson to look at all the highlights of Manhattan. At the Yankee Stadium we turned around and flew back to the Brooklyn bridge before we landed. The tour took about 20 minutes and it was amazing to fly in a helicopter and see all those landmark buildings, I guess we were lucky with this operator since they didn’t fly monday instead of some of the other companies because it’s all about the views. For everyone who wants to know we flew with Zip Aviation.

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After this amazing experience we decided to do something we haven’t done during this trip yet, we went shopping. First we took the subway towards 34 Street/Herald Square because I wanted to go Macy’s were I saw a nice vest yesterday but didn’t bought for some reason. A kind salesman helped us when I was searching for the right size. He asked or I would buy it, I said if it fits and the price is right yes. He answered size is no problem and I will make the price right, he gave us 2 discounts which save us 40%.

From the men’s department we went to the women’s department where Danielle was lucky again she found to dresses and had a discount from over 60%. From 34 Street/Herald Square we took the subway line Q towards Lexington Ave/59 St to visit the Victoria’s Secret because the semi-anual sale is just started. After successful hopping here I wanted to have a look at the new Apple Time Capsule because that might become the next Apple item in our apartment.

We both were tired and our feet are not fit anymore after 6 days in New York but we decided to walk back the hotel from there. And as a treat we made a brief stop at the Magnolia Bakery for some cupcakes before we arrived at our hotel.

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  1. Wow! Wat een geweldige ervaring, vliegen boven New York. En met prachtige plaatjes als resultaat!

  2. Dat klinkt als een zeer smaakvolle dag hihi. Gelukkig toch ook de helikoptervlucht kunnen doen nu en dus mooie plaatjes kunnen maken zo te zien. Gaaf hoor. Ben benieuwd wat jullie nog meer gaan beleven.

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