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Our Family life...

Driving along the coast…

This morning we both woke up pretty early. Danielle seems to have less problems with the 9 hours time difference as Sander because she slept till almost 7:00. After a small bite and taking a shower we left around 8:15 and we did found 2 geocaches near the hotel.

The plan for today existed in driving to Berkeley near San Francisco where we would stay in a hotel for 3 nights. After around 25 Miles we stopped for a full breakfast at the IHOP. We both enjoyed our Strawberry Banana Pancakes. After breakfast we went for the third Geocache of the day and we found it without any problems. It was a huge one with lots of tradable items in it. We checked them out and left for the rest of our trip north.

Soon Danielle took over the steering wheel and I relaxed and looked around. I told Danielle we would drive straight on the Highway 1. She believed me and that was probably the last time. It was a very curvy road with sometimes a lot of traffic and narrow bridges. But she did well and in the end she almost felt sorry for giving up the driver seat.

Since Danielle drove really fast we used more gas as expected and decided to get some gas for our SUV.

After getting gas Danielle drove the car for another 3 hours and we’ve seen so many things on the road.

About 100 Miles before San Francisco, it was already 15:00,  we stopped to grab a Starbucks and something small to eat. We also visited the Best Buy and bought a new car-kit for the iPhone because the old one was broken. We than learned that it’s not allowed to put something on the windshield in California, so we went for a version which can be mounted on the vents.

During the ride we decided not to go to Cupertino but it seemed like we passed it on the road there and decided to put it back in the schedule of today. We did make some pictures but the company store was closed today.

From there we drove straight through San Francisco because I wanted to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. And we wanted to take some pictures because we had beautiful weather. But then all f a sudden there was a lot of fog coming in to the area. We hurried up and close to the bridge about 75% was still visible. So we looked for a parking-spot and after having our car parked we went out for pictures. But then the bridge was gone….

And our car has a sun roof! Which I needed to test out.

As you can see it was fully covered in the fog and so we don’t have a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge. So we drove to our hotel over the bridge and everything went well until 2 miles before our hotel… There was a huge traffic jam, but we have nothing to complain only 2 miles traffic problems on a trip from over 300 miles.

The hotel is the Holliday Inn Express & Suites in Berkeley. It’s a very nice hotel with nice rooms and fast internet. But tonight is going to be interesting, there is no power from 22:30 till 6:30 tomorrow morning. To make the guest feel comfortable the manager makes sure everyone got a flashlight…

As every night we went to a place for dinner and this night it was Sushi time. We ordered a Sushi-boat and it was delicious.

Now it’s time for bed! Let’s hope i get some more sleep as last night.

PS: Thanks for the comments yesterday!

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4 thoughts on “Driving along the coast…”

  1. Geweldig om jullie verhalen weer te lezen! Zeker nu het bij ons mooie herinneringen oproept. Grappig dat jullie ook last hebben van de mist. Gelukkig kan het weer snel weer omslaan. Tip: huur een fiets!

  2. Oke ben weer even bij , heb al heel wat leuke foto’s zien passeren waaronder de cachebox , de brug en het zonnetje natuurlijk 🙂
    Geniet daar maar met volle teugen en we volgen jullie op de voet .
    Dit deeltje USA willen we ook nog een keer gaan doen

  3. De brug in de mist… Helaas een bekend fenomeen! Altijd jammer. De rit langs de kust is heel mooi als je goed weer hebt, wat een uitzichten hè. Dus daar hebben jullie geluk gehad. En..het eerste souvenir van deze reis is dus ook feit, altijd leuk. Ik vermoed dat het nog niet de laatste zal zijn. Veel cacheplezier, rij voorzichtig en we kijken al weer uit naar het volgende verslagje.

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