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Driving, trees and rocks…

This morning we had a slow start. It took a little bit longer as usual before we drove away from the hotel. And befroe we could really hit the road we needed to do some grocery shopping and we needed gas!

So at 9:30h we left Fresno towards the southwest entrance from Yosemite National Park. Till the entrance we had no problems with traffic and also the roads in the ark seemed to be empty. First stop was a restroom since Danielle needed one, the first one was closed, the second one was a couple miles after the first stop we wanted to make. We decided to drive past the stop en drive back after and so we did go back to the Tunnel-view. What a great outlook and we found the answers for a virtual geocache here.

From there we continued our way to the Yosemite Valley where we took the Valley Shuttle tour past a couple highlights inside the park. We got out at the Falls but in this time of the year the falls have no water. And afterwards we went for a hike towards Happy Islands. From there we went back to our car and continued our travel to the Tuolomne Grove.

In this grove there are a couple giant Sequoia’s and this was also something we wanted to see in this park. After we got out of our car we checked out the map of the area and we needed to hike for 2-3 hours to see the trees. So we went down the hill to the bottom of the Grove and after 20 minutes we already found the first giant Sequoia of the trial.


From there on we took a short cut to the dead sequoia where you can walk-through and on our way there we found another Sequoia. After taking pictures we went back to our car. And this was the harder part of the hike, we went down going to the trees which meant we need to walk up back the car. Exhausted but confident we walked back in about 25 minutes. From that point it was still almost 3 hours driving towards Bishop, CA.

The way out of the park we followed the exit signs to the east exit of the park. We drove over the Tioga Pass and that was an awesome experience. For the first time in my life I was over 3.000 meter above sea-level without being in a plane. We stopped a couple times for pictures and enjoying the view.

After leaving Yosemite NP we drove further to Bishop were we stay in a Best Western hotel .  It was too dark to make pictures from the outside but the hotel looks nice and cozy. The room is a little bit smaller as the rooms we had the last couple of days but its a clean room .

For diner we ate at a local place called Wishkey Creek Bishop. We both went for a burger and they were both delicious. After having paid we left the restaurant to find a GeoCache. in Bishop. The total number is at 124

Tomorrow we will need to get out bed early since we have planned a trip through death valley with the goal to end up in The Venetian.

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6 thoughts on “Driving, trees and rocks…”

  1. Dan gaan jullie straks van 3.000 m boven zeeniveau flink afdalen tot onder zeeniveau! Goede reis door Death Valley gewenst en geniet de komende dagen in Las Vegas!

  2. Jammer dat jullie de watervallen hebben moeten missen, maar ik denk dat de route door Tioga Pass veel heeft goed gemaakt! Ook de route door Death Valley wordt er zeker weer eentje om te genieten.

  3. Yosemite is en blijft mooi!! Geniet van de trip naar The Venetian, een super mooi hotel!!

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