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Our Family life...

Feeling hot, hot, hot…

Early this morning we woke up from some noise and the light peeking through our curtains. After getting a shower and re-packing all the stuff we jumped into the car for our first stop of the day. We stepped our Full-size SUV and went to the Starbucks on the corner and for a sandwich we went to a special dutch style bakery in the area. From that point Danielle drove the car. We got some gas and went towards Death Valley National Park.

The ride went smooth and after having the first stop I took over the car.From there on we stopped a couple of times for pictures like here at the sand dunes.

The first real target of today was Furnace Creek, mostly because there are normal restrooms and some shops. And not to forget there we could find the answers on questions for 2 easy virtual caches.

From that point on we went towards Badwater Bassin. This was a very interesting place. It was a bit different as we knew from movies or pictures but still beautiful to see.

After wandering in this area we wanted our feet to rest and that was okay since we still needed to drive almost 3 hours.

During the 3 hours Danielle found a couple geocaches along the route and all those are found by us. After about 2,5 hours of driving we saw the Skyline from Las Vegas. We parked our car in the parking-garage from the hotel en from there we walked into the hotel. It took some time to figure out where we needed to check-inn but we found it in the end.

When we arrived in our room we were blown away. It seems to be almost as big as our apartment back home. We’ve 3 televisions for 2 rooms.

Tomorrow would be a day with a relaxed start.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling hot, hot, hot…”

  1. Mooie foto’s van jullie trip door Death Valley, en dan Las Vegas.. Wat een belevenis hè.. Een stad in de dessert en wat zijn die hotels groot en doolhofachtig, ook wij hebben moeten zoeken naar de lobby ;-)). Geniet van al het pracht en praal, en succes met de caches.In Las Vegas met name virtuele en Challenges, want tradi’s zijn er op de strip bijna niet te vinden.

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