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Last day in the parks…

And not only in the parks, it is the last real vacation day before we go home. So what did we want to do? We had 2 theme-parks where we didn’t ‘say goodbye’ too the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After the usual lazy start it was about 11:00 when we left the room with half packed suitcase towards Magic Kingdom.

We parked at Aladdin 42 and walked to the Monorail Station from where we went straight to the Magic Kingdom. After arriving we first had a coffee at the Main Street Bakery (Starbucks), Danielle went for a Cherry Jubilee Mocha and I went for a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. And we went on towards Splash Mountain to get a FastPass.

Day20 006

Day20 007
After we had a FastPass in our hands for only 45 minutes later we went to Tom Sawyer Island which is only accessible by a raft over the Rivers of America. We walked over the Island, through a fortress, crossed a barrel bridge, escaped to the escape tunnel and almost lost our balance in one of the caves before we headed back to Frontierland.

Day20 003

Day20 002
Here we used our FastPass for Splash Mountain and we came out almost dry only a couple drops hit us. But unfortunately no nice on-ride picture because someone in front of us had his hands in between the camera and my face., it made the picture a bit prettier though.

From Frontierland we took the Walt Disney Railroad to drive towards Fantasyland where we visited Philharmagic, a 3D show starring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. After this show we walked towards Tomorrowland where we visited the Carrousel of Progress, Monsters Inc. the Laughing Factory and the PeopleMover. And then it started to rain…

Because of the rain we left the park and went to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. Danielle went for the Scampi Pasta and I went for Mashed Potatoes and a half rack of baby back pork ribs.  Both dishes were delicious and from there we left at 17:30 towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios while it was still raining. Danielle wanted to see the American Idol Finale show from today and found out it started at 18:00. This made me drive a little bit faster and after parking we almost ran from our car, parked on the parking lot which is the furthest away from the entrance, towards the show. And at just before they closed the doors we entered the studio.

After the show we walked in the direction of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights when we saw that Star Tours – The Adventure Continue had a 10 minute wait only. In the end it was a walk-on and after leaving the ride it was almost dry. We entered the Streets of America but a lot of displays were broken due to the rain, this will be fixed as soon as it’s dry but after seeing it in its full glory this wasn’t really magical. After a couple of PhotoPass pictures we left and went towards the Hollywood Tower hotel for the last attraction of our vacation.

Day20 004
But instead of waiting 20 minutes we left the Tower of Terror in less than 15 minutes and so we had time left for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster before we left the park.

Day20 005
Back in the hotel we packed the last things in our suitcases, wrote the last blog from the USA, and watched some television since we need to leave early tomorrow o catch our first plane out of three on our way back home.

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  1. Het is maar goed dat jullie zijn afgevallen.
    Dat is wel erg smal.
    Wij wensen jullie een goede vlucht naar huis toe.

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