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Our Family life...

Leaving San Francisco behind…

Today was our last day in the San Francisco area.

After we woke up incredibly early (6:00 a.m.) we left the hotel at about 7:15 a.m. after Sander had a discussion with the hotel manager concerning to power cut-off in the first night of our stay. The result was a refund of 50$ plus tax because of the inconvenience. That being said we left the hotel with all our luggage and headed for Fisherman’s Wharf. From here the boat was departing for our tour to Alcatraz and Angel Island.

After we had found a parking spot at Pier 39 we walked to Pier 33 to pick up our tickets. When walking to Pier 33 we saw the Disney Wonder in the San Francisco Harbor, one of the ships of the Disney Cruise Line. During our New York trip we’ve already seen the Fantasy, do they follow us???

After taking some pictures we arrived at the Alcatraz Cruise Landing. We picked up our tickets and because we were way to early (traffic can be a b*tch in the morning but luckily for us it was not) we decided to go look for a Starbucks to buy the San Francisco City Mug. We found one in the Levi’s Building (yes. Levi’s from the well-known jeans) and they had the mug.

Then we returned to the Alcatraz Cruise Landing because the would start boarding at 09:00 a.m. and the boat left for Alcatraz Island at 09:30 a.m.

Because it was foggy and windy it was really cold at the boat. But I wanted to take pictures of the Island so we stayed outside and after 15 minutes we arrived at the Alcatraz Island.

A Ranger was waiting for us and informed the group about everything on the island and after that we went up to de cellhouse to get the equipment for the audio tour the through the cellhouse.

It is very interesting to hear al the stories and see the original cells and other rooms. We watched everything and then we headed back to the dock because the boat was taking us to Angel Island for part 2 of this trip.

Angel Island can be compared with Ellis Island in New York. The only difference was, that in Ellis Island arrived immigrants mostly from Europe and Angel Island was the place where immigrants from Asia and the Pacific entered the United States.

As we arrived at Angel Island a tram was waiting for us to take us for a one-hour-tour along the island. We were told about the long history. How it was started as a military base. When the military came back from Europe from World War II they entered the US again through the Golden Gate and came to Angel Island.

There are o lot of nice buildings on this island and spectacular views. After the tour we went back to the dock and while we ate something at the Cove Cafe the boat was soon departing to go back to San Francisco. It took us about 40 minutes to get back to the mainland from Angel Island.

Throughout the day we had contact with Ian and if we could meat him in the evening for dinner. Reason for that was that Sander wanted to visit the Apple Company Store in Cupertino because it was closed on Saturday and Ian is working not far from Cupertino.

At around 05:00 p.m. we arrived at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and visited the store. I must say, we bought some “amazing” stuff.

We met Ian at the store and decided to get dinner at a restaurant nearby called BJ’s. This is a nice restaurant/brewhouse and the food was great. After dinner we went for a Geocache together not far from the Apple Inc. building. After a quick search we found it but finding out how to log it took a bit longer…

Then it was time to say goodbye to Ian, because we had to drive to our next stop this vacation, which is Fresno. The drive took us almost 4 hours and that made us aware of the driving we still need to do this vacation. We arrived in the hotel just before 10:30 p.m. and the hotel is nice.

We now go to bed because tomorrow e have a National Park visit on the planning.

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6 thoughts on “Leaving San Francisco behind…”

  1. Lekker bezig zo, jullie zien een hoop, gelukkig ook nog tijd voor een cache. Ben benieuwd naar de rest van de verslagen.


  2. Did you know that the Levi’s museum (yes. Levi’s from the well-known jeans) is pretty close to Nürnberg?
    Keep enjoying your trip!

  3. Jammer dat jullie San Francisco en Alcatraz niet stralend hebben meegemaakt, maar helaas is het inderdaad vaak een stuk vochtiger en kouder dan een halfuurtje buiten SF. Alcatraz hebben wij ook nog op het lijstje staan, maar ja dit soort tours gaat gewoon nog niet met Kay, dus altijd nog een reden om terug te komen.

    De trip naar Fresno is inderdaad best een pittig stuk nog, ja kilometers kun je wel verslinden in de USA he.

    Leuk dat jullie ook weer wat gecached hebben en dat jullie ook BJ’s hebben ervaren.. 1 nadeel… ik krijg heimwee ;-((

    Geniet van de nationale parken, ook erg mooi!!!

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