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Red rocks on the road to Scottsdale…

Today we had the first of two days without any real activities planned, the only thing we needed to do was driving towards Scottsdale which would take us about 3,5 hours from Williams. But at the end we did a lot more than expected today.

We started with breakfast at the Grand Canyon Coffee & Café along Route 66 which was delicious. Afterwards we made some pictures from Williams. Williams is a typical Route 66 village which lives on tourism and that means there is still a lot off Route 66 visible of available. And as on every day this trip we needed to search for a couple geocaches.

And than it was time to leave for Scottsdale, we drove via a town called Sedona. Sedona is often called Red Rock County because of the beautiful red sandstone formations around the town. The pictures below look nice but in real it was stunning. We found it more impressive as the Grand Canyon, maybe because we didn’t see the Grand Canyon from below inside the canyon.

After the short visit we drove further to Scottsdale and about an hour before we should arrive at our destination the landscape was taken over by Cactuses. That meant we need to find a spot to stop since we had never seen so big Cactuses out in the wild.

After the short stop the road changed from 2 lanes to 7 lanes on each side that was a bit of a change after driving the last couple hours on low crowed single lane roads. But we were there just before the rush-hour started so no delays and at 16:30 we arrived at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. As we stepped out of the car the temperature was 41°C which was 20°C warmer as the in-car temperature.

The lobby looked very luxurious and when we got our key we got a bell boy assigned to escort us to our room. The resort is gigantic so this was necessary. As soon as we arrived in our room we left again to get to the nearest Starbucks to look for the Phoenix and Arizona mugs. The Starbucks was on the opposite of the street so that was easy. After buying the mugs we went to Nimbus Bistro & Brewery for dinner and a beer.

At about 18:30 we were back at our resort and decided to check-out the swimming pool. there was a gigantic hot-tub which we enjoyed for over an hour before we left for our room. It probably sounds strange to get into the hot-tub with such temperature but it cools down fast in the evening, the lowest temperature tonight is expected to be about 25°C.

Tomorrow we hope to leave the hotel by 10 o’clock and drive to Palm Springs where our next hotel is located.

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5 thoughts on “Red rocks on the road to Scottsdale…”

  1. Hallo daar! Wij zijn na ons uitje naar Phantasialand weer helemaal up-to-date. Geweldig mooi he daar. Morgen dus een lange rit voor de boeg. Mocht je nog tijd hebben voor een ‘ommetje’ dan is Joshua Tree NP zeker de moeite waard.

  2. Weer wisselende landschappen, en wat zijn die cactussen groot!!! Veel rimpeliger vandaag weer.

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