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Our Family life...

Day 14: Monster Oranges!

After a good night of sleep the Airbnb awoke quietly, last to get out of bed was Alex…

Around 9:45am everyone was sitting in the Chevy and I drove carefully to the nearest Krispy Kreme for Doughnuts and coffee!

Next stop was the Showcase of Citrus, something on our to-do-list for a couple visits to Florida. Somehow it never happened until today we thought…until we found out that we needed to reserve a spot for the Monster Truck Tour. We got a reservation for 4:00pm.

The ladies decided to visit the Florida Mall next, big surprise they bought something at the Old Nacy. I got to go the Apple Store to have my iPhone lightning port “fixed”, it just needed to get cleaned in the end.

After that was done we left for a late lunch in “The Loop”, first stop was Chick-Fil-A but the dessert was from Julia’s favourite place the Johnny Rockets!

Or maybe it is not anymore? We waited to be seated for a couple minutes, hearing we were with 5 the server took a deep breath and said you are also with 5… There was nothing available except for the counter or outside we were good with outside. What happened next was almost funny, the table seated minutes after us got their order taken, we need to ask to be able order. Finally our order was taken, the server seems delighted about our choices maybe he even smiled? We waited for about 20 minutes until Alex was the bravest of us all, he went inside to change our order to a to-go order as apparently 50 minutes wasn’t enough to order and serve 5 shakes. Finally our shakes came out, but they forgot the most important one: Emily’s Banana Milkshake. To be honest this was one of the worst experiences we have ever encountered in any restaurant, we decided to leave a tip of just 0,06$. I’m just hoping with the next customer the guy actually puts a smile on to cover their terrible service!

From there I drove to the Showcase of Citrus for our tour. When we arrived everyone except Juli and me (today’s driver) were looking at the world from the inside of their eyes, I decided to take a detour to let them enjoy that moment of piece a little longer.

At exactly 3:30pm I arrived, everyone was awake as well. We checked in for our tour and got us access to the citrus picking areas for after the tour as well. Just before we entered the Monster 4×4 Truck Emily decided to test the concrete with her knees, but don’t worry she got a band-aid and she is fine!

The tour was amazing, we have seen oranges, cows, an alligator, cows, zebras, a Texas longhorn, bison from southeast Asian and cows. Also we got to feed a herd cows with oranges. An amazing experience riding the largest Monster 4×4 in the world.

After the ride Emily and Daniëlle enjoyed the petting zoo and the playground while Juli, Alex and I picked Naval oranges!

The sun was setting and we drove back towards our Airbnb, just before we arrived we stopped at the Rock & Brews for some shareables and drinks.

And now I finished the blog and we all go to bed as tomorrow we are spending the whole day inside the Magic with 2 first-timers!

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Day 17: Diving into the magic…

Today we were all soaked from sweating! It was 23 degrees Celcius and it felt like well over 30! Kind of the opposite as at home I would say.

But enough about the weather for today we went back to the Magic Kingdom. Where it used to be the park we visited the least during our previous trips, this time it’s the absolute number one! Most time we spent in Fantasyland, strange isn’t it?

We started the day with a lot of traffic towards the parks and we feared the worst. In the yellow monorail we decided to split up! Team Mama to get the bag check done as quick as possible and Team Emily to get coffee as quick as possible. Only 30 minutes later we had both tasks completed and we were walking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A.

On our way to find a less crowded spot for Emily to get her fruit. After she finished her fruit we changed plans because going in Mad Hatter’s Teacups and keeping her food in sounded as a too big of a challenge for Emily. So I switched the FastPasses to the Haunted Mansion and while we waited we took pictures with Princess Tiana. Tiana couldn’t stop looking at Emily and was surprised by her strong grip (she didn’t let her finger loose).

After Tiana we went to the Haunted Mansion and Emily fell asleep in the Elevator scene. And that was a surprise but I loved it having my little one sleeping on my shoulder for almost an hour.

After the Haunted Mansion we went to the Country Bears for a small concert in which Emily woke up with huge eyes. She couldn’t take her eyes of the Bears.

Afterwards we walked straight to the Tiki Tiki room to sing-a-long with birds! Emily decided to dance on my lap.

After a quick lunch for little Emily it was time for the next royal visit of the day! We had an official appointment with Anna and Elsa! And that visit was a private one… First we got a picture with Elsa the princess with the same color hair as Emily and Anna was already waiting to meet us. Emily loved her.


While we got ready to leave them Emily started chatting with Elsa and they both had the idea to do a spontaneous group picture.

Papa and Mama both got hungry from all those meetings and excitement that we went to the Tomorrowland Terrace for a Chicken Breast Sandwich. Here we found out that my MagicBand (the Mickey Bracelets we wear) had issues and that we missed some photos and movies from rides and the group photos with Anna & Elsa. We figured this out by calling the help desk and visiting guest relations. Here we got 2 free FastPasses for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train because my on ride video from last week was lost. This was our first stop after we left Guest Realations.

After Mama went down the mine we stopped at Ariels Grotto where Emily and Ariel couldn’t stop talking about swimming and diving and about how Flounder was a guppy once too.

This was where I left for my mine tour and Emily got her bottle.

After I got back it was time to find Emily the perfect Mickey Mouse! We went to Big Top Souvenirs near Dumbo the Flying Elephant and we started with the largest Mickey and when down in size until we found the perfect one for her.

Three minutes after we took off the tag Emily was sleeping in her royal stroller and we left the Magic Kingdom.

By that time it was already 4:30pm, never had we imagined that Emily would hold out in a theme park this long. We decided to take the monorail back and we got on the Orange one towards the Ticket & Transportation center.

At the TTC we decided to walk to the Polynesian Village Resort for a Pineapple Float while Emily was still sleeping. But as soon as I got to our table with the ice-cream Emily woke up…

We had some fun with Mickey and tasting Pinnaple before we left towards our car. We walked to our car via a shortcut which is a lot faster in the morning too… That’s good to know for future visits.

We took the car back home and decided to get takeout at the Chick-Fil-A for at home. We all had dinner together Emily had Chicken Noodles and we Classic Chicken pieces.

After a while it was time for another 5-minute story this time about Bambi, Faline and Thumper. We brought Emily to bed and had some time to rest after this really busy day…

We can’t wait for tomorrow to start!

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