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Our Family life...

Canadian cold and snowshoeing…

After we opened the door from our Condo when we came back from our to short winter break in California we found a letter that the thermal unit (the whole door) would be replaced on that same day. After we watched up on some sleep the technicians came in the afternoon, within only minutes the whole unit was gone…outside it was about -14 degrees celsius and snowing and that made a 45 degree difference within 24 hours for us…

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You can imagine we felt really cold while waiting for the technicians to be finished in about an hour. After the unit was placed back we turned up the heating and soon it the temperature was back to normal again.

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On Thursday evening a colleague from Germany visited us, thanks for bringing the Whiskey! We decided early that day to go together to Jupiter Ascending, a movie, at the SilverCity across the street. The movie started but there was something wrong with the 3D image quality. After one of the other guests informed the staff is was resolved. The movie was good and when we left the theatre one of the employees handed out courtesy tickets for another movie because of the issue in the beginning. I love the service mentality here in Canada, you don’t even have to complain to get it…

And than it was time for a long weekend, we started early on Saturday with a visited to the Yorkdale Shopping centre. We went there to order a chair, we already looked at this chair for a long time but wanted to look for more options at other stores but nothing came close to this one…it’s in stock in the new jersey warehouse and we can pick it up in the local warehouse at the beginning of March and then our living room is finished!

Finished? Wasn’t there an Ottoman which still needed to be picked up? Yes there was and we did that today. The Ottoman is the perfect size, it’s much more convenient than the carton box we used the first months but…the it’s not the quality we would expect. One of the hinges is bend and the fabric is damaged. We send an e-mail with our remarks and within minutes after sending the mail we got a response back from John, our own furniture associate at the Crate & Barrel. A new one will be ordered for us to be built the same way and in the mean-time we can keep this one and use it as if it is ours. Again excellent service.

That evening Danielle baked her famous Chocolate Chip cookies to bring the day after on a real Canadian adventure. Yes, I wanted to do something only die-hard Canadians would do… I planned to search for a geocache on a small island on Buckhorn Lake about 1:45 hours driving from our place. What’s so Canadian about geocaching you might think, the temperature. On this particular day the highest temperature was expected to be -20 degrees celsius with a windchill temperature somewhere close to -40 degrees celsius. And to get to the cache I needed to walk over the frozen snow-covered Buckhorn lake. Lucky for me the Geocache was placed by GEOmamma the mother of one of my coworkers and we were invited to visit their beautiful (and warm) cottage.

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The ride towards Ennismore was beautiful on its own and after a cup of tea and some cookies it was time to put on the snowshoes and walk over the lake. And I can tell you it was really cold, I never expected that you can actually feel the difference between -10, -20 or even -40 degrees but now I can tell you really cold starts at -30 or something. I felt things I’ve never felt before. After only minutes out there my face started to hurt, my coworkers laughed it away and told me to get used to it, it’s normal for real Canadians…oh boy I’ve got a long way to go before I can call myself a real Canadian I think…

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After posing for pictures in the middle of the lake and snowshoeing to Ground Zero it took me longer as usual to find the cache! It was made to blend in and normally I like the more creative geocaches but today I didn’t my hands started to hurt since my gloves aren’t suitable for Canadian winter weather…but I found it and I got some letters in the log, the pen gave up after being a couple of seconds out of my pockets.

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After warming up at a warm spot behind the island we started our walk back to the shore and the warm cottage. Although it was colder as I thought it was a really cool experience in every meaning of the word cool. I’m glad I did went out with this kind of weather to feel what a Canadian winter is about and in the end I was able to write my name down in the log of that geocache with difficulty level 4 and terrain level 5. After a warm lunch and a lot of small talk it was soon close to 4:pm and time to head home. Thanks for letting me experience this David and family!

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The monday was part of the long weekend as it was Family day, a statutory holiday which exists in Ontario since 2007, first time it took place was in 2008. We took it easy since we’ve quite busy week ahead of us but we decided to go see American Sniper in the VIP Movie Theatre at the Shops in Don Mills. It’s a great movie and with those full recliner seats and service in the theatre it got even better.

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Our first snowstorm…

Since I was not able to keep up with Danielle when walking with the windchill her in Toronto, I decided I also needed a warm coat. We ordered a Canada Goose The Chateau in Navy Blue. Unfortunately my size was sold out in the regular stores but I Canada Goose still sold it online in their web-store so I ordered… Besides ordering a warm jacket we decided that warm hiking boots would be a good addition to our wardrobe too. We found a nice BOGO at the Sportscheck at Yonge and Eglinton, Buy One Get One 50% off.

Small 213
On Tuesday we went to the movie Interstellar together at the movie-theatre we can see from living room, I still need to get used to the fact that we have everything around us in walking distance. 

And on Wednesday my Canada Goose Parka arrived and it was just in time for the first real snowstorm in Toronto this winter. We ended up having almost 25 centimetre of snow in about 24 hours. And despite the fact that it took me twice as long to get to the office and back from the office the sights were beautiful. To bad it only stayed for a couple of days. But at least we could test our new waterproof shoes and our jackets in a winter wonderland.

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Thursday our Crate & Barrel Lynx Grey Rug was finally delivered, and while we first thought it might be one foot too long it is the perfect size. It’s also a perfect fit to the rest of our furniture, although we still need to wait for our custom-made Ottoman which is planned for delivery in February.
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A nice thing to mention is also that for the first time in about 5 years the gas prices dropped below the dollar in Toronto. And in the meantime the presents for christmas started appearing under our christmas tree, I love the free gift wrapping service at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.
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That Saturday our neighbours came back from their Cuba vacation (thanks for the Rum) and after picking them up we enjoyed Sushi at the Sushi Supreme, I think I already mentioned that they serve great Sushi didn’t I?

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Time to sit down…

My first blog post since I started working! After my business trip to Germany I didn’t really had a jet lag, I only woke up a bit earlier as usual the first days but that was it.

On Wednesday I brought the first cupcakes to the office and going with the comments and the time they were all gone I think my colleagues liked them. On Wednesday another piece of furniture arrived, the Rochelle apartment sofa! And the sofa is perfect for our condo both size- and color-wise. After the sofa arrived Danielle went to Eaton Center for shopping and ended up at the Bulk Barn which is a something like a supermarket for baking products. And off course new stuff needs to be used as soon as possible so I brought the delicious orange cupcakes with lime frosting to the office on Thursday.

Thursday evening Danielle and I wanted to look for floor lamp to create some more light in the living room, so we made a shopping date in Yorkdale to look at a lamp I found online at the Crate & Barrel website. We expected a delivery time of multiple weeks or that the lamp wasn’t as beautiful in real as online but the opposite was true, we ordered the lamp and took it with us right away. Also we ordered 4 side chairs which will be delivered not he 10th of November. Furthermore we asked John for some ideas for a Rug, Curtains and an Ottoman. And I can tell you the ideas we got are really cool but we first ordered some swatch to check or the colours fit to our condo’s interior. The same evening I setup the floor lamp as Danielle prepared some Halloween cookies for in the office…

On Halloween I went to work dressed up as a Bavarian and I worked the whole day in Lederhosen. Defiantly not the best contestant in the Halloween contest but at least I can say that I participated. In the evening I drove back from the office together with Martin and although it was raining there were some families Trick-or-treating on the streets. We had something else planned, Martin and Sabrina came to our place for Nasi Goreng with peanut butter sauce. And Danielle did a great job, the most delicious peanut butter sauce I’ve ever eaten in my life…

The weekend we spent mainly on shopping at furniture stores where we ordered a nice glass desk for our guest suite / home office bought a nested ottoman for the hallway to have place to sit when we take off our shoes. On the way back home we went to Lowes and bought some simple hooks to hang the painting of New York and the cupcake sign on the wall. Here I found out that these hooks are available in a version where you do not need any tools. You just push the hook in the drywall and you’re done even I could do that. And not to forget we bought 800 christmas lights for our christmas tree…





Since the mounting of the hooks was so easy I started looking into a wall clock, we found something online at the Urban Barn but when we saw it in the store it was to large and not as nice. We decided to give up on that and search again on the internet when we were back home until we found the perfect clock at the Pottery Barn in the Yorkdale mall. Too bad we missed the promotion from yesterday which said 20% discount on one single item today only, until I found a sign which they forgot to remove from the store! Only minutes later we walked out of the store with a new clock.

But hey, I wrote something about Christmas lights! Yes since Halloween is over I felt like christmas and I decided to set up our christmas tree which we took with us. And so it happened that I was setting up the tree while we listened to a christmas playlist on Spotify everything seemed to be perfect until..I ran out of christmas lights! Lucky for me the Lowes is open on Sundays till 8pm which left me with 2 hours, I also decided to order a Belkin Wemo Insight Switch to remote control the christmas tree lights at the Futureshop 2 blocks up north from us. After I got 300 additional lights and the switch we finished our tree at around 9pm, although finished? I think we might bring some color in the tree this year since there are so many beautiful ornaments at the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

Unfortunately our brand new clock was broken and so I went back to the store today to get a new clock. This was no problem at all and ever since I put the battery in the clock it’s ticking fine.

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