Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Day 2: Melbourne, FL – Boca Raton, FL

Because of Mr. Jetleg we were all awake around 5:00 am. We enjoyed our early morning by watching some TV and the sunrise from our balcony.

Thanks to all the people for reading and commenting on our blog from our travel day!

After the sun was “awake” we went downstairs to get some breakfast from the buffet before we started our trip to our next destination of this trip, Boca Raton.

For the first part we followed Highway A1A to Vero Beach where had a little pit stop at Target and Starbucks. Finally I could order my “Grande non-fat flat white” again. I was a happy camper!

The next 1,5 hour we drove over Florida’s Turnpike to Boca Raton. Well, Emily was asleep almost the entire ride. She woke up 15 minutes before we arrived at our hotel for the night, the Holiday Inn Boca Raton – North. After Check-In and getting the sofa bed setup (which was really difficult for the staff to understand, but how hard can it be). The hotel is a little dated and communication with the staff is a little difficult. But it’s only for one night.

We decided to drive to the Boca Raton Town Center Mall to do some shopping and have some lunch. When we got back to the hotel Sander and Emily went for a swim I. The hotel pool while I was watching them and started writing this blog.

In the evening we went out for a little bite to eat at Miller’s Ale House. Around 7:30 pm we were back at the hotel because we were tired and we had to prepare our luggage for boarding the Disney Magic in Miami the next day. We’re so excited to go on a cruise again!

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Day 1: Altdorf – FRA – MCO – Melbourne, FL

After counting down since August last year, today was finally the day we were leaving for our Florida 2020 vacation. The alarm went off at 6:00 am and after we showered an got dressed we left our house around 7:00 am, driving to Frankfurt International Airport.

The drive from Altdorf to Frankfurt was as easy as can be on a Sunday morning and at exactly 9:00 am we drove into the P3 parking at the Airport. We parked our car and within minutes we stood right in the middle of the departures hall of the airport. As were flying with Lufthansa we got to go the Lufthansa Family Check-In. It was our turn right away and after we got rid of our luggage and the car seat Emily’s stuffy Baby Bear also got a boarding pass from the nice lady behind the counter.

Next stop was our our gate, Z20. After we went through the passport control and next the security control we got to our gate. Around 12:30 pm the boarding started and soon we found our seats at row 38 on the plane. We got ourselves settled for the 10-hour flight on the Boeing 747 and as soon as boarding was completed we pushed back on time.
Emily got some stuff to draw and write during the flight and she loved her kids meals. We all watched a lot of movies. Emily watched Abominable, Toy Story 1, Toy Story 4, Up and Frozen. Half way during the flight so took a 1-hour nap. Sander and I also watched lots of movies (what else is there to do on such a long flight.

Around 17:30 pm (Orlando time) we touched down on Orlando International Airport. This was the first time we had a direct flight from Europe to Orlando so we had to go through customs at Orlando Airport, which was a whole new experience. The line was long but moved fairly quickly. After that we had to wait for our suitcases and the stroller and car seat at baggage claim. We were told Business class baggage would be on belt 1 and the economy on belt 2. Well, 1 suitcase and the car seat came on belt 2 and the stroller and the other suitcase came on belt 1.

Next we took the tram to the main terminal where we saw huge lines for security which is something to keep in mind for when we go back home. We got our Visitor Toll Pass and the next stop was the Hertz, the car rental company. We just had to walk to the President Circle cars and Sander choose the biggest car in that row. Officially that car was not supposed to be in that row, but we got it anyway. It’s a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse we 7 seats. Sander installed the car seat an we put in the luggage and left the airport to drive to Melbourne, Florida for our first hotel stay this vacation.

Unfortunately it was already dark when we arrived at the hotel, because we have an ocean view room. So the pictures of that view will come with tomorrow’s blog.

After being awake for that long today we just fell apart in the hotel room and went straight to bed.

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