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Our Family life...

Day 7: Atlanta, GA > Mobile, AL

After our “late” night yesterday we hoped to make it a late morning but Emily decided that 6:55 was the perfect time to start a discussion with Edwin, Bunny, Sofia and Ariel!

We still decided to have a slow start and around 9:30 we left the room to the Club Lounge for a small breakfast. After breakfast we left the hotel to check out the powerless Condo from Alex & Juli which was just 3 minutes away from our hotel.

Even with out power the place was beautiful or to use Emily’s terms: “Berry Beautiful”. Emily had the most fun while she had 5 adults entertaining her and a huge Amazon box large enough to fit her in.

While Alex and Kai left for work I drove the 3 ladies to a Costco, our first time a Costco ever! Yes, we drove almost 1200 Miles/1930 Kilometer for our first Costco visit. We got in on the Teufel’s Costco Card. So far so good…

I would personally have bought a lot more but Daniëlle convinced me that we didn’t need super soakers during our trip.

The fun started at checkout, I wanted to pay but that wasn’t possible as it was Juli’s membership card and her name is not on my credit card. Lucky for us we had Juli with us and she paid with her card! The general thought is that Juli attracts these issues as she left ran into a similar issue before! On the positive side Emily got a American flag from a nice lady in the checkout line.

Next challenge getting of the parking lot! If I would have done the same as the locals we would have been there for at least an hour! But we, maybe it was just me, decided that there was a quicker way out. It only involved breaking 2, maybe 3 rules… First I drove on the left side, since at that side of the road/lane there was no stop sign I figured I did not need to stop and all of that I did at a speed of around 25 Mph/40kmh. Took us 20 seconds!

Almost noon and so we went to Einstein Bros Bagels just across from the Teufel’s! Everyone but Emily ate their bagel but Emily was “All done!” We explained Emily that Juli wasn’t coming with us and for a brief moment she had found the solution: “Mama stay with Alex, Juli go in the Auto”

A couple minutes later she decided mama needed to come too but since Alex can’t be left on his own we brought Juli back to her home. Emily was so sad that she didn’t even want to say bye to Juli.

As soon as we hit the road Emily’s fell a sleep, she slept almost 2 hours! And after she woke up she was waving her brand new flag while talking nonstop for the remaining 3 hours…

Somewhere we also entered State #10, Alabama!

On the I-65 we drove to a terrible rainstorm for about 30 minutes.

As soon as the weather got better we stopped for gas and coffee at the McDonalds. One thing I don’t understand is how they can mess up an order for 2 coffees, an apple juice and 3 cookies. At least Emily got to play in the PlayPlace for the first time, she loved it and did not want to leave but we still had a 2 hour drive ahead of us.

The last 2 hours Daniëlle drove over the most scenic part of today’s route. The next picture is from the Mobile-Tensaw Delta which is the second lagerst in the States.

The Holiday Inn was nice, the restaurant was a bad choice. Let me restate that the restaurant was the worst place I’ve ever order food!!! Undercooked chicken for Emily, sour tasting broccoli, way over cooked salmon! The only things which were eatable were the rice and the Mac’n’Cheese but I guess that’s because it came from a pre-made package!

After dinner we went to a nearby Starbucks for coffee, cookies and a state mug! The starbucks was closing at 9pm, we arrived at 7:30 but there was no food anymore, drinks only! I guess and hope service and food are not the things where Alabama is famous for?!?

Back at the hotel we prepared everything for a smooth morning to make sure that we beat the expected heavy Memorial Day traffic to our next stop, where will it be?

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Day 6: Atlanta, GA

Not a lot of driving today, yeah! And we also had one of the best nights of the vacation with Emily only waking up once and I didn’t even knew about it.

We decided to start the day slowly, we stayed in our room playing till about 10:00am until we moved towards the club lounge for a nice breakfast! Best breakfast of the whole trip and we didn’t even need to pay for it.

After breakfast we jumped into our van because we didn’t drive enough the last 5 days. We went to the Phipps Plaza, a somewhat upscale mall, since they had 3 stores we wanted to visit.

First stop the Lilli Pulitzer store, Daniëlle found a very nice shirt. And surprisingly I found the coolest bathing shorts ever!

The next stop was Build-a-Bear, Emily wanted to buy a new dress for Bunny her stuffy. She picked an Aurora dress and wanted to go back to the hotel immediately.

But not we had lunch at Earl of Sandwich and Papa got to visit the Tommy Bahamas where he found a nice pair of shorts.

We decided to go back to the hotel for an afternoon nap, Emily slept from 1-3:30pm but was fully of energy afterwards. Unfortunately that meant that we were a bit later as we hoped to meet the Grebner’s.

It is their last week in Atlanta and we are glad that we got to visit them while they were still here before they move back to Germany. We had a great afternoon where Emily got to play with Julius talking mainly English.

After a while we left their place to visit the Ponce City Market. The market is very similar to the Chelsea Market in New York. Excellent and diverse food choices combined with a crazy selection of different beers and even a meet up with a friend from friends.

We had dinner at a Sezchuan restaurant, the food we selected was delicious but maybe a bit too spicy for some. Emily did well and ate half of a gigantic plate of chicken fried rice.

After dinner was finished we decided that it was time to go back to our hotel. First we walked back to the car and said goodbye to the Grebner’s and just before 10pm we were back in our room.

And somehow we have no luck with Crowne Plaza’s, the housekeeping didn’t visit us and there were no fresh towels…but I got them quickly after I got to the reception.

Tomorrow will be another day full of driving…

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