Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Day 5: Staying on board!

Originally we planned to leave the ship today on an excursion to Pompeï but due to the bad weather we’ve decided to stay on board.

We start the morning of slowly with a coffee from Cove Café and a table service breakfast at Lumiere’s. Servers where great again, one of them made her a napkin mouse which jumped around, Emily loved it.

When we left the restaurant around 10am we found walked into Emily’s new friend, the girl from the UK. They played a while in the atrium before we headed to the open house in the Oceaneers Club. The girls played with iPads and we sat at an arts & crafts table trying to be creative.

Close to noon we went to Deck 9 for a small lunch, Danielle went for fruit, I had some sandwiches and Emily went for chicken tenders which we enjoyed outside in a covered area to not sit in the rain.

Since our schedule was changed today we would be able to see the latest an possibly greatest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame (might include a minor spoiler). Since this movie is PG-13 it’s not a family movie. First we brought the little princess to the Oceaneers Lab which had the closed program this afternoon, it wasn’t easy but when I was out of sight the tears stopped and she was watching a movie. We were just in time for the movie and we loved it 3000! Amazing and fitting ending, for us none Marvel comic readers definitely different as expected.

After the movie we went to pick Emily up but she was watching a movie in Andy’s room, it seemed like she enjoyed herself a lot. For that reason we left her in the club while we went to Signals a pool-bar in the adult section on Deck 9. A beer & a cocktail later we went to pick Emily up.

After a quick stop in the room to change Emily’s outfit to something royal we went to Deck 4 for pictures. We started with Minnie in a nice Italian dress, followed by Cinderella, Mickey in an Italian outfit and Tiana. Tiana she visited together with her new friend and they had a very long chat with Tiana.

While walking a way from that meet Emily shouted and “Jetzt essen!!!” For the non-German speaking audience the direct translation is: “Now food!!!”

At Lumiere’s they servers put our tables together and 3 person table became a table with 8 people of which 3 kids are German speaking 3-year olds. Emily loved it.

I asked our amazing team of servers to ensure dinner was done by 7:45 as we wanted to meet with Daisy at that time and although I ordered 2 appetizers (deep fried brie, escargots), 1,5 main (Seared tuna, rack of lamb) and 2 desserts (Grand Marnier Soufflé, apple tatin) and Danielle went for a double appetizer (iced jumbo shrimps and lobster, deep fried brie) 1 main course (baked salmon) and 1 dessert (Creme Brûlée) they made it happen.

After dinner we made pictures with Daisy & Donald Duck in their Italian outfit. But in between we had 2 other one with Princess Sofia, this was the most special one so far. Emily was so excited she was jumping up and down. A couple pictures and what felt like 10 hugs later we went back to our cabin. And we met with Joy from Inside Out in D-Lounge.

After the meet with Donald we called it a day and we walked back to our room.

At 10pm everyone was in bed and only minutes later everyone was sound a sleep due to the rocking of the ship.

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Day 4: Bibbidi Bobbidi Sea!

The waves rocked us a sleep last night and so we slept very well. Early in the morning, around 7:30am, we started to get ready for the day.

First stop: Cabanas for a small breakfast. Emily went for pancakes & Mickey waffles, for Danielle and me it was a salmon kind of breakfast with Salmon Egg Benedict and smoke salmon.

We finished our breakfast quickly because at 9am the #1 Duck was our for a meet & greet. Emily loved it, she actually started asking questions about why he was stamping with his feet.

After meeting with Donald Danielle and I got a coffee at Cove Café, the Salted Caramel Coconut Latte which we enjoyed under blankets at Funnel Vision (a outdoor movie theatre) while watching Toy Story.

Soon it was time to head to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a princess make-over for Emily. We didn’t really know what to expect but it exceeded our highest expectations by far. She picked out the Princess Tiana make-over as she didn’t had that dress at home yet. The fairy godmother in training, Emilie from France, was so nice and gentle with our Emily she asked tons of questions and at the end of the 45 minute visit Emily really felt comfortable.

After the make-over was done we had tickets for the princess gathering, one short wait to meet 4 disney princesses. This time we met with, in order of appearance: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana and Ariel. Emily was interacting a lot, she showed everyone her glitter nail polish and with Tiana she actually danced in front of a lot of people.

After the princess gathering we went to the Promenade Lounge where we made an elephant mask.

We had a short lunch at Cabanas, ok we sat at Cabanas I got the food from the Duck-Inn Diner but due to the not so great weather we wanted to eat inside.

After lunch it was bedtime for the little princess, she was out in just a couple minutes. While she slept I delivered our gifts for the fish extender to the rooms in our groups and while doing so I explored the ship at the same time.

At 3:30pm everyone was ready to go after their nap and the first stop was Minnie Mouse. While tonight was formal night all characters were dressed up in their nicest outfits.

After Minnie we found Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Donald and Daisy before it was time for dinner. We loved it.

On our way to dinner we got a free cocktail from the Captain’s reception. Dinner was served at Rapunzel’s Royal Table. This is a restaurant with live entertainment as we celebrate her birthday with a surprise party. Rapunzel also came by the table to say hi during dinner.

As usual dinner was delicious, we actually went with 2 appetizers. Danielle has smoked salmon and wild mushroom soup where as I had the smoked salmon combined with knockwurst.

After the show was done there were 3 tables left for a Rapunzel, one was hours. Rapunzel walked by and left a couple children very sad at the table. Our server Mihar came by our table and asked what happened, that was not how it supposed to happen. Within minutes she came by for a picture.

Emily wanted to cheer up the girl which was crying on the table beside us by holding her hands, and so we walked out the restaurant. Funny is that this girl speaks both German and English due to German speaking parents but living in the UK.

After dinner we walked around a little bit and took some pictures without characters and soon it was time for Twice Charmed, a twist on the original Cinderella story. An amazing show, although it was very late Emile clapped, waved and smiled through the show while sitting in my lap.

Around 10pm Emily was in bed and sound a sleep. I went out for a quick late night snack from Pinocchio and soon we were a sleep.

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