Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Day 6: Back on shore…

What a night, Emily wasn’t able to sleep in her own crib and wanted to sleep in our bed, which meant she slept better as we did. But all in all it wasn’t that bad, and it was only the second time this has happened. 

With just our hand luggage we were expected at breakfast in Animators Pallete, at 6:45am. We were perfectly on time. 

We both had a full breakfast and Emily enjoyed some of our food. This was the last time we had seen our servers Lydar and Didit. We had a lot of fun with both of them and Emily loved them. 

After breakfast I just needed to grab the USB Stick with pictures from Shutters, the onboard photographers. That was done really quick and at 7:15 we left the ship and we started chapter 2 of this vacation. 

First thing to do was going through customs, this was easy and we asked someone to help with our suitcases after we had collected them. Within 5 minutes we were sitting in the shuttle towards the National rental car. 

Everything went smooth our car was ready and we picked a nice Ford Explorer. After I installed the car seat we found out that the battery of the car was dead… Everything needed to be moved to another car including the freshly installed car seat. And that’s not something you want to do with 30 degrees Celsius. 

But at 8:45am we left the facility with a Ford Explorer Extended edition, officially a premium SUV. Knowing that we only were charged for a medium this is a nice upgrade. On top we got to bring the car back empty without being charged for it. Emily slept in her seat a couple minutes after we left.

In about 1,5 hour we were close to the villa and decided to do some grocery shopping at the nearby Target. At the villa I had the wrong early arrival time in mind which meant we were to early and the door would not open. After a call to the management office we found out that we needed to wait untill after 12:00. 

Danielle also got sick during the drive to the villa and decided to go to bed, After unloading everything Emily had her lunch as if nothing was wrong with her, also her fever was much lower. And around 1:30pm she went to back for her usual afternoon nap. She slept until 5:00pm, she clearly must have been exhausted!

The evening Emily and I spend playing with her toys and outside while I was grilling some sausages on the BBQ. And she wanted to go in the pool, a huge difference between six months ago that’s why I let her splash around with her feet a little bit. 



After dinner we cleaned up everything and Emily went to bed without struggling this time. Let’s hope it stays that way for tonight and that Danielle feels fit tomorrow as well. 

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Day 5: Castaway Cay…

What a start of the day, we docked at Castaway Cay and I wanted to make a time lapse of the docking. Mission accomplished.

The construction making this possible was somewhat improvised!

Emily needed medical clearance to get into It’s a Small World the nursery again. We had a special appointment early in the morning (8:00am) because I was about to run the Castaway Cay 5K. The clearance was done easily they measured her temperature and as we measured ourselves the night before and right after her sleep 37.0 Celsius. Most likely because she’s teething. 

From there I went straight to Evolution, a night club at deck 4 to gather with the 5K runners at 8:15am. Danielle and Emily went to Enchanted Garden for breakfast. The runners were allowed to leave the ship before the other passengers at 9:00am we started. It was a very hard run, it took me about 32 minutes to complete the run just because of the heat and the humidity. 

After the run I walked back to the ship and took a photo with Minnie Mouse. 

Just before I was back at the ship Danielle texted that she was on her way out. We met up in line for a meet with Captain Jack Sparrow. Also Drew the cruise director was there and he recognized Emily from before, he remembered that she didn’t want to give her autograph book away. 

On our way to the Castaway Family beach we met Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Emily loved it. She gave them kisses, high fives and waved bye when we moved on. 

The first stop was shop to buy some buckets and shovels to play with at the beach, we didn’t had any as this was Emily’s very first time at a beach. After we found our spot at the beach I went back to change my running gear to swimming gear. When I came back both Danielle and Emily where in the sea. 

As soon as Emily changed into her bathing suit she pulled her mama to the sea. Unfortunately Danielle could not explain Emily how to get sunscreen on her back. The same happened with me as I was on my own when I went to the water. And yes we can feel the burn! But it’s not so terrible.


After the water fun we went back to the beach chairs to play with the sand, Emily instantly knew what to do and started scooping sand into the buckets. 

After a while she wanted back into the water and pulled me with her. We had so much fun, we were building sand castles… Ok, let’s be was building them Emily demolished them. We also went swimming a bit, we were a bit surprised while the last time didn’t went so well. After a while it was time to go back and get lunch at Cookie’s BBQ. 

At 1:00pm it was time to go back to our room, Emily was covered with sand and we wanted to get her a shower before she went to the nursery. At the nursery we checked in, Emily cried when we left but within just a couple minutes she was quite while they played Princess Sofia on the television. 

Danielle and I left the ship back to the island to enjoy some time together at Serenity Beach, an adults only section. We spend am our just laying in the shallow waters. That is what quality time is, after a cocktail we went back with the tram to do some shopping and to get back on the ship. 

On the ship we both showered and started packing our suitcases. These need to be ready at 10:30pm and we will see them back tomorrow after we leave the ship. While we were about to leave to pickup Emily from the nursery we got another call, she had another fever. This time we at least got real information and it was indeed a bit higher as usual but she was still a happy girl. Nothing to worry about, however she looked exhausted and we believe she didn’t get enough sleep either. 

Nevertheless it was time for dinner, Emily was a bit more annoyed by sitting in the chair for a long time as the other nights. But after dinner she was running around as if nothing was wrong. We took one more picture with Mickey Mouse and went back to our room for a diaper change. 

Back in our room there was another surprise waiting for us, Nicky from guest services had pixie dusted us again. We already planned to go say goodbye to both Sofia and Nicky for the surprises and nice chats we had during the cruise. 

But after saying thank you to them it was time to go back to the room and fill the suitcases and bags. Emily was reading us a book and went to bed a bit later as usual, we believe it’s going to be a hard night anyway. Also we felt the ship rocking significantly this evening. 

At 9:30 everything was done amd I left the room one more time to pick up the USB stick with digital photos and the printed photos, we pre-ordered these before the cruise. When that was done I put my clothes in the last suitcase and put it outside our room as well. 

Almost right after Emily woke up and didn’t want to go back to bed. That’s when we took her in our bed for the third time since she is born. It went better as expected because we all got some sleep, Emily siginificantly more as us.  On top,of that tomorrow it is going to be a really early morning while our breakfast starts at 6:45am and we disembark around 8:00am.

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