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Our Family life...

Day 5: The grand Grand Cayman Day…

At 7am I was awake and escaped to the verandah, here I enjoyed a breeze of wind and the sound of the sea before the others woke up. Today we’d be docking at Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands but we didn’t planned anything except for staying on the ship.

Nothing bad about that course, we started of with breakfast at Cabanas before we went to toddler playtime in Andy’s room. Closer to 10am we moved on the other section of the Oceaneers Club where there was a meet & greet with Thor from the Avengers. I wanted a picture with him for sure…

While I was waiting Emily was running around through the club and making drawings together with Mama in Pixie Hollow, an area themed with the Disney fairies in mind. We stayed after I got my picture with Thor to play Star Wars Simulator games where I got to fly X-Wings and other vehicles.

Soon it was time to meet Dr. Strange the next Avenger. After his show and picture we went to the pool deck on level 11.

Emily loved the splash pads and the shallow pool, on the Fantasy there a couple more possibilities as on the Dream too but only for potty trained kids. Lucky Emily!

We had a simple lunch at the pool deck from Cabanas and ice cream from Eye-Scream. And after lunch Emily got to go to the nursery, this time want to go either but quickly she was quiet and we got to enjoy ourselves in the adult area.

But before we went there, I got to ride the Aquaduck, a water slide/coaster with my GoPro. One time with Danielle and one time on my own. What a crazy slide and what a great view…

Next stop was the adult only area where we found ourselves cocktails and pastries which we enjoyed laying down in a lounge sofa/bed.

When we finished our cocktail we we went upstairs to enjoy the view over the island and towards other ships in port. One of the reasons we didn’t went off ship was the fact that we needed to use tender boats to get on shore, a one way trip would cost about 30-40 minutes and that wasn’t the time I wanted to spend waiting to get on shore.

At 3:45pm Goofy and his son Max where meeting guests and since we had never ever meet Max this was on our todo list. The meet was fun, although we missed our little princess.

After meeting them Danielle went back to our room for a shower and to get dressed for dinner, while I was waiting for a picture with Donald Duck!

And after that picture was taken I hurried upstairs to pickup Emily from the It’s a Small World nursery. She had some water, crackers and she slept for about 40 minutes. First thing she asked where is mama… But we had no time for questions we need to run, run, run really fast as Doc McStuffins was standing on the balcony on the 4th floor meeting people and checking out stuffed animals.

Emily loves running and walking down the stairs by herself so that was easy and we made it just in time. After getting water and cookies at the coffee bar we went one floor down to meet with Minnie Mouse. That’s also where mama joined us again, Emily couldn’t be any happier.

Next character to meet was Goofy, Emily isn’t afraid of him anymore and she even gave him kiss… Goofy was so surprised that he fell on the ground! Emily came running back to him giving him a really big hug and they both rolled over the floor again. Unfortunately there is no picture or movie from that but the smile on her face was huuuuge….

On the 3rd floor we heard from Joanna, Elin and Danny that there was no line up for Pluto in the Preludes. Emily walked over and gave him a kiss and a hug.

It was almost time to go to the restaurant but we saw Mickey standing on the balcony, we decided that it would be great to meet with him instead of being on time for dinner. And off course kisses and hugs again. Emily also liked his fancy shiny shoes.

Just a couple minutes late we made it to dinner in Animators Palate, tonight we got to draw something which ended up being animated on the screens in the restaurant at the end of the dinner. Emily was more interest in drawing on every piece of paper she could find and the Disney movies on the screens.

After dinner we decided to get one more picture with Stitch and that line-up was huge…but we made it. We thought Emily would be a bit scared from the real Stich but no she loved him! He even showed her to pick her nose and she instantly followed his example! Thank you Stitch!

After the picture we went straight to our room and along the the way Emily told everyone that was going “Naar bed” which means I’m going to bed.

In a record breaking time she was sleeping and I was on my way to the Walt Disney Theatre to see Disney’s Wishes a musical about three kids visiting Disneyland which make a wish and go on the ride of their lives along Disney classics.

After I got back I found a sleeping Emily and a sleeping Emily. I decided to write the blog and about halfway through I fell a sleep too… While I’m writing the remainder of yesterday’s blog the ship is docking in Falmouth, Jamaica. We are going of ship around lunch to visit the Good Hope Estate, I’m really curious what we’ll be doing there as we both forgot what we booked.

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Day 4: The Cool Cozumel Day…

After a long night, the clocks turned back one hour while we sailed into another time zone, we woke up somewhere around 7am. 45 minutes later we were sitting on a table in an overcrowded Cabanas eating Mickey waffles, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, fruit, chocolate croissant, cereal and more for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to the Walt Disney Theatre where we were put in group Jasmine. From there we took a long walk through the ship, through customs onto Cozumel, Mexico. Here we boarded bus number 27 towards Playa del Maya a beach resort about 20 minutes from the Port.

We didn’t expect much as it was one of the lower priced excursions but it was amazing. There were a couple pools, slides a very nice beach, food, a splash area for kids and free (non-)alcoholic beverages!

Without talking about it we booked the same excursion as Danny and his family and so we decided to spend the day together. Around 10am we had our first Dos Equis (beer), sand between our toes, palm trees over our head  and blue skies everywhere we could see.

Emily had a blast she loved jumping into the big pool the most, probably while she practiced this in the pool from one of our neighbors. The splash pad was fun too after a while she went on every slide in there.

After lunch mama and Joanna decided to do something different, the let fish eat from there feet right at the experience and had very soft feet afterwards!

Soon after the feet eating adventure it was time to head back to bus but not before Danny and I got our free double shot Tequila! This time the bus driver, Gasper, had a different bus. Maybe he wrecked the first one? Nevertheless we had a pleasant trip back to Port, Emily slept a little while and found a little bit of energy to enjoy shopping. The shopping consisted of getting a Starbucks Coffee and new Starbucks city mugs for our collection.

Back on the boat we dropped Emily of in the nursery somewhere round 3pm, she cried for a minute and was then most likely distracted by someone/something.

We both showered and prepared for Halloween. Danielle dressed up as Wendy Darling, I went as John Darling and Emily would join us later as Tinkerbel. Before Emily got back from the nursery we enjoyed the first Halloween Masquerade and we got some pictures taken mainly without characters, except for Goofy in his very cool Mummy Outfit.

Around 4:30pm she went to bed and at 5:30pm she woke up again. Just in time for a picture with Chip & Dale as Danielle came rushing towards me and she made it while I was almost first in line.

After the photo it was time for dinner in the Royal Court. It was French style cuisine and I can remember that we ate a lot. I got 2 appetizers and 3 desserts and every single thing was more delicious as the others.

During dinner Emily seemed really tired but we wanted to party with her at 7:30, good that we did as she smiled from ear to ear the whole time. After the party she was so excited that we waited to get a picture with Mickey Mouse in his Halloween outfit. Emily loved it and again she gave Mickey kisses and hugs and ended the visit with a lengthy goodbye.

That was it for today, time for bed!

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Day 3: The Seasational Sea Day…

Oh my god, today’s was amazing! If anyone would have told me that a cruise would be this good I would have booked it even earlier!!!

Today the sea is still rocky but we don’t have any problems with sea sickness, nauseous or something else. Although maybe walking straight could be considered a problem, unless your are really drunk you in that case you would not even stand out.

Emily woke up really early but mama got her back into her big girl bed with some mama magic, after which she slept till 8am. That was also the time we set our alarm as we had a Disney Jr. breakfast planned where we got to meet Doc McStuffins, Jake the Neverland Pirate, Mickey Mouse and Princess Sofia the First.

Emily loved meeting her favorites, and it was close but Sofia was still a bit more interesting as the boss himself (Mickey Mouse).

After breakfast we walked outside on our way way visited a couple other characters which had meet & greets on the ship. What a wind by the way, we felt the sea water spraying in our faces although we where on Deck 4, about 2-3 above sea level.

Back to the characters the first one we visited was Daisy, who got a hug and multiple kisses from our little princess.

Next was Cinderella, Emily was jumping up and down, blew kisses and when she said bye Cinderella got a big hug.

From all these meet & greets we got hungry and we went to Cabana’s, a buffet restaurant, for lunch. I’m not entirely sure what we all had but mama and I loved the pepper grilled shrimps and Emily was happy with her white rice and green beans.

After lunch we continued with characters. We started with Minnie Mouse, one bundle of joy exploded. Emily didn’t really know what to do but there were multiple kisses and hugs and a lengthy goodbye.

The last one before lunch was Tinkerbel, she didn’t really like her and she didn’t even want to sit close to her. I do believe it’s the wings…

The next character was Ariel, she was the first of 4 princesses we got to meet in the Atrium. This is a ticket event and thus the wait was relatively short. While in line Emily kept pointing at Ariel and shouting her name until it was finally her moment, that’s when she got star struck. But she recovered…

Next was Cinderella which she met earlier today already.

Finally she got to meet Princess Belle. She loved her and eventually she didn’t want to leave her but Princess Tiana was next…she saved us for problems by keeping Emily busy and distracted.

Emily was really tired and we had “It’s a Small World” booked for that time. While mama went back to the stateroom to grab Emily her stuff for in the club we walked through the ship until she saw the Sign for the club… that’s where she broke down in tears.

Within minutes after we handed Emily over to the crew she was quiet and later we learned that she slept about an hour ate crackers and a banana. In the meantime we went to the Buena Vista Theater to see Cars 3 for the first time, great movie better as number 2 but not as amazing as the first one.

After the movie it was time to pick our little princess up, she enjoyed herself. So much that she wanted to show me what she was doing  but that’s not allowed as it’s a club for kids not for parents.

Tonight it was also the formal night on the cruise and thus time to dress up. Mama and Emily had pretty dress and I went in a suit with a shirt matching with the dress from Mama.

We were really lucky while we were able to join the line for a picture with Captain Mickey Mouse before dinner. This was Emily her 2nd meet with him but she couldn’t stop kissing him. I asked Mickey if he would be in trouble if Minnie would knew about it and we both came to the conclusion that we keep that info between us.

Just after taking a picture with Mickey I saw Princess Tiana and  Princess Bell standing around on deck 5. Time for pictures…

Finally dinner time…the whole table went for the Ahi Tuna appetizer. Danielle and Emily went for the Oven Baked Salmon as entree and I picked the Sea Scallops. Everything was delicious and to top it of the desserts where amazing!

Emily was still relatively awake and thus we went on take some nice pictures with beautiful backdrops.

After the boring ones we stood in line for a picture with Minnie Mouse and that’s when we reached Emily’s limit. After the picture we went back to our room.

Tonight it was my turn to stay with Emily in our state room, which gave me time to download the pictures from and Danielle was able to enjoy Aladdin the Musical.

The show was great and after the show she got a picture together with Donald before she got back to the stateroom. We finished packing the last items for our beach excursion on Cozumel, Mexico tomorrow.

And not to forget we need to set the clocks back one hour as we arrived in a different time zone which meant an additional hour sleep tonight.

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