Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Day 6: Nassau – Bahamas

Today was our last day on the Disney Magic. We didn’t go ashore in Nassau because we had a big day planned onboard.

After we woke up we had breakfast at Cabanas and than walked around the upper decks to make some pictures of the view over Nassau. We were at port with 3 other cruise ships (Bahamas Cruises, Celebrity Equinox and a Carnival cruise line ship). But I have to be honest, DCL has the prettiest ship!

At 9:45 am Emily had an appointment with her fairy godmother in training Lexi at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at deck 10.

First she got to pick out an outfit. Emily went for a sparkly Cinderella dress. Next was the hair. She got a long ponytail with blue and pink hair and a flower headband. With that she got sparkly nail polish, blue and pink eyeshadow, red lipstick and some blush and off course some glitter in her hair.

As the finishing touch she got a sash, wand and a tiara. With that the whole princess makeover was complete.

Now it was time for a coffee before we start with all sorts of meet and greets. We met with Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, Tiana, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Anna & Elsa.


We got a little hungry from all the meet and greets and decided to have lunch at Lumieres before we went back to the room. Emily took a nap and I started packing the suitcases.

After the suitcases were mostly packed and Emily was awake we met with Becka, Chris and Sophie and decided to do some Disney Trivia. Unfortunately we didn’t win but it was a lot of fun. When we went back to the Lobby/Atrium we saw a lot of characters in their formal attire.

We took pictures with Donald and Minnie before going to Animators Pallet for our last dinner onboard. Without asking they brought out the fried Brie, our favorite appetizer. The meal was again great and the show with sorcerer Mickey amazing.

At 7:30 pm it was time for Pluto’s Pyjama Party in the kids club so we dropped Emily and her friend Sophie of at the Oceaneers Lab while Sander and I went to the upper deck to see for ourselves how the weather was. In the afternoon the weather had turned around and with strong winds and rough seas it was a whole other experience then the days before.

As we went back inside there was an opportunity to meet the captain of the ship, Captain Robert Olmer. As we heard him talk earlier this cruise we noticed he was Dutch. And as we talked with him he told us he is from Fijnaart, which is about 10 minutes from where I grew up.

Shortly before 8:30 pm we picked up the kids from the kids club where they made their own pillowcases to take them to the theater to watch the show Disney Dreams. We saw this show on our last cruise and it was still amazing.

Also this show meant the end of this cruise. We said goodbye to Sophie, Becka and Chris and went back to our room to finish packing so we could put our suitcases in the hallway.

The alarm is set for early tomorrow morning to get breakfast and leave the ship to start the next part of our vacation.

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Day 4: Key West, FL

 Around 5:30am everyone is awake, still a little bit Jetlag leftovers but we are slowly getting into our normal schedule! 

 By 7:00am we are getting our table at Cabanas, the buffet restaurant which serves breakfast every morning. After picking some food from the buffet Emily found us the perfect spot on the terrace. We had a beautiful view from the aft with a nice sunrise, while docking in the Port of Key West. 

 After breakfast we walked around the ship watching the docking more closely from the front of the ship. On our way back to our room to get ready to disembark for the day we grabbed a specialty coffee at Cove Café. 

 Suddenly, like magic actually, Emily decided that she wanted to go the Oceaneers Club. This is one of the kids clubs onboard a Disney Cruise ship. This took us a bit by surprise but we brought her to the lab and of she went. 

 About 30 minutes later, after we got everything we wanted to bring for Key West adventure, we picked her up. She was colouring a Elsa drawing. It wasn’t finished so we promised her that she could come back later. 

 Key West was beautiful, even more beautiful as what I remembered from our visit in 2012. We took some pictures of “our ship” before we started our exploration. 

 First stop was the Southernmost Point, we got there with the free Duval Loop bus. Very convenient. After the mandatory picture we stopped at the Southernmost Café for a drink, Emily played with the sand on the small beach. 


 From here we drove the bus back closer to the ship, but the last 10 minutes we walked as we planned to do some shopping before we got back on the shop. And not to forget we are a Key Lime Pie on a Stick at Kermit’s!

 Back on board we went straight to our room. Emily needed a nap, Danielle went out to eat a somewhat late lunch in Cabanas and I ordered a cheeseburger with a side of crispy chicken tenders through room service. 

 After Emily woke up she really wanted to go to the Oceaneers Club again. After dropping Emily of we went to Signals, a pool side bar in the adults only area of the ship. 

 The moment we got our drinks, we got a message saying that Emily wanted to be picked up from the club. I went over to find out what was going on…they didn’t have a green pencil! Unbelievable…how could they not have a the right green pencil that for sure was a disaster beyond imagination. 

 So I took Emily out the club and we all met up again to visit some characters. From the top of my head we saw them in the following order: Vampirina, Captain America, Thor and Doc McStuffins. Then we ran into 2 of the least feared pirates of Neverland, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Emily ran towards to them and got to sign her autograph book. And right after it was time to hug Mickey and Minnie again. 

 Just in time for dinner we got to Lumiere’s, our restaurant for today. We have dinner again with our amazing table mates Chris, Becka and Sophie (Emily’s newest best friend). Emily went for a Chicken Noodles soup and Mac’n’Cheese. As an appetizer the fried Brie, our all time favourite on-board the ships. Daniëlle went with Oven-baked Salmon and Sander with the Filet Steak, both delicious. In the meantime Emily finished all of her Mac’n’Cheese with no space left in her stomach for more food. 

 Oh wait there is dessert, if there are chocolate chip cookies she has space for about 4 more, insane! But hey it is vacation and Sander can’t say a thing he double-dipped on the dessert by ordering the Apple Tart Tattin and  the Grand Marnier Soufflé! Daniëlle went for the Soufflé. 

 Done with eating we went to dance a bit with Max Goof and the girls (Emily and Sophie) got some pictures shot with fancy backdrops. After browsing through the shops and having a chat with Tim, from merchandising it was time for the  


 Tonight Tangled the Musical was on, beautiful show. Off course we loved it an Emily stayed awake till the end, 10pm-ish. After a last picture with Minnie we walked back to our rooms, Sophie is sleeping just 10 meter away from us so the girls walked back holding hands. 

 On our way back we ran into Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. And I don’t think this was a coincidence, we might have accidentally told them earlier today that we knew the location of a treasure located in Germany…in Emily her Kindergarten. Luckily they only want to borrow it so not a big problem I believe and otherwise  we believe sharing is caring! 

We made it to the room and in just 10 minutes everyone was in bed, and about her 10 minutes later everyone was a sleep! 

 Tomorrow we’ll be at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. That is when we can dock, the lost months the ships could not always due to it being to windy to dock.

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