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Our Family life...

Day 18: Doing nothing!

Our early morning decision was to not do a lot today. We left around 10:30 for a coffee at Starbucks and continued to the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.

Here we checked out multiple stores and bought something at the Character Warehouse, a Disney outlet, and the Tommy Hilfiger before we went for dinner at the Ford’s Garage in the mall.

After lunch we shopped at the Old Navy before we drove to Disney Springs.

In Disney Springs we checked our a couple stores. Daniëlle bought a new bead from Pandora, a Disney Park Exclusive from the Happily Ever After fireworks.

Next we stopped at the Walmart nearby our Airbnb, here we bought an extra suitcase (we only took 2 with us) for the trip home and some groceries for the last couple days.

Also this was the first time in days Emily got to take an afternoon nap! Daniëlle packed the first suitcase while I wrote the first part of the blog.

After Emily woke up we went out for dinner. Emily wanted rice and so we ended up at Bento an Asian Bar on the Sunset Walk at the Margaritaville Resort.

Emily finished her hole Bentobox in the blink of an eye and asked for ice-cream. Since there was a Bahama Buck’s serving Shaved Ice across the street we took our chance. Emily got a Rainbow Unicorn Sno, looked beautiful tasted interesting with all the different flavours mixed. The best part was either the heat/cold colour changing spoon or their slogan: “Eat Yellow Sno”.

On the way back we stopped at the Dollar Tree, we found some learning cards for Emily to keep her English fresh.

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Day 16: Saying goodbye!

Oh my, staying a full day in Magic Kingdom isn’t something you should be doing every day. Everyone feels groggy this morning. But would I do it again? YES!!!

Today we have a slower day ahead of us, we start with Minnie’s Beach Bash in Cape May Café. This is a character breakfast in a New England styled restaurant.

Due to our late reservation, 10:30am the restaurant was virtually empty. We saw Donald, Daisy, Goofy and off course Minnie multiple times. Goofy partially pulled off Emily her band-aid, luckily Daniëlle is always prepared and had a spare one. Later she danced with Minnie, after we were done eating we rolled out of the restaurant.

We strolled around the Boardwalk, looked inside a shop and decided to go on the Skyliner, the gondola system, for a round trip to the Hollywood Studio’s and back to the Boardwalk.

Next we visited Disney Springs get a Starbucks and search for a Magnet for Alex & Julia. But now it was time to get their suitcase. Around 4:00pm we arrived at the Airbnb.

At 5:15pm we all got in the car to drive to the International Airport to say goodbye at the curb-side drop-off location at Terminal B for Delta. Emily was really sad in the car and didn’t say a word for a while.

We decided to go to a Barnes & Noble to look for a book. First we stopped at the Florida Mall food court for some Asian food. At the B&N we found out that the book we were looking for isn’t available at any of the 6 nearby stores.

It was around 7:45 when we decided to go to Epcot for a short visit, hoping we didn’t need to pay for parking anymore. And we were lucky.

We also parked in row 4 which is actually preferred parking, which normally costs double (50$) compared to regular parking.

Into the park we first got a picture with Spaceship Earth taken. A slight drizzle started and we quickly went towards the Seas with Nemo and Friends for which we had an unnecessary FastPass+.

Our next FastPass+ at 8:30 wasn’t necessary either but we got to ride Soarin’ Around the World. Emily’s first time. When we went up the first time she was a little bit scared but seeing the ice bears she started pointing at everything. She even caught onto the different smells in the different scenes. When Monument Valley, Utah popped up the screen she said “I can’t believe this, it’s beautiful!”

When we walked out of the ride we decided to do it again, just because we can at 8:50pm. We got out at 9:05pm and decided to leave the park to beat the crowds from the firework show which ends in about 10 minutes.

Before we drove off the Parking lot Emily fell a sleep. Daniëlle carried her directly to her bed and she seemed to be sleeping until just after we put her in bed. At that moment her eyes opened and she told us that she wanted a story…

In the meantime we got a message from Atlanta, Alex and Julia arrived safely. And around midnight we called a day too!

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