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Our Family life...

Soon we go again…

Last May we where on the Disney Dream cruising in the Bahamas. We loved it a lot and as you might remember we booked a placeholder on board, this means you get a discount on a future cruise next 2-years. Before we got home from our last vacation we found a very nice cruise on for later this year.

After a couple of weeks we booked the 7-Night Halloween on the High Seas Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral and we will celebrate Halloween on board! And today it’s just 8 weeks until we are sailing away for an itinerary taking us to Cozumel in Mexico, Falmouth in Jamaica, Georgetown on Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands and not to forget Castaway Cay!

We’ll be cruising on the Disney Fantasy, the sister ship from the Disney Dream. Funny enough this is not the first time we will see this cruise ship as we were on a city trip in New York the day the Fantasy for its christening. The first picture we took from the top of the Empire State Building while it was sailing in to port. The second picture we took a couple of days later when it was actually docked.

But before we sail away we fly to Orlando from Pearson a day before to stay in a Walt Disney World Resort for the first time ever. After we land we will take the Magical Express to Port Orleans French Quarter. Here we will stay one night till the Disney Cruise Line bus will pick us up and drive is to the port to embark the Fantasy. After we disembark we’ll be taking a the Disney Cruise Line bus back to the Airport where we’ll be renting a car from SIXT for the last part of this vacation.

This time we did not rent a villa but a townhouse in Windsor Hills a gated community very close to Walt Disney Resort. The house has a private pool and the resort itself has a lot of interesting amenities including a huge zero entrance pool, that’s what Emily likes a pool she can just walk in…

We can’t wait to get back to the magic of Disney and see how much the experience with Emily is different this time.

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Day 11: Rope drop…

Our favourite (Emily is not old enough to vote legally) park was on the agenda again today. We planned being there early as I wasn’t able to get fast passes for Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. At 8:20am we left the house at 8:40 we were waiting inside the park for rope drop. Rope drop is the official opening of the park. 

As soon as this was done we headed to Joy and Sadness from the movie Inside Out and we were second inline. In December we had a fantastic meet and great here. Today it was regular, also the setting change no more controls panel for example. But we were able to keep the autograph book out of Emily her side, 

Right after we went to the Character Spot, just 5 minutes waiting time for a picture with a Mickey, Goofy and Minnie. Emily loved Goofy for some reason she wasn’t afraid at all. Here Emily saw the book but there was no drama this time and everyone got a kiss, for Minnie she took her pacifier out.., 

Next we went back to the entrance for a picture with the one and only Daisy Duck. The cast member was really helpful, she got the autograph before it was our time to meet with her, Emily walked up on her own and gave Daisy a big hug. 

Now it was time for our first Fast Pass, Soarin for Danielle. She got me a baby switch pass for later that day. The remainder of the day we did not use any Fast Passes by the way. While Danielle was Soarin’ over the World Emily and I where visiting the After Market from Test Track. 

Until I found out that there were playgrounds added throughout the park for kids to play. Officially Emily needed to be 2 years old but because she is tall and I speak Dutch the attendant didn’t even dare to ask me about here age. Emily had a lot of fun going up and down stairs and sliding down the slide. Mama joined with some ice tea from the local Starbucks before we walked towards World Showcase, our favourite area in Epcot. 

On our way to World Showcase we walked through a indoor butterfly area, I expected a lot more from it, I think I saw only 10 butterflies. 

While walking through the park we also made some pictures from and with the Disney themed topiaries, below a selection from what there is to see in the park p. 

World showcase is only partially open until 11 o’clock. We went counter clock wise and here you can only walk up towards French were there is another rope drop. We made this on as well and we ended up being fourth in line for a picture with Belle in her village outfit. The photo was not (yet) available in our Memory Maker and will follow later. 🙁 And now with the photo from Belle!

After saying Au Revoir to Belle we moved to the almost complete opposite of World Showcase for a picture with Mulan in China. 

While walking there I reserved a table at the Biergarten. This is a buffet restaurant in the German pavilion with Bavarian style food, it’s not exactly the same! We sat on the table with people from Hamilton in Ontario, about 1,5 hours from where we live. Emily’s appetite was enormous nothing she didn’t eat… 

When lunch was done we decided to go to the car, but as we left World Showcase Emily was already sleeping in her stroller. This gave me the opportunity to ride Soarin’ before we left to the car. 

Just before we arrived our car Emily woke up. At home we played a little bit and Emily had another nap from about an hour. When she woke up we went to Twistee Trear for ice cream and got us some Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds on the way back home. 

After dinner we decided to jump in the pool with our new floating thing for Emily. In the beginning she didn’t really enjoy it but in the end she didn’t want to leave her island. The best part of the pool is splashing water. I splashed a lot to make her laugh. 

At 7:30 we got out of the pool took a shower and after a bedtime story she went to bed. Danielle is doing some laundry while I’m preparing today’s blog. 

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Day 5: Castaway Cay…

What a start of the day, we docked at Castaway Cay and I wanted to make a time lapse of the docking. Mission accomplished.

The construction making this possible was somewhat improvised!

Emily needed medical clearance to get into It’s a Small World the nursery again. We had a special appointment early in the morning (8:00am) because I was about to run the Castaway Cay 5K. The clearance was done easily they measured her temperature and as we measured ourselves the night before and right after her sleep 37.0 Celsius. Most likely because she’s teething. 

From there I went straight to Evolution, a night club at deck 4 to gather with the 5K runners at 8:15am. Danielle and Emily went to Enchanted Garden for breakfast. The runners were allowed to leave the ship before the other passengers at 9:00am we started. It was a very hard run, it took me about 32 minutes to complete the run just because of the heat and the humidity. 

After the run I walked back to the ship and took a photo with Minnie Mouse. 

Just before I was back at the ship Danielle texted that she was on her way out. We met up in line for a meet with Captain Jack Sparrow. Also Drew the cruise director was there and he recognized Emily from before, he remembered that she didn’t want to give her autograph book away. 

On our way to the Castaway Family beach we met Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Emily loved it. She gave them kisses, high fives and waved bye when we moved on. 

The first stop was shop to buy some buckets and shovels to play with at the beach, we didn’t had any as this was Emily’s very first time at a beach. After we found our spot at the beach I went back to change my running gear to swimming gear. When I came back both Danielle and Emily where in the sea. 

As soon as Emily changed into her bathing suit she pulled her mama to the sea. Unfortunately Danielle could not explain Emily how to get sunscreen on her back. The same happened with me as I was on my own when I went to the water. And yes we can feel the burn! But it’s not so terrible.


After the water fun we went back to the beach chairs to play with the sand, Emily instantly knew what to do and started scooping sand into the buckets. 

After a while she wanted back into the water and pulled me with her. We had so much fun, we were building sand castles… Ok, let’s be was building them Emily demolished them. We also went swimming a bit, we were a bit surprised while the last time didn’t went so well. After a while it was time to go back and get lunch at Cookie’s BBQ. 

At 1:00pm it was time to go back to our room, Emily was covered with sand and we wanted to get her a shower before she went to the nursery. At the nursery we checked in, Emily cried when we left but within just a couple minutes she was quite while they played Princess Sofia on the television. 

Danielle and I left the ship back to the island to enjoy some time together at Serenity Beach, an adults only section. We spend am our just laying in the shallow waters. That is what quality time is, after a cocktail we went back with the tram to do some shopping and to get back on the ship. 

On the ship we both showered and started packing our suitcases. These need to be ready at 10:30pm and we will see them back tomorrow after we leave the ship. While we were about to leave to pickup Emily from the nursery we got another call, she had another fever. This time we at least got real information and it was indeed a bit higher as usual but she was still a happy girl. Nothing to worry about, however she looked exhausted and we believe she didn’t get enough sleep either. 

Nevertheless it was time for dinner, Emily was a bit more annoyed by sitting in the chair for a long time as the other nights. But after dinner she was running around as if nothing was wrong. We took one more picture with Mickey Mouse and went back to our room for a diaper change. 

Back in our room there was another surprise waiting for us, Nicky from guest services had pixie dusted us again. We already planned to go say goodbye to both Sofia and Nicky for the surprises and nice chats we had during the cruise. 

But after saying thank you to them it was time to go back to the room and fill the suitcases and bags. Emily was reading us a book and went to bed a bit later as usual, we believe it’s going to be a hard night anyway. Also we felt the ship rocking significantly this evening. 

At 9:30 everything was done amd I left the room one more time to pick up the USB stick with digital photos and the printed photos, we pre-ordered these before the cruise. When that was done I put my clothes in the last suitcase and put it outside our room as well. 

Almost right after Emily woke up and didn’t want to go back to bed. That’s when we took her in our bed for the third time since she is born. It went better as expected because we all got some sleep, Emily siginificantly more as us.  On top,of that tomorrow it is going to be a really early morning while our breakfast starts at 6:45am and we disembark around 8:00am.

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