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Our Family life...

Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s

Day 18: Done a lot…

Good morning Kissimmee! That’s not really how it felt by the way but still another day in paradise…

We started our morning with an early breakfast at the Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot, this is a character breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Chip & Dale and Pluto. And the part I liked most a gigantic cinnamon bun…that is something you can wake me up for anytime.

As soon as we got seated at 9:15am we were visited by Mickey Mouse. The next was Pluto followed by first Chip and then Dale. Somehow Emily got lucky as she got more hugs from Mickey, Chip and Pluto just before we left.

After breakfast we first used the rider switch pass for a family ride on Frozen without having to wait. Emily loved it as you can see in the onride picture.

Ok I’ll be honest it is taken when the boat goes downhill. When I jokingly asked her if she wanted to go again she said Yes, go to Anna and she tried to get back in the boat… Since the wait was over an hour we didn’t went back and I got to use my rider switch on Mission:Space for the orange mission.

After I got back from Mars we went on more time to the Character Spot to get some pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

Afterwards we decided to say goodbye to Epcot for this year, can’t wait until we come back as I just love this park.

On the way back home we drove by a Starbucks for a coffee, after we got home Emily and I went swimming in the resort pool while mama was working on suitcase no. 2 and 3. Emily loved the water she jumped in, ran in through the zero entry, splashed, went underwater, used the stairs to climb out the water…I couldn’t get her to go home for almost 2 hours.

Back home she went to bed and after she woke up we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s to watch the Frozen show, Emily shouted the characters names every time they came on stage Elsa, Anna an Olaf (Ofal). After the show she wanted to go back but I could bribe her with a walk to Sunset Boulevard where the Flurry of Fun was just started. It means a fancy light show on the tower of terror, movies a long the street and snow!!!

Mama went on the Tower of Terror while we found ourselves a nice spot for Disney Movie Magic, a mix of movie-scenes projected on the Chinese Theatre. Right after Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam the seasonal fireworks show started. Beautiful combination of projection, music, storey telling and fireworks!

After this show we rushed towards the 7,900- seat Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre to watch Fantasmic! This show is just great, Emily recognized a lot of characters. She even saw Moana on a boat before we saw here.

After the show we followed the crowd towards the parking lot and went home. Tomorrow is our last full day here and we’ve some FastPasses in Magic Kingdom.

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Day 15: Taking it easy…

The medication seems to work on Emily, she woke up happy and excited. Totally different as yesterday. But we still decided to take it more easy as we had in mind, but we still wanted to go outside. With the free parking perk of our Annual Passes we decided d to get a coffee at the Trolley Car Café in Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s. This is actually a Starbucks, just some of the pastries are different.

While we drinking our coffee at a bench on Sunset Boulevard Emily got attention from some of the Citizens of Hollywood. She loved it as they were driving an old car, they knew Princess Sofia and best off all they had a funny sounding horn in there old timer.

Since Emily was having fund we decided to go and see a show Emily hasn’t seen before, the Beauty and the Beast musical. I remember seeing this show during our first Walt Disney World visit in 2008, we loved it.

We had great seats I in the front section of the theatre and as soon as the show started Emily was amazed, she watched the show with open mouth and was clapping with the rest of the audience. When Chip (the little teacup) came on stages she shouted his name (Cheap), instantly she got attention from the 10 people around us.

Throughout the whole show they were watching her. When the fight in the castle took place some of them were paying more attention tomEmily as the show. And Emily didn’t disappoint, when the Beast got stabbed by Gaston she shouted really loud “Beast die”, her personal audience bursted out in laughing.

During the curtain call all the actors came to show and Emily was naming them all in her own unique 2-year old way Cheap, Mama van Cheap (Mrs. Potts), Cheap, Bellie, Cheap, Beast (to the prince), Cheap and Cheap the others we still need to practice I guess.

When the show was over the audience told us they loved watching Emily and they were afraid that she would cry, they all agreed that we should keep her this way. I think we should too as this was a moment we should not never forget. I hope we get to see Nemo the Musical in Animal Kingdom later this trip too as she loves Nemo, Dory and Papa Nemo…

After the show we bought 2 new Christmas Tree ornaments for our Disney themed Christmas tree and the e left towards the townhouse. We decided to have lunch at Denny’s but this wasn’t a success, there was no taste to the food at all. At least we weren’t hungry anymore.

Back home Emily went straight to bed, she slept 4,5 hours! Danielle did some laundry and I planned on writing the blog but fell a sleep too…that’s why there was no blog, I’m sorry I hope you can forgive me…

After her afternoon nap we kept Emily busy with colouring and playing with some toys before it was time for her bath and bed. While Emily was sleeping I went to the Super Target for some groceries. And soon it was time for bed!

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