Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Day 9: First park day!

Good morning Sarasota! After a good night of sleep for Sander and Emily (Emily wanted to sleep with Danielle), we soon came into action.

First stop was breakfast at a in store Starbucks at the Target nearby. Emily and Sander continued shopping there, while Danielle moved towards the Old Navy. Soon we joined and with multiple jeans we left! We needed more as winter has arrived in Florida, with temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius in the evenings.

Next stop was the UTC mall where Sander got jeans at the GAP and we looked for a new suitcase. We believe that we’ve found it but we hope for a better deal closer to Walt Disney World.

It was close to noon and we opted for Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We found one on our way towards our next location, very convenient. Actually it was not, there was a traffic jam getting on to the parking lot, a huge line to order and an extremely long wait for your food. On top of that the toilets were flooded. Apparently this was all due to Martin Luther King Day.

After finishing our lunch Danielle took over the wheel and soon Sander & Emily were snoring their way to Kissimmee!

Our next location is an Airbnb, it’s actually an Airbnb at the Niido Resort which is completely owned by Airbnb. Daniëlle found us a 3 bedroom for an amazing price, cheaper as most hotel and apartments around this location.

Close to 4pm we got the digital key in an app called Latch, very convenient. We first stopped at the Target just 3 minutes away from our apartment, it does not come more convenient.

And then the moment of truth, is the location as good we expected based on the review?

Actually it was better, everything is in great shape. If I’d need to complain about something is that the amount of cutlery isn’t matching the number of beds. There is only 4 spoons and 5 knives…

At 5pm we all jumped into our Chevy Traverse Premier to visit Epcot! Epcot is our favourite theme-park and Sander pre-book some Fastpasses.

First stop was Spaceship Earth in the Future World area and for the first time ever we rode it without Siemens sponsoring.

After exiting the ride we walked to Norway in World showcase as we had Fastpasses for Frozen Ever After. Emily went crazy on the ride, she couldn’t stop pointing out every single character from the movie making sure we saw them too.

While we walked out of the ride I found out that the Elsa & Anna meet & greet where they are wearing their new outfits had only a 20 minute wait. After quickly buying a new Autograph book we went in line. Meeting Emily’s favourites made her being starstruck, she just stood there smiling and starring at them. So cute to see her believing they are real…

After the pictures we went for a quick dinner in China, meaning we ate rice and chicken. Daniëlle went back to the car to get our jackets as it was getting colder quicker as we had expected.

In the meantime Emily and Sander went to Mexico to help José Carioca and Panchito find Donald Duck on the Gran Fiesta Tour.

Afterwards we walked to Germany where for our self a gigantic pretzel while we waited for mama to come back with our jackets.

We walked a bit through World Showcase to collect some cards before it was time to go to our favourite spot to watch Illuminations from…

…of wait there was something! There is no Illuminations anymore, it’s a new firework show after 20 years. The new show, Epcot Forever, is nice but it’s not as great as Illuminations.

After the firework we went back to our apartment and call it a night.

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Day 18: Done a lot…

Good morning Kissimmee! That’s not really how it felt by the way but still another day in paradise…

We started our morning with an early breakfast at the Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot, this is a character breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Chip & Dale and Pluto. And the part I liked most a gigantic cinnamon bun…that is something you can wake me up for anytime.

As soon as we got seated at 9:15am we were visited by Mickey Mouse. The next was Pluto followed by first Chip and then Dale. Somehow Emily got lucky as she got more hugs from Mickey, Chip and Pluto just before we left.

After breakfast we first used the rider switch pass for a family ride on Frozen without having to wait. Emily loved it as you can see in the onride picture.

Ok I’ll be honest it is taken when the boat goes downhill. When I jokingly asked her if she wanted to go again she said Yes, go to Anna and she tried to get back in the boat… Since the wait was over an hour we didn’t went back and I got to use my rider switch on Mission:Space for the orange mission.

After I got back from Mars we went on more time to the Character Spot to get some pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

Afterwards we decided to say goodbye to Epcot for this year, can’t wait until we come back as I just love this park.

On the way back home we drove by a Starbucks for a coffee, after we got home Emily and I went swimming in the resort pool while mama was working on suitcase no. 2 and 3. Emily loved the water she jumped in, ran in through the zero entry, splashed, went underwater, used the stairs to climb out the water…I couldn’t get her to go home for almost 2 hours.

Back home she went to bed and after she woke up we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s to watch the Frozen show, Emily shouted the characters names every time they came on stage Elsa, Anna an Olaf (Ofal). After the show she wanted to go back but I could bribe her with a walk to Sunset Boulevard where the Flurry of Fun was just started. It means a fancy light show on the tower of terror, movies a long the street and snow!!!

Mama went on the Tower of Terror while we found ourselves a nice spot for Disney Movie Magic, a mix of movie-scenes projected on the Chinese Theatre. Right after Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam the seasonal fireworks show started. Beautiful combination of projection, music, storey telling and fireworks!

After this show we rushed towards the 7,900- seat Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre to watch Fantasmic! This show is just great, Emily recognized a lot of characters. She even saw Moana on a boat before we saw here.

After the show we followed the crowd towards the parking lot and went home. Tomorrow is our last full day here and we’ve some FastPasses in Magic Kingdom.

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