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Our Family life...

440 Days ago…

Danielle was on the phone for 7,5 hours to book the main part of this vacation, the 7-Night Mediterranean Disney Cruise from Barcelona to Barcelona. Just 2 more nights of sleep before it all starts!

The first night we will stay near the Munich Airport in the Holiday Inn Express as our flight with Vueling to Barcelona leaves as early as 9:50am with boarding starting at 9:10am and we don’t like getting up too early during our vacation.

If everything goes according to plan we arrive exactly at noon in Barcelona, assuming everything goes smooth at Barcelona El Prat airport we should be in our hotel around 1:30pm. We will be staying in the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona which is right across from a large shopping mall and close to the beach.

While we plan on taking it easy we hope to have some time to visit a Tapas Bar nearby for dinner before jumping into our beds early as our 7 day long adventure will start the morning after.

Embarking the Disney Magic is estimated around 12:00pm and we plan on taking a taxi to the port. The first day will be a day at sea, the second day we will be at Naples. In Naples we have an excursion booked to Pompeii. The day the ship docks in Civitavecchia we stay on-board to make sure we are all rested enough to get on land in Livorno to spend the morning in Pisa and to explore Monaco when the ship docks in Villefranche.After that only one day on the ship is left before we are forced to disembark.

But don’t worry the fun isn’t over yet we added some Disney fun at the end of the trip. After leaving the ship around 7am we need to get to the airport where our plane to Paris (Orly) leaves at 12:45pm.

Yes, you figured it out, we are going to Disneyland Paris. After staying at the airport in a Novotel we jump on the Magical Shuttle towards the most magical destination in Europe.

Danielle already started packing our suitcases, she prepared the Fish Extenders for the cruise (it’s a privately gift exchange between fellow passengers on board a Disney Cruise), and she got the magnets to decorate our door.

And Emily? She is trying out all summer items she has, she already packed her suit case twice, and unpacked it because she wanted to play with the toys she packed.

And I? I wrote this blog…

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Day 20: Home…

What a night…everything went as planned the suitcase where 98% ready and all combined 2 kilogram to heavy but we figured that Emily would get that resolved with being her normal self and saying hello or something.

We finished the the wine, beer and chips before we went to bed around midnight until Emily woke us, ok I’ll be honest, woke her mama for the first time at 1:00am. The third time at 2:09am I woke up too and went to her room and she started coughing weird and before I knew it I was 110% awake and tried to catch her vomit.

She vomited in her bed but wanted to continue sleeping in it…not a good plan and so she ended up in our bed. At 3:00am when we were finally a sleep she vomited one more time, but this time she showed that she is becoming a big girl quickly. She woke me up with force and determination (that’s necessary) wanted to go to the toilet and vomited there. Unbelievable…I had never expected this as it’s only the 3rd time I’m her young life that she experienced this, you can imagine how proud we were. Besides that we were also worried about the next 15 hours until we would be home.

After this second time she climbed into our bed and fell a sleep right away. As usual we didn’t get a lot of sleep as Emily used up about 3/4 of the Californian King side bed but at least she got sleep.

In the morning everything seemed to be fine and she was busy with emptying the suitcase we just packed, very helpful. At 9:15am we were ready to leave to SIXT to return our rental car where we arrived at 10am, I’m missing that car already.

The shuttle was already there to bring us to the terminal and a half our later we dropped of our suitcases. Emily did what she was supposed to do and the steward looked at the scale shook his head but waived the additional fee while he was having fun with her.

Next stop security, went very smooth. Although the additional check in food items is a bit over the top and it just slows everything down. From there we went to The Club @ MCO to spent another 2 hours until our boarding would start.

When we came to the gate there were additional security measures with an additional TSA check, very annoying at first but in the end I believe it made the boarding process go smoother. No one dared to start lining up to early which is a big issue at MCO as 2/3 of the people travel with children and block the whole area.

The flight was easy Emily slept before we left the gate for about 1,5 hours and I slept for about an hour during the flight. The remainder of the flight Emily was busy with colouring, watching Cars and Elena of Avalor. At 4:15pm we landed and from there everything went reasonably fast.

Danielle got us coffee for the way home while Emily started loading the suitcases in the car! And yes it is cold here only 6 degrees Celcius… After short detour to get milk for Emily at the Supermarket we arrived home at 6:15am. The same time as our dinner ordered through just– got delivered.

After dinner we started unpacking and now Emily is in bed and we are winding down from this crazy day. Tomorrow everything is back to normal when I go back to work and Danielle does her usual things again…

But what a vacation, the cruise was amazing, the Townhouse was great, the visits to the parks where superb and the weather was as good as it can be this time of the year. I wished we could stay there forever….

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