Sander, Daniëlle & EmilyOur Family life...

Our Family life...

Day 12: Animal Kingdom…

Today we had a really slow start, we decided to wake Emily up at 9:30am as we wanted to be in Animal Kingdom around 11am. Mission completed at 10:40, first stop the Starbucks and a picture with Timon from the Lion King.

Time for our first FastPass+, the Kilimanjaro Safari! Here you ride with a very large “Jeep“ through different ecosystems between the animals. Emily was mainly focussed on birds and animals which looked like horses.

We also got in a traffic jam caused by Giraffes crossing the paths we were driving over multiple times. Very amazing to see this, we’ve done this safari multiple times but eve never seem so many animals.

After the ride Emily wanted to take a walk and thus we followed the Gorilla trail, she had mainly interest for the leafs!

Next stop was lunch, we decided to have lunch in the Satu’li Canteen in Pandora. Here I used the Disney World app to place a mobile order. Extremely convenient and it saved a lot of time too.

Throughout the day I had been checking FastPass availability for the Flight of Passage, and I was lucky to get one. Unfortunately I needed to cancel my meet & greet with Mickey and Minnie but FoP is such an amazing ride and I wanted to see it again after the preview in May.

Danielle and Emily went to get there pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie and after we were both done Danielle went on the rider switch ticket while Emily and I explored the boneyard in Dinoland U.S.A.

First we dug out some old bones, then Emily went 118 times from the exact same slide. When mama came back we asked Emily what she wanted to do and she pulled us towards an actual attraction the „TriceraTops Spin“. That’s my girl…

After a spin with loud giggles and a smile from ear to ear we took a picture and went back to the car.

On our way out we got to meet Beer Fox and Brer Rabbit.

We hoped that Emily would sleep a bit in the car and we drove to the Florida Mall as this was a 40 minute drive but unfortunately she slept in only 5 minutes before we parked our car. Danielle went shopping and I waited till our little Aurora woke up. Besides shopping at Lush, The Disney Store and Macy’s we had spice cream from Coldstone before we went back to the Townhouse.

When Emily entered the house she took off her Crocs and ran to the back, she wanted to swim. While mama was doing some laundry we both took a plunge. What a lot of fun. But she got tired quick and thus it was time for bed.

After the standard ritual with a story, brushing her teeth and going to the toilet, she fell a sleep before we even closed her bedroom door.

I went to Target for some groceries and now it’s time for bed as we want to arrive in the Magic Kingdom of Mickey Town early.

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Day 25: Starting in the rain…

We heard some strange noise this morning when we woke up, it was the rain pouring on the pool deck. Not a real surprise because we knew the forecast for today already but still this is the second day which we would consider a bad weather day.

We decided to change our plans a bit so we started with packing the first 2 out of 3 suitcases with the items we didn’t needed anymore. This way we don’t have to waste time on that tomorrow. Off course it made our mood not better but at least we got that done during Emily her morning nap.

When Emily woke up we were almost ready to go, she just needed to eat her fruit. After that was done we went to the IHOP for late but delicious pancake breakfast, or maybe it was an early lunch?  Mama got Strawberry Banana Pancakes and I went for the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity pancakes with warm Apple Cinnamon topping. They taste even better as the name…

From there we went a bit north to the Florida Mall because it’s an indoor mall and it was ideal for today’s weather. Here we started with Coffee and ended with ice-cream at ColdStone before we drove back towards the villa.

Since the weather got slightly better we decided to get something for on the barbecue: burgers! Today we did Burgers Berlin style!

Tomorrow the weather should be better and we hope to visit Disney Springs and SeaWorld and end the vacation and stay in the villa with a last barbecue!

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