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Our Family life...

Home improvements…

It has been a while since our last update from Toronto but a lot has happened since then. Let me start with a post about home improvements today and I’ll try to catch up this week with more about our trips the last 2 months. After we got back from Florida we first got our new chair. It’s a very lazy chair and the way it’s positioned in the living room I can enjoy our both of our extraordinary views while only turning my head.

After the chair we started looking for baby furniture, for everyone who didn’t figure out which secret we told Mickey Mouse: Danielle is pregnant from our first child! After we start looking for furniture we found out that the choices in Canada are quite limited compared to what we are used to in Europe. It’s a couple small speciality stores here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or online stores. We also visited a baby show together with one of my pregnant colleagues which we enjoyed and where we learned a lot more about important things for Canadian parents. We got to know a couple of new stores too.

After a couple of weeks of research we learned that a lot of furniture and strollers we did like had delivery times from up to over 12 weeks. We ordered our furniture and the stroller at Ella+Elliot in Downtown Toronto. This made us decided to order as soon as we made the choice. So in March we already found the things we’d like to see in the rooms and by the end of this month they will be delivered, a bit sooner as expected but that’s not something we’d be worried about. You are curious now? I hope you like surprises since you’ll need to wait till September to see the first pictures online…

In between the improvements we travelled to Europe and New York but I’ll write about that in later blogs. After we came back from New York they finally cleaned our windows, not something you should do yourself while living on the 38th floor off course. But we would wish they did it more often as once a year.

And that was also the start of really nice weather which made us decided to a balcony overhaul. We started with a nice grass-green coloured outdoor carpet which I cut to fit perfectly. To honour my work I got a nice bottle of Crown Royal Monarch whiskey from Danielle.

But that wasn’t where we stopped I found a nice set of furniture which would fit exactly onto our balcony at the IKEA website. Just after store opening we entered the IKEA in Vaughan and 40 minutes later we were driving back home to set up the furniture. And 2 hours later we enjoyed the nice weather and the remarkable view from our balcony…

IMG_4802 (1)
And since we were n the IKEA mood and wanted to add some more storage inside our walk-in closet I picked up the IKEA Stuva later that week.

Besides the fact that our plant is still alive there is not much to mention about home improvements. But the King and Queen from the Netherlands are coming to Canada on an official state visit in May. On official visits they always meet with a part of the Dutch Community and we are part of that meeting. We are both really excited about it and are curious about how such an event will be. So far we went shopping for the appropriate clothing, the dress code is “Tenue de Ville”. For man this means a dark suit, for woman a dress which covers the shoulders and reaches to the knees. And that’s not something every pregnant woman has in her closet so we went shopping this weekend.

Unfortunately it’s not allowed to take any pictures during the event but we’ll make sure to write something about it on a later blog.


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Time to sit down…

My first blog post since I started working! After my business trip to Germany I didn’t really had a jet lag, I only woke up a bit earlier as usual the first days but that was it.

On Wednesday I brought the first cupcakes to the office and going with the comments and the time they were all gone I think my colleagues liked them. On Wednesday another piece of furniture arrived, the Rochelle apartment sofa! And the sofa is perfect for our condo both size- and color-wise. After the sofa arrived Danielle went to Eaton Center for shopping and ended up at the Bulk Barn which is a something like a supermarket for baking products. And off course new stuff needs to be used as soon as possible so I brought the delicious orange cupcakes with lime frosting to the office on Thursday.

Thursday evening Danielle and I wanted to look for floor lamp to create some more light in the living room, so we made a shopping date in Yorkdale to look at a lamp I found online at the Crate & Barrel website. We expected a delivery time of multiple weeks or that the lamp wasn’t as beautiful in real as online but the opposite was true, we ordered the lamp and took it with us right away. Also we ordered 4 side chairs which will be delivered not he 10th of November. Furthermore we asked John for some ideas for a Rug, Curtains and an Ottoman. And I can tell you the ideas we got are really cool but we first ordered some swatch to check or the colours fit to our condo’s interior. The same evening I setup the floor lamp as Danielle prepared some Halloween cookies for in the office…

On Halloween I went to work dressed up as a Bavarian and I worked the whole day in Lederhosen. Defiantly not the best contestant in the Halloween contest but at least I can say that I participated. In the evening I drove back from the office together with Martin and although it was raining there were some families Trick-or-treating on the streets. We had something else planned, Martin and Sabrina came to our place for Nasi Goreng with peanut butter sauce. And Danielle did a great job, the most delicious peanut butter sauce I’ve ever eaten in my life…

The weekend we spent mainly on shopping at furniture stores where we ordered a nice glass desk for our guest suite / home office bought a nested ottoman for the hallway to have place to sit when we take off our shoes. On the way back home we went to Lowes and bought some simple hooks to hang the painting of New York and the cupcake sign on the wall. Here I found out that these hooks are available in a version where you do not need any tools. You just push the hook in the drywall and you’re done even I could do that. And not to forget we bought 800 christmas lights for our christmas tree…





Since the mounting of the hooks was so easy I started looking into a wall clock, we found something online at the Urban Barn but when we saw it in the store it was to large and not as nice. We decided to give up on that and search again on the internet when we were back home until we found the perfect clock at the Pottery Barn in the Yorkdale mall. Too bad we missed the promotion from yesterday which said 20% discount on one single item today only, until I found a sign which they forgot to remove from the store! Only minutes later we walked out of the store with a new clock.

But hey, I wrote something about Christmas lights! Yes since Halloween is over I felt like christmas and I decided to set up our christmas tree which we took with us. And so it happened that I was setting up the tree while we listened to a christmas playlist on Spotify everything seemed to be perfect until..I ran out of christmas lights! Lucky for me the Lowes is open on Sundays till 8pm which left me with 2 hours, I also decided to order a Belkin Wemo Insight Switch to remote control the christmas tree lights at the Futureshop 2 blocks up north from us. After I got 300 additional lights and the switch we finished our tree at around 9pm, although finished? I think we might bring some color in the tree this year since there are so many beautiful ornaments at the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

Unfortunately our brand new clock was broken and so I went back to the store today to get a new clock. This was no problem at all and ever since I put the battery in the clock it’s ticking fine.

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Some days of shopping…

On monday we woke up relatively early to start with a Starbucks in the Yorkdale mall. In this mall we’ve visited Rogers, a wireless telephony and cable company, to get more information about internet possibilities in our Condo. After a short wait we got all information we wanted and got a great deal if we’d combine Danielle her cellphone, internet and television we got 200GB additional data and free cable television. But it’s still more expensive as we were used to in Germany.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.46.22 PM
After taking care of the internet we went to the Bank again, we’ve now been to our bank more often in Canada already as in all 6 years in Germany together. This time we deposited a cheque, and with every cheque we will need to deposit we need to go to the bank in the future. But in 5-6 years it might change…I can’t wait for that to be happening sooner!

After bringing the cheque we went ‘shopping’ for furniture at multiple places starting with the IKEA. And it’s is almost exactly the same as in Europe. After the IKEA we went to some other stores and we found one store were we will be going back to in the future, the Urban Barn. They have some great accessories, but it’s to early to think of those tiny things since we still need a sofa, a coffee table, a dining table, chairs, barstools, a closet, a rug, a console table, ….

Not to forget we need also a new television to go with the cable television we ordered and a sound bar and some more electronic appliances for in the kitchen. So we’ve also spend some time at Best Buy and the Future Shop to see what’s available before we went to the All Star Wings & Ribs for some chicken wings. But ordering wings is quite difficult when there are over 200 flavors to pick from….

After diner we went back to the hotel and check some things online for our future home and to watch episode 2 from season 2 of The Blacklist. As always an amazing episode…

Tuesday Morning I had a surprise for Danielle, I stayed up late yesterday to try to reserve an iPhone 6 in gold for pick-up. At midnight the new stocks gets listed at that’s why. I got lucky at the Sherherd Gardens so that was our destination this morning.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.11.00 PM
And soon Danielle was waiting for her iCloud backup to load on her new iPhone.

image 020
The rest of the day we continued shopping at multiple stores to checkout furniture. And while shopping for furniture we found some cool in-between coats for both of us.

image 021 (1)

In the evening we went back to the Yorkdale Mall to check-out the sofa we liked most from all we had seen. John was in again today and after sitting, hanging and laying on the sofa we decided that this would be ours. Luckily new stock arrived and we were able to get a delivery date in october. And if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t look good in our condo we can send it back and get a full refund no questions asked…

image 022

Can’t wait till delivery. Now it’s time to put the laptop down and watch episode 2 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. one of my favorite TV series. Today was also the last day f my ‘vacation’ and tomorrow will be the first day I put my working permit to good use.

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