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Our Family life...

Day 17: Swimmimg, shopping & Illuminations…

After a late night yesterday Emily woke up at 9:00am, great for us to have slow start of the day. But not too slow as Dusty suggested us to come swim and enjoy the children area in Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, the resort where he and his parents are staying. 

We decided that today would be a perfect day and at 10:30am we met with Dusty at the main pool area. First we explored the children area, Emily loved the pool with shallow water and the splashing water. She also tried the waterslides but these where a little bit too much, mainly because they were not so smooth because she put her feet on them while ‘sliding’ down. 

Soon we all went to the main pool, this pool was ‘a little bit’ to deep for Emily to stand in (1,2 meter) but it had a zero entry, just like a beach but with out sand. Around 12:00pm we said bye and thanks to Dusty, we loved the pool and enjoyed meeting you here. 

As we left the resort Emily was already sleeping, I think she needs vacation from this vacation! We decided to take a longer car trip, get gas at 2.189 USD/gallon (0.78 CAD/Liter, 0,52€/liter) and we ended the ride at the Mall at Millenia. Here we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen where Emily rather ate my Original Chicken BBQ Pizza as her own crusty chicken with broccoli kids meal… 

When the shopping was done we went towards the villa where Emily got to play Bedford she went toed at 3:45pm. Danielle started packing our suitcases, or at least one of them. Emily slept until 6:15pm, that’s when I woke her up. Needless to say she didn’t like me at all afterwards until I asked if she wanted to go somewhere… 

She jumped of the sofa, wanted her Crocs and said repeatedly “Ootoo” with which she means “auto” in Dutch, “car” in English. She walked to the front door, opened it (she figured out how to do that) and walked towards her door of the car pointing at it. From that moment on I was considered nice again. 

We went to Epcot, within 20 minutes we walked into the park. Emily brought Princess Sofia the First (her doll) and she was telling Sofia things and pointing at stuff the whole time, so cute. We started with Journey into Imagination with Figment. We started the ride sitting side by side but the first scene it got completely dark and Emily climbed onto my lap. 

After we exited we walked towards the Seas with Nemo and friends, instantly she started pointing at all the nice fish. And she shouted “tom” at the not so nice fish. I believe she meant “stom” im Dutch, “stupid” in English. Right after we walked through World Showcase.

Starting point was Canada, Danielle and I shared a beer flight at Florida Fresh and at 8:30pm we ended up in… Yes you guessed it right in Germany! Here we shared a pretzel and some other beers while Emily and I were entertaining the crowds with dancing, running, twirling and sharing rice puffs with three girls from Argentina who didn’t speak a word of English. 

oon the Siemens sponsored fireworkshow Illuminations started and Emily was clapping and wowing the whole time. She enjoyed it till the last big blast. For everyone who wants to see and here why we like this show so much, a video from YouTube (not my own): 

After the show we left hither park, Emily stayed awake till we were home and went straight to bed. And here we are writing the blog again with just one more day in the Magic to go before we go home again…

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Day 13: Surprise ending…

After yesterday we knew that today was going to be a lazy day, and that’s now we started it. Emily woke up at 9:02am and we didn’t leave the villa until 11:15am. We decided to go to the Mall at Millenia an indoor mall for some running and walking around.

First we stopped at the Starbucks for a coffee. After we continued to the Mall we first drove to a small rainstorm and afterwards there was a lengthy traffic jam on the I-4. I decided to take a detour but that was a mistake it took twice as long. But we saw some new things…

And how typical, just before we reached our destination Emily fell a sleep, after 20 minutes in the car we decided that it was time for her to wake up. We walked into the Mall and the first stop was the Macy’s with a special 25% event. Emily now drinks Apple Juice from a box on her own…just sometimes it gets messy like her in the fitting rooms! Happens only when dad is in charge..

We were all hungry and for lunch in the Mall. During lunch we started messaging with Dusty, a friend from Belgium, who was on his his way to Orlando. He would be visiting Epcot in the evening, we had three possibilities in mind nothing, Animal Kingdom or Epcot. We only wanted to make the final decision after Emily had her afternoon nap. 

Emily went to bed at 3:00pm and slept till 5:45pm, not really long but she was very active. At that moment a huge thunderstorm also moved over the villa and we agreed that we would just go for Epcot as soon as the thunderstorm was over, 

A couple minutes before 7:00pm we buckled up and drove to Epcot to see Illuminations and maybe do. a bit more. When we arrived at 7:10pm the sky didn’t look friendly and we parked Emily her stroller somewhere dry and decided to go for a ride in Spaceship Earth. 

Just before we entered the ride we met with Dusty and his parents. They went for dinner and Soarin’ and we would meet up with Dusty at the German Pavilion in World Showcase to drink a beer together and watch Illuminations. 

On the decent in Spaceship Earth the ride broke down, we were stuck for just 10 minutes but being stuck in a ride vehicle in backward direction going down in the dark is an experience on his own. But except for not wanting to sit down she did very well. 

After the ride we went back to pick up our stroller. Here we also found out that the wait for a picture with Joy and Sadness was minimal andd thus we stopped by to say hello before we walked to our favourite spot to watch the fireworks spectacle. 

While I went for a huge pretzel and beer Dusty joined Danielle and Emily. The girl from Hannover, in the country pavilions the cast members are all citizens of the country itself, ask me for my ID. I did not believe that she would think I was only 21-years old, she didn’t want to answer my question but her colleague thought it was funny. 

While waiting for the firework to start we chatted a bit in Dutch. Dusty is from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. 

Emily really enjoyed the fireworks, during some displays she even reponded with a “Wooooow”. Maybe you can hear her (and me) in the background! 

After the show we left the park to go back to the villa. Emily slept before we arrived, but in 15 minutes she was in her own bed…tomorrow 9:00am again, I hope so! 

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Day 12: Sleeping while it blasts…

Today’s my girls had an lazy morning and afternoon while I was working the last day on the Siemens booth at Distributech. After starting to dismantle the booth I could go “home” to join my own two princesses.

I got home late in the afternoon and after changing to vacation clothes I still needed to bring my rental car back to the National Rental car facility at Walt Disney World. And that’s really close to Epcot…

And as every night they run the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen…Illuminations! We wanted to try at least once to watch this show during these four weeks and tonight seemed to be a perfect evening to do so.

We were able to park the car at Journey 8 (very close to the entrance) and the park wasn’t even crowded although the crowd forecast told us otherwise. We started with getting 3 FastPasses:

  • Spaceship Earth
  • A journey into imagination with Figment (didn’t use it)
  • Illuminations (watched it from another area)

But while we got these we also saw that there was a really short waiting line for a photo with Baymax! And only 15 minutes later we already walked towards The Seas with Nemo and friends. This took a bit longer as expected because little Emily was so excited that she lost one of her socks while we walked through the line. In the attraction she didn’t know where to look at so many colorful and moving things…

After this ride we used the FastPass for Spaceship Earth. And the lights at the end were really interesting for the little princess. After this ride we got ourselves a nice warm coffee. We went to Mouse Gear where mama got a new vest because it was getting a bit colder in the evening, Emily got her own Mickey Mouse blanket to stay warm.

And because the clock told us it was time for the last bottle of the day for Emily we went to the Baby Care Center before we went towards World Showcase. Behind her Snooze Shade Emily slept as soon as we reached Italy at 7:30. We had a Funnel Cake to share and after some more shopping we went to our favorite spot to watch Illuminations!

And for our returning readers yes you are right we went to Germany where we enjoyed a Pretzel, Danielle a König Ludwig Hefe-Weizen and I had an Altenmünster Oktoberfest.

After our beers it was soon 9:00pm and the show sponsored by Siemens started. It was an amazing show Emily slept through it although she moved a bit during the really loud parts.

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Soon we were at our car where Emily woke up while we were putting her in the car seat but it’s for her own safety. Mama drove back and as soon as we were “home” we put Emily in bed and about 20 minutes later she was sleeping like a baby…

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