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Our Family life...

Day 12: Animal Kingdom…

Today we had a really slow start, we decided to wake Emily up at 9:30am as we wanted to be in Animal Kingdom around 11am. Mission completed at 10:40, first stop the Starbucks and a picture with Timon from the Lion King.

Time for our first FastPass+, the Kilimanjaro Safari! Here you ride with a very large “Jeep“ through different ecosystems between the animals. Emily was mainly focussed on birds and animals which looked like horses.

We also got in a traffic jam caused by Giraffes crossing the paths we were driving over multiple times. Very amazing to see this, we’ve done this safari multiple times but eve never seem so many animals.

After the ride Emily wanted to take a walk and thus we followed the Gorilla trail, she had mainly interest for the leafs!

Next stop was lunch, we decided to have lunch in the Satu’li Canteen in Pandora. Here I used the Disney World app to place a mobile order. Extremely convenient and it saved a lot of time too.

Throughout the day I had been checking FastPass availability for the Flight of Passage, and I was lucky to get one. Unfortunately I needed to cancel my meet & greet with Mickey and Minnie but FoP is such an amazing ride and I wanted to see it again after the preview in May.

Danielle and Emily went to get there pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie and after we were both done Danielle went on the rider switch ticket while Emily and I explored the boneyard in Dinoland U.S.A.

First we dug out some old bones, then Emily went 118 times from the exact same slide. When mama came back we asked Emily what she wanted to do and she pulled us towards an actual attraction the „TriceraTops Spin“. That’s my girl…

After a spin with loud giggles and a smile from ear to ear we took a picture and went back to the car.

On our way out we got to meet Beer Fox and Brer Rabbit.

We hoped that Emily would sleep a bit in the car and we drove to the Florida Mall as this was a 40 minute drive but unfortunately she slept in only 5 minutes before we parked our car. Danielle went shopping and I waited till our little Aurora woke up. Besides shopping at Lush, The Disney Store and Macy’s we had spice cream from Coldstone before we went back to the Townhouse.

When Emily entered the house she took off her Crocs and ran to the back, she wanted to swim. While mama was doing some laundry we both took a plunge. What a lot of fun. But she got tired quick and thus it was time for bed.

After the standard ritual with a story, brushing her teeth and going to the toilet, she fell a sleep before we even closed her bedroom door.

I went to Target for some groceries and now it’s time for bed as we want to arrive in the Magic Kingdom of Mickey Town early.

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Day 11: Two parks in Mickey Town…

Good morning world, it’s 7:30am and we plan to enter Disney‘s Hollywood Studio‘s around opening…

8:15am Emily is still sleeping, it’s still possible as it’s just a 13 minute drive from our townhouse. Around 8:50 we drive by the entrance gate of Mickey Town (Emily started calling it Mickey Town today). We arrived at the parking lot at 8:55am and that’s when it got ugly…the longest ever bag check lines I’ve seen at Mickey Town ever!

Emily and I raced passed them and stood in line for a picture with Donald & Daisy Duck at 9:03am. Mama joined us just before it was our turn for a picture and everything worked out perfectly fine.

We got to be first in line to meet with the Royal princess of Enchancia, Princess Sofia the First. Emily showed of her doll and got to look at Sofia‘s beautiful purple shoes.

Time for a show, he Disney Junior show to be exact. The story was about the birthday preparations for Minnie Mouse her birthday. Emily was very focussed and danced on the songs she knew. She loved the snow, bubbles and confetti which came down from the ceiling.

After the show we strolled around the park, more precisely the new area which will be the way leading into the Star Wars Land which is being build at this moment. After our walk we figured that the 35 minute wait for Mickey & Minnie Mouse couldn’t be that long as we didn’t see a line at all and we decided to step into the line.

And indeed that was a very short wait. In the meantime I reserved a table for an early lunch at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. After as short stroll through the park, during which we also got some pictures taken it was time to go the restaurant.

What a great restaurant, the food is classic American comfort food but the theming is based on the early 50‘s. Server John did a fabulous job and made sure we finished our plates and had no elbows on the table. The only complaint he had was the number of drinks we ordered and wanted to know if we were racing each other.

From the restaurant we went back to the car to make sure Emily had her afternoon nap in her bed today. She slept from 2–5pm, I guess she is still a bit tired from last week. While Emily slept I made some pictures from the Townhouse!

As soon as Emily woke up and was dressed again we got in the car and went to mama and papa‘s favourite Walt Disney Wo…euh Mickey Town park: EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow)! Again it was a lot busier as we expected and it took a while before we parked our car in Discover 14.

Lucky for us we still had some time to use a FastPass, or. Better to say I used one at Soarin’ around the World and got a rider switch for Danielle which is valid until the end of this month. She decided to use another day.

Emily and Danielle enjoyed a quick service restaurant in The Land pavilion and when I got back from my flight we split up again, that way I could stand in line for a picture with Joy & Sadness from Inside Out.

After meeting them we had a FastPass for the Character Spot, a meet & greet with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. Emily loved it 3 characters in a row.

It was close to 8pm now and we decided to start moving towards our favourite spot to watch Illuminations from, Germany in World Showcase. Our spot was still free and while mama and Emily blocked our spot I went for beers and a pretzel.

The next hour we walked around the area to keep Emily busy. As soon as she heard music she pulled me towards it and believe it or not we ended up dancing in front of the stage to music from Margret Almer & The Bavarian Band…

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit 

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit 

Der Gemütlichkeit. 


After our performance it we checked out the miniature trains, then Emily watched them one more time with mama and finally it was time for Illuminations. A Mickey Town vacation is not complete without seeing that fantastic show.

After the firework we went walked back to the car, Emily sat in her stroller and thus that went pretty quick. Just after 10pm we arrived home and within a couple minutes Emily was vast a sleep.

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Day 9: Disembarking the Disney Fantasy…

At first I felt tired, then I felt awake and then I felt really sad! It was 6:21am and the last 2 hours on the ship were already started.

While we got everything ready and packed the last items Emily started to wake up. After we got her dressed we were ready to leave with 2 backpacks and a carry-on size suitcase.

The first thing we did was going back to Royal Court, the restaurant where we were “expected” for breakfast. Emily and mama had pancakes, I went for a bacon, egg and hash browns combo.

This was also the last time we would see our Head Server, Server and Assistent Server . We catches the last 2 for a picture before we left. And not to forget we gave them the tip envelops.

After breakfast we went for one last time restroom stop before we stepped in the saddest line of the whole cruise, the one to leave the beautiful Disney Fantasy. As soon as we reached the bag claim room I asked a porter for assistance as I didn’t feel like carrying 3 suitcases and a stroller, Emily most likely wanted to walk and thus it was wrapped.

We found the suitcases quickly in the Gray Daisy section and in 10 minutes we cleared customs and were on the bus towards the airport! THE AIRPORT?!?! I thought there was a second part to this vacation…

Yes, there is but it was a lot cheaper to book a rental car at SIXT which had its closest location at Orlando International Airport that this was the best option. At 9:40am we arrived at the airport and from there we needed to figure how we would get us and the luggage to the rental car pickup location, that was a lot easier as we had imagined, Disney dropped us off at pole B23, SIXT picked us up at B14 about 40 Meter away from where we were.

10 minutes later I was arranging the paperwork and at 10:05am we left SIXT with a white GMC Acadia and an installed child seat. Next stop Walt Disney World! Emily slept as soon as we reached the highway, and thus we took a detour with a Starbucks stop to get some holiday cups!

First plan was a theme park but a long the way we figured that there was a runDisney event, which meant that there was a health &fitness expo where we could buy fancy running gear only available in the USA during events or online. That was a no-brainer and Danielle scored some shirts and we all scored a picture with Chef Mickey!

After the expo it was still too early to go to the Townhouse as check in was only at 4pm. The next stop was Disney Springs for lunch and a visit to Pandora (the jewellery store). Danielle scored 2 new beads, a limited edition one and a park exclusive one.

We had a late lunch at the new Planet Hollywood, it’s weird after being on a cruise for so long that we needed to pay for food again… the service was really terrible too by the way!

After lunch we left Disney Springs and decided to do some grocery shopping at Target prior to going to our house for the next 11 nights. First purchase was a bed rail for Emily to ensure she not falling out a one meter high bed.

Finally it was 4pm and we drove to the Windsor Hills community, it’s a gated community for which you need to get special access at the front gate. This wasn’t entirely easy as our paperwork didn’t show an end of stay date but a simple call to the rental agency resolved that.

As we arrived at the address we saw a beautiful and well maintained townhouse. As soon as accessed the house I was surprised it looked way better as in the pictures. Danielle and Emily loved it too.

Emily was told she could not walk on her Crocs in the house, she thought that it was a silly game and she went in and out the house while taking her shoes off and putting them on the whole time we were unloading the car.

After we figured out some of the essentials it was time to install the bed rail and get Emily in bed. She slept from 4:30 to 6:15, she must be exhausted after this adventure full week. After she woke up the first she asked was to go in the pool, but as soon as we got in the pool she wanted to get out again. But I stayed to enjoy a beer…

At 8:00pm Emily asked if she could go “naar bed” and so she went to bed. Mama worked on he suitcases while I was working on the first couple blogs of last week!

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