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Our Family life...

Day 7: Walking through New York…

We had no plans for today but in the end we’ve done a ton of things after we had a lazy morning. At 10 o’clock we left the hotel walked to the subway station at 47-50 Sts/Rockefeller Ctr from where we took the subway line M towards 5 Av/53 St. After exiting the station it was raining but we were close to our goal, the Museum of Modern Art at 53 Street.

At the museum we watched at all the floors and the most interesting items where from Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh and a big part of the contemporary section. Furthermore art museums is not our kind of museum to see and we guess that it was also a bit to crowded, probably because of the weather forecast. After we left the museum we wanted to visit the ‘Rain Room’ a room where it’s not raining when someone stands there. But when we learned that the wait was over 3 hours we decided to do something else.












We walked from there towards the Shops at Columbia Circle at the corner of 8th Avenue and 59th street. The shops were nice and it wasn’t crowded but we didn’t came for shopping, did that surprise you? We came to lunch at Porter House, they had a 3-course Park View lunch for only $25 which included a mushroom soup, a petite filet mignon and a NY cheesecake combined with a nice wine. It was delicious and the price was right. After lunch we went out and took the subway line C at the 59 St/Columbus Circle to get to 14 St.








At 14 St we walked to Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market could be described as a huge food mall with a lot of sweet food. You’ll find lobster, doughnuts, cookies, sushi, freshly brewed beer and more in a very good-looking building. And although we had eaten enough we both got appetite and went for a cupcake at Ruthy’s Bakery which is specialized in 3D baking. Danielle ate Cookie Monster and I went for Big Bird.




Since the weather was still nice we wanted to walk outside and we were near to Highline park so we decided to walk uptown through this park. Highline park is a long park build on top of a former elevated rail line which has a very nice design and gives some nice views at Manhattan.






After we walked from 14th Street uptown to 30th street we walked towards 34 St/Penn Station where we took the subway line C towards 42 St/Port Authority Bus Terminal from where we walked to our hotel over times Square.


In the hotel we partially packed our suitcases and we are still below the maximum weight. We also made a reservation for transportation to the airport for tomorrow since it might be raining and when it rains it’s difficult to get a taxi.

for the evening we had an appointment with Glenn, unfortunately Gina wasn’t able to come since she was ill, but we had still fun at the Irish pub near our hotel. It came to our mind that we’ve seen Glenn on every single US Vacation we’ve had, we’ve seen wedding photos from last year, we ate a burger, drank Irish beer, had a laugh and at about 11 o’clock it was time to say goodbye because we fly back home tomorrow.

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Day 5: Celebrating in New York…

Half way down the trip and we were both tired from all experiences we have had so far that Danielle suggested to sleep late on her birthday. I was okay with that although I knew that she would wake up early anyway because I had a surprise for her a breakfast in the room to start her 29th birthday!


Then we made plans for the day, Danielle wanted to do something outdoor in the morning since the sun was shining. We decided to walk to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space exhibition which is located on a flight-deck ship which was used from 1943 till 1974. Normally the space shuttle Enterprise would be visible but due to damage caused by Sandy the pavilion wasn’t opened yet, I guess we’re just not so lucky this time. But we have seen a Space Shuttle before but it would have been cool since it was the only still existing space shuttle in the world which we haven’t seen in real life yet. After visiting the exhibit we found a geocache which was located nearby the flight-deck ship.

Day5 1

Day5 16

Day5 2

From there we walked back to the room to check or our air conditioning was working again and it wasn’t actually broken but set at 18,5 degrees Celsius it freezes. But it worked again and then Danielle suggested to get a piece of birthday cake since she didn’t had any yet, so we went across the street to Café Un Deux Trois to drink a cocktail and eat a piece of New York Cheesecake with a ‘never ending candle’ brought by the singing staff of the restaurant. I love to mention that Danielle is a birthday girl…

Day5 3


Then we walked to Bryant Park, along the public library and there we took the subway towards 23 Street and we walked a long the Flatiron Building towards the Museum of Sex. According to the website this should be very interesting about the history of sex and more but it wasn’t. But at least is was free admission with our New York pass.

Day5 4

Day5 5

From here we walked to Herald Square to visit the Macy’s the biggest department store of the world. It’s not the nicest looking one and it’s also not the most convenient one but they have a lot to choose from. And again we were successful. First Danielle went to the Sunglass Hut @ Macy’s to use the international visitors saving card to get Sunglass #2 (Danielle says: Thank you Ineke). but Danielle wasn’t really happy with me since I got the whole staff of the department singing Happy Birthday for her, but I can’t leave it to surprise her everywhere and at every possible occasion.

After the show Daniele found a nice shirt and two shorts where I left with a royal blue chino from Tommy Hilfiger for only $49,98. It was almost 5 o’clock but Danielle wanted to have a short look at the Victoria’s Secret since we had seen bags with ‘SALE’ on the street. And there was as ale going on and we decided to leave directly since some ladies were almost fighting each other over panties and bra’s and we didn’t want to mix us in it.

Day5 17

From 34 St/Herald Sq we took the subway back to Times Square and went back to the hotel to dress up for the party at the Dopo Teatro-Trattoria across the street from our hotel. At 7 o’clock Gina and Glenn joined us for a nice italian dinner where Danielle got the last surprise of the day a nice dessert with birthday wishes.

Day5 7

Day5 8

Day5 9

After dinner Gina and Glenn left because they needed to work tomorrow. But we continued the day with a subway ride from Times Square/42nd Street towards 34 Street/Herald Square.

Day5 11

Day5 10

From Herald Square from there we walked to the Empire State Building for a view over the city that never sleeps at night. Up till the 80th floor there was no waiting line but for the last six floors there was a wait from about 30 minutes so we decided to skip and walk the last floors, we were up stairs in no time and there it was windy.

Day5 12

Day5 13

Day5 18

Day5 19

After taking the pictures we’d liked to go downstairs but unfortunately there was a waiting line again so I decided to ask or we could walk downstairs instead of wait and this was possible. After leaving the building we walked uptown over 5 Avenue until we reached West 44th street where we turned left towards our hotel to write this blog and get some sleep after this long end busy day.

Day5 20

Day5 21

Danielle had a wonderful day she told me and I will be honest I had a blast myself too.

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Day 3: Sightseeing all over New York…

Already the second full day in New York today. The weather forecast is great, Mr. Jet-lag almost left us alone and I feel a lot better again although I still have a “runny nose”. The first thing we wanted to do was getting our New York passes at the GrayLine Visitor center on 8th Avenue (between 47th and 48th Street), on our way there we stopped at the Starbucks for breakfast to go.

After getting our passes we went straight to the Rockefeller Center because we wanted to go to ‘The top of the Rock’ again because we wanted to see Central Park in green this time. Without waiting we were on 67th floor by 9:15 and we made some FaceTime calls to our family in the Netherlands. I still think it’s cool to stand on the top of 259 meter high building and share what we see with people at about 5.900 kilometer far away. After enjoying the sun and making some pictures we went downstairs ad walked down 5th avenue.

Day3 1



Day3 2



Day3 3





At 5th there was an all day parade running from 44th Street (the street where our hotel is located) all the way up to 79th street. The parade was the annual Puerto Rico parade which attracts a lot of visitors. At the beginning of the parade the major from New York, Michael Bloomberg, walked with the participants. And at the moment I wanted to make a picture from him our camera lens broke… After almost 6 years this wasn’t a total surprise I guess but the timing is not the best.

Day3 4

Since this was the only lens we had with us we need to find another one. Searching on the web learned us that the prices are the same everywhere so we decided to meet Glenn & Gina at the Best Buy, an electronics store, at Union Square to see or they had the lens. After getting the worst service in an US Store ever we got a new lens for 20$ less as the online prices in the US. Unfortunately this is still a lot more expensive as in Europe but we wanted to make some more pictures with our Canon this trip so we didn’t had a choice and bought the Canon EF-S 18-200mm again.

After this experience everyone was hungry so we went to Dallas BBQ to get a lunch. Danielle went for Chicken & Shrimps and I went for a Classic Burger from the BBQ.


After lunch we went to f*cking Brooklyn by car to have a stroll over the boardwalk along the beach and Coney Island, at the beach there where kites in a lot of different sizes and forms, there was even a witch ‘flying’ in the air. And Gina insisted that Danielle tried the world-famous hot-dogs from Nathan’s at the boardwalk.

Day3 5


Day3 6

Day3 7

Day3 8

Day3 9

From Coney Island we said Glenn and Gina goodbye, they need to go to work tomorrow, and we took the Subway line ‘Q’ back to Times Square.

Day3 10

At Times Square we walked through some stores before we went back to the hotel to give our feet a bit of rest and later the evening we went out to get some food before we went to bed a bit earlier as usual because tomorrow we have an early morning appointment.

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