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Our Family life...

Soon we go again…

Last May we where on the Disney Dream cruising in the Bahamas. We loved it a lot and as you might remember we booked a placeholder on board, this means you get a discount on a future cruise next 2-years. Before we got home from our last vacation we found a very nice cruise on for later this year.

After a couple of weeks we booked the 7-Night Halloween on the High Seas Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral and we will celebrate Halloween on board! And today it’s just 8 weeks until we are sailing away for an itinerary taking us to Cozumel in Mexico, Falmouth in Jamaica, Georgetown on Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands and not to forget Castaway Cay!

We’ll be cruising on the Disney Fantasy, the sister ship from the Disney Dream. Funny enough this is not the first time we will see this cruise ship as we were on a city trip in New York the day the Fantasy for its christening. The first picture we took from the top of the Empire State Building while it was sailing in to port. The second picture we took a couple of days later when it was actually docked.

But before we sail away we fly to Orlando from Pearson a day before to stay in a Walt Disney World Resort for the first time ever. After we land we will take the Magical Express to Port Orleans French Quarter. Here we will stay one night till the Disney Cruise Line bus will pick us up and drive is to the port to embark the Fantasy.¬†After we disembark we’ll be taking a the Disney Cruise Line bus back to the Airport where we’ll be renting a car from SIXT for the last part of this vacation.

This time we did not rent a villa but a townhouse in Windsor Hills a gated community very close to Walt Disney Resort. The house has a private pool and the resort itself has a lot of interesting amenities including a huge zero entrance pool, that’s what Emily likes a pool she can just walk in…

We can’t wait to get back to the magic of Disney and see how much the experience with Emily is different this time.

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Day 7: Taking it easy…

Emily and mama are both still not 100%. For Emily this meant waking up at 6:28am and a couple more times last night. Not exactly how we imagined our vacation but we know why she wakes up. 

After playing a bit and calling Opa (Grandpa) to congratulate him with his 64th birthday we left the villa towards Disney Springs. Here we did some shopping. Mama got a new shirt from Lilly Pilitzer, early Mother’s Day gifts a new bracelet from Alex & Ani and 2 Pandora special Disney Park edition beads. Emily got a new dress from Lilly Pulitzer! 

I got a new pair of Havaianas, complete plastic ones which are more practical in wet enviroments as my leather pair, I wished I used them the remainder of the day…

Emily was very tired and we decided to go back to villa, we got ourselves some lunch at Chick-Fill-A as take out. At home we got some lunch, we played a bit in the backyard where Emily showed us how good she can get up a step already, it’s not necessary to hold her hand anymore. Also she fell again on her knees and now she has two scraped knees! 

Emily went to bed, mama started with some laundry and I played a with the settings of the rental car, an Extended Ford Expedition! It also has CarPlay but it didn’t worked that well, I found the issue and I can’t fix it as the USB interfaces are damaged. Too bad but at least I figured out some other convenient features which were disabled by previous users.

After playing I went to the grocery store for some ointment for Emily her knees and band-aid! She never wanted to wear a band-aid before so I needed to come up with something very special to make sure they would stay on long enough. 

On my way there I saw the sky turning darker and darker but lucky for me I got into the Super Target just before the thunderstorm! 
That was a bit different when I left, the water was centimeters high on the parking lot and I was wearing my leather Havaianas…complete soaked in a meter of 10 steps.

On the way back to the villa I decided to fill up the car at the WaWa gas station. That sounds early but National gives out cars which are not full, ours was only half full when we got it. If we are lucky we might make it the rest of the vacation on this fuel. 

Back at home Emily didn’t sleep that well and I decided to hold her for her afternoon nap. She slept another 1,5 hour sticking to me in one of the kid beds in the villa. I enjoyed every moment of it, I hope she got some rest and is fitter tomorrow. 

In the evening we played a bit and Emily was allowed to watch Sofia the First on Netflix before it was time for a bed time story and her bed. After Emily went to bed we relaxed on the couch hoping Danielle would be fit again on Mother’s Day! 

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Day 1: Southbound…

Finally after counting down since he 18th of January it’s time for a new Disney experience, a Disney Cruise! But firsf we need to travel south to the sunshine state since we embark the Disney Dream in Port Canaveral! 

For the first time ever we have an evening flight to the sunshine state. Reason was quite simple it was way cheaper as all the other options and since departure was at 8:00pm we thought Emily would sleep throughout the flight! 
Late afternoon, right after Emily woke up from her afternoon nap we left with 3 suitcases, 3 backpacks and a stroller. 

At Pearson International Airport everything went smooth, no lines, Emily had a blast waving at everyone. Yes, also to the grumpy person at customs who ended up smiling to her. 

After all the necessary things were done we went to Wahlburgers, a restaurant from the chain owned by Mark Wahlberg and his brothers. Danielle and I found the food mediocre at best, but Emily loved the fries she finished a whole adult size portion on her own! 

After dinner we still had 1,5 hour left before boarding and so we explored the whole terminal, very boring if we didn’t had Emily to run around and make fun. 

20 minutes before boarding Emily changed in her PJs as we imagined she would fall a sleep as soon as the engines started… 

The flight started good, we had an extra seat! But Emily decided to do everything but sleeping, she cried a couple times and when we landed she was still awake but very tired and still happy… 

Since we booked the Hyatt Regency in the Airport terminal we first checked in and went to the room. I went back to get our suitcases. In just 5 minutes I got back and Emily was ready to go to bed. 

But she didn’t want to go to bed, she started crying and screaming on top her longs. Lucky for us it took us only a couple minutes to figure out that she missed her bedtime story and brushing her teeth… that’s how bedtime routines backfire on parents! 

Now she is a a sleep like her mama and I’m so excited that I can’t sleep… tomorrow at 8:30 Disney will pick up our suitcases and at 9:00 we plan to board the Disney Cruise Line bus to the port!

For every one who wants to see us leaving tomorrow at 4:30pm EST, 22:30 in Europe here is a link to a webcam:

More blogs about the cruise and our new adventures in Greater Orlando will follow after the cruise while internet connectivity is not so stable and very expensive! 

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