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Our Family life...

Day 10: Relax…

Last night we had one extra hour of sleep, we only found that out after Emily woke up really early. After some negotiating with Emily at 6:45 we agreed that mama would get her out of bed in an hour is she would sleep a little bit. Oh and I got a kiss!

Off course I couldn’t sleep anymore after making such a deal, but mama was happy. I decided to get out of bed and work on the last blogpost of the cruise to get them ready with pictures and uploaded. Somewhere today everything will be up and readable.

First things first, I didn’t live up to my promise to make pictures of the Townhouse and the car but I’ll give it an another try again tomorrow. Sorry…

Emily slept till 9:15, I guess that’s a new record! Out of bed we had a very slow pace, at around 10:00 we decided that we would drive somewhere with the car, Emily kept asking “go with the Auto”, so that would resolve that. First stop the Premium Outlets at Vineland Avenue, die to a lot of traffic we arrived there around noon. It was difficult to find a parking spot but then Mama suggested to park at the Promenade section across the street, plenty of space.

The main reason for the visit was the Disney Character Outlet. The shop was extremely busy and Emily didn’t like it but the deals were great, the selection was mainly items related to specific events like Christmas 2016, the Alaska Cruise, the Disney Wonder in New York, etc. Not a lot of things we were interested in.

After this we decided to check out the promenade section, we had never been here before but they had some interesting stores. We found some cool clothes at Tommy, I know what you think but no not Tommy Hilfiger, but Tommy Bahamas.

After this we went on to the Mall at Millenia, the more luxurious mall in this area. Funny was that we parked right across from a car with a Dutch license plate (front only). First stop Apple Store, I wanted to see the iPhone X with my own eyes. Beautiful phone but I don’t think it’s worth the price.

Then we all got hungry and we stopped in the foodcourt together some fried rice, veggies and meat at the China Town counter. When that was done we went to mama‘s favourite store Lilli Pulitzer! The staff recognized Emily from the last couple visits, not sure of that’s positive as she always touches the mirrors in there!

After this shop we drove back to the TownHouse and off course the little princess fell a sleep! We decided to stop at the Super Target to get some more water and other useful things. Mama did the shopping papa stayed in the car. Just before mama came back Emily woke up…

We drove back to the Townhouse and the first thing to do was getting our bathing suits on as we wanted to check out the resort pool before it got dark (which is around 6:30pm). In the beginning Emily needed to adjust to the water temperature and the fact that water is different but afterwards she had the most fun of all! It was even difficult to get her out of the water but reading a book and colouring did the trick..

At 7:30 she asked to go to bed and so we did, 8pm sharp we closed her bedroom door. Danielle did some laundry and I’m writing this blog enjoying a cold beer and chocolate, I love vacation!

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Day 6: Shopping queen…

Today we planned to take it easy. We woke up Danielle did some laundry and Emily took her morning nap in her crib. I took some pictures of the villa because we had a perfect blue sky. Unfortunately the temperature wasn’t perfect at 10:00am it was only 9 degrees Celcius.



After Emily woke up we set the destination in our GPS to the International Premium Outlets because there are some interesting stores Tommy Hilfiger & Janie & Jack. Finally we got some heavy traffic, my hands were all shaky because I wasn’t in a single traffic jam for a whole week. I think you get addicted to them…


Our little shopping queen (or should I say Fashionista?) was tired as soon as we picked her some fancy new clothes…


For us it was time for a quick lunch in the food court before we went back home. On our way home we stopped at the nearby Target to get some food for the evening because we invited Jens (a colleague from Germany now based in Atlanta), Aušra and Julius for a barbecue.

Today our addictions got treated well, while putting Emily in bed one noise we hadn’t heard for almost a week was outside of the house: fire-truck with sirens! That’s enough for this trip please keep the traffic calm and the noise down!

Our friends arrived at 9:00pm and unfortunately it was a bit to fresh to enjoy the pool and we even decided to enjoy the food inside the house while with it only being 12 degrees outside it was simply to cold. We decided to call it a night just minutes ago while both Julius and Emily won’t understand the concept of sleeping a bit longer ad usually…

Lucky for us tomorrow will be a bit warmer as today as Jens, Aušra, Julius are joining us for a day of Magic in the Magic Kingdom!

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Soaking wet…

The weather forecast for today was good again and we had many things to do in mind. We started with getting up early and at about 10:30 we left the hotel towards Animal Kingdom. We still had FastPasses left over from our first visit during this vacation, we wanted to have some additional PhotoPass pictures and we wanted to ride the Kali River Rapids…

After parking the car at Dinosaur 37 we walked towards the park entrance. In the park we first got our picture taken with Dug and Russell from the Disney Movie UP and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger before we went for the rides. We started with a FastPass for Dinosaur and from there we walked towards the Expedition Everest to utilize our FastPass.

Day19 017
Day19 015
Day19 014
Day19 013
From there we walked towards the Kali River Rapids, the ride where you might get wet but will get soaked! Danielle wasn’t sure about going on but I insisted that might not turn out good for me since Danielle is usually the lucky one and comes out of the ride without a dry spot, but I took the gamble. The wait time listed was 40 minutes but in the end it was a walk-on so no time for a second thought and we went on. I guess the pictures do speak for itself and I can tell you it wasn’t pretty for me…

Day19 010
Day19 012
Day19 009
Day19 011
After exiting the ride we went tot Dinosaur and then it was time to leave Animal Kingdom for the very last time during this vacation, on our way to the exit we got some additional PhotoPass pictures. From there we drove back to the hotel because Danielle wanted to change her clothes, I wonder why…

After a quick-lunch at the Chick-fil-a we went to the Premium Outlets at the Vineland Avenue to look for a new suitcase. After checking out all the shops we ended found a lightweight suitcase at The Luggage Factory. We didn’t buy a new suitcase to take an extra one back home but because one of our suitcases is over its lifetime and might not survive the flight back home in one piece and that is a risk we didn’t want to take.

Day19 016
Finally done with shopping for this trip we went back to Walt Disney World to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at the Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s. But that wasn’t the best idea since the park closed at the time we arrived. At the moment we found out I changed the directions and we went to Epcot to see Illuminations for the last time during this vacation.

Day19 008
But before it was 9:00 we went to Duffy in Christmas outfit since the pictures we took yesterday with our own camera where not focussed due to wrong camera settings. Afterwards it already got fresh so Danielle walked all the way back to the car, parked at Create 42 at the end of the lane to get our vests, in the meantime I took a flight to Mars with Mission:Space and at the time I arrived back on earth Danielle entered Epcot again.

Day19 007
Day19 006
Danielle got a Salted Caramel Mocha at the Fountain View (Starbucks), I got a Funnel Cake at the American Adventure, we went on the Maelstrom in Norway, we took the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico and then we went to our favorite spot to watch Illumination in Germany. And while waiting Danielle got herself a Glühwein to stay warm, I got a glass of beer and we shared a Pretzel.

Soon it was time for the most beautiful firework shows we have ever seen and I got some nice shots again. After the show we left the park, probably for the last time during this vacation, without saying anything. This is such a great park with an amazing atmosphere we can’t go back.

Day19 005
Day19 004
Day19 003
Day19 002
Day19 001
Back in our hotel we needed to start preparing our suitcases for the flight back since we can check inn tomorrow and we’d like to fly back with 2 suitcases only to save 75$. After about 1,5 hour we were done with 2 somewhat heavy carry-on suitcases and 2 suitcases which are exactly 23 kilo, the allowed weight.

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