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Our Family life...

Day 7: Rain…

Today we planned another in magic but as we started to get into the car I felt raindrops… we decided to hope for the best!

After getting gas at the nearest Wawa we drove to the Ticket & Transportation Center where we parked at Simba 113! And as if it was magic the sun came out as  soon as we stepped out of he car. 

We decided to take the tram instead of taken our usual walk with D A N G E R, shortcut! And we ended up taking the boat as the monorail was not available! In the park our first stop was Aladin and Jasmine. 

They suggested us to take a flight on the magic carpet, Emily loved the breeze of wind going through her hair on this humid day. 

After we landed we walked towards Fantasyland to get our picture taken with Fairy Godmother but…like magic it started to tonpoor almost out of nothing. We decided to go somewhere dry and get ponchos. I’m pretty sure I always said I will never wear them but with a small child it’s the only way to keep the important stuff dry! 

The rain stopped as suddenly as it started and we took our chances to get a picture with Cinderella her stepsisters! 

And then we used our first FastPass+ at Winnie the Pooh’s ride. Emily enjoyed it although the darker scenes she was a little bit scared. 

We wanted to get on some more rides today as it was not crowded at all but the weather got bad and we decided to leave the park in between showers. 

We made it dry to the Ticket & Transportation Center, actually we were still dry when we stepped out of the tram but we were soaked when we arrived at the car! And that was just a 50 meter walk…

Next stop was for coffee at the Starbucks on the 192. Emily was sitting under my vest and slept before we left the parking lot. 

After we got our coffee shots we drove towards the Mall at Millenia! Emily loved it as she could walk everywhere she wanted, for her it was a huge adventure. 

Soon it was time for a late lunch/early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Emily had the best choice of the three of us: chicken tenders, french fries, broccoli and apple slices! 

The adventure continued while mama was shopping Emily was shopping for mama too. She walked in a store where we shopped earlier this trip and picked out a nice shirt for her mama. 
Emily was tired from all the action and soon slept again. On our way back we made a short stop at the nearest Walmart until we played at and around the villa until she was tired! 

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Japanese rain…

The original plan was to visit Tokyo Disneyland again but due to the weather we’ve changed this. We’ve decided to stay in bed a bit longer and explore Tokyo by Metro today. At 9:30 we got in the first metro thinking that it won’t be really crowded anymore but we were wrong it was as crowded as the last 2 days.

The first metro brought us to Ginza, an upscale area in Tokyo. We wandered a bit through the area but nothing was opened yet and while the rain came pouring down we decided to go to a Japanese Donuts place called Mr. Donut near Shimbashi. We took the metro to get there to make sure we didn’t have to walk through the rain too much.

Japan 046
Japan 047
Japan 048
After having  a couple donuts for breakfast we decided to go to the biggest Tommy Hilfiger Store of Asia in Meiji-Jingumae.  We took the Tokyo Metro line Ginza towards Omotesandō and then changed to the Chiyoda line towards Meiji-Jingumae. For everything there are signs, you always know where to walk when you go up or down the stairs as you can see on the pictures below, it’s quite easy but you have to look at it because sometimes the direction are the other way around. On some stations the platforms are secured by automatic gates probably for safety reasons if platforms get to busy to ensure none is pushed from the platform.

Japan 049
Japan 050
Japan 051
What an experience to shop in Japanese store, all clothing is resized so I’m back to XL again, for woman they only carry S-M-L and the sizes do not compare to the size in Europe/US at all. The employees spoke perfect english and were really helpful, no questions kept unanswered and if we asked something which they could not answer they went to the manager to check. And they never used the word no! And  we were lucky because we saved a bit because Tommy Hilfiger is a registered Tax Free shop.

After this shopping adventure we both were a bit hungry and we looked in foursquare for a sushi place, we found a lot but one looked really interesting, it wasn’t an old-fashioned conveyor belt sushi, it was the modern version a so-called bullet train sushi restaurant. We needed to order the food on a touchscreen and within a couple of minutes the ordered food stopped in front of you. Beside the fact that it was a really funny experience it was also inexpensive, 2 pieces of Nigiri costed 105 Yen (0,75€).

Japan 053
Japan 052

After the lunch we walked through the area before we headed to Akihabara by metro, we all found out that there are not so crowded metro’s in Tokyo.

Japan 054
Akihabara is an area which is also called Electric Town and is famous for the electronics & anime/manga shops. In Akihabara we looked around in the Yodobashi Camera Store which is a huge Electronics store. And afterwards we explored the area.

Japan 059
Japan 055
Due to the heavy rain we decided to go back to the hotel and rested a bit before we went out for dinner. We looked at some places I’ve been before during business trips and Danielle selected the Miyako a small japanese restaurant at the Takanawa exit (north). Danielle went for a noodle with pork and seafood, I went for a hot plate with baked eggs, a piece of pork (japanese style schnitzel) with rice and miso soup.

Japan 057
Japan 056
Japan 058
After dinner we walked back to our hotel to get some sleep!

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Last day in the parks…

And not only in the parks, it is the last real vacation day before we go home. So what did we want to do? We had 2 theme-parks where we didn’t ‘say goodbye’ too the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After the usual lazy start it was about 11:00 when we left the room with half packed suitcase towards Magic Kingdom.

We parked at Aladdin 42 and walked to the Monorail Station from where we went straight to the Magic Kingdom. After arriving we first had a coffee at the Main Street Bakery (Starbucks), Danielle went for a Cherry Jubilee Mocha and I went for a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. And we went on towards Splash Mountain to get a FastPass.

Day20 006

Day20 007
After we had a FastPass in our hands for only 45 minutes later we went to Tom Sawyer Island which is only accessible by a raft over the Rivers of America. We walked over the Island, through a fortress, crossed a barrel bridge, escaped to the escape tunnel and almost lost our balance in one of the caves before we headed back to Frontierland.

Day20 003

Day20 002
Here we used our FastPass for Splash Mountain and we came out almost dry only a couple drops hit us. But unfortunately no nice on-ride picture because someone in front of us had his hands in between the camera and my face., it made the picture a bit prettier though.

From Frontierland we took the Walt Disney Railroad to drive towards Fantasyland where we visited Philharmagic, a 3D show starring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. After this show we walked towards Tomorrowland where we visited the Carrousel of Progress, Monsters Inc. the Laughing Factory and the PeopleMover. And then it started to rain…

Because of the rain we left the park and went to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. Danielle went for the Scampi Pasta and I went for Mashed Potatoes and a half rack of baby back pork ribs.  Both dishes were delicious and from there we left at 17:30 towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios while it was still raining. Danielle wanted to see the American Idol Finale show from today and found out it started at 18:00. This made me drive a little bit faster and after parking we almost ran from our car, parked on the parking lot which is the furthest away from the entrance, towards the show. And at just before they closed the doors we entered the studio.

After the show we walked in the direction of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights when we saw that Star Tours – The Adventure Continue had a 10 minute wait only. In the end it was a walk-on and after leaving the ride it was almost dry. We entered the Streets of America but a lot of displays were broken due to the rain, this will be fixed as soon as it’s dry but after seeing it in its full glory this wasn’t really magical. After a couple of PhotoPass pictures we left and went towards the Hollywood Tower hotel for the last attraction of our vacation.

Day20 004
But instead of waiting 20 minutes we left the Tower of Terror in less than 15 minutes and so we had time left for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster before we left the park.

Day20 005
Back in the hotel we packed the last things in our suitcases, wrote the last blog from the USA, and watched some television since we need to leave early tomorrow o catch our first plane out of three on our way back home.

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