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Our Family life...

Day 12: Magic Kingdom and rain!

Today the weather was going to be better (to be honest it could not get any worse then the last 2 days). We woke up early because we were going to visit the Magic Kingdom.

After a quick breakfast in our apartment we stepped in the car and drove towards the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) and parked our car at the Simba parking lot (row 114). We took the tram to the security/bag check and boarded the golden Monorail towards the Magic Kingdom.

A Photopass photographer took our photo in front of the Main Street train station and left today to enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

First we visited our little fairy friend in Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell was very chatty and put a lot of pixie dust in Emily’s autograph book. Unfortunately no Photopass Photographer here, just the infamous photo-box.

We followed our way through Main Street USA into Fantasyland. We visited Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella and Elena at the Princess Fairytale Hall. Emily loves meeting all her favorite princesses but sometimes she was a little star struck.

Next it was time for some action. We walked on Under the Sea – Journey of the little Mermaid followed by Barnstormer Starting the Great Goofini. Emily and I had front row seats. She screamed with excitement and before we knew it the ride was over. Quickly we stepped in line for Dumbo the Flying Elephant followed by Mad Tea Party tea cups.

Now it was time for our 2nd Fastpass of the day, meeting Ariel in her Grotto.

To stay in the character meeting mood We waiting in line the meet with the Fairy Godmother but right before it was our turn she had to take a break and instead we met with Cinderella’s stepsisters, Drizella and Anastasia.

We saw that the wait for Mickey’s Philarmagic was only 10 minutes so we went for it. Emily really enjoyed the 3D effects.

Our last Fastpass was for Enchanted Tales with Belle. After we visited Maurice’s workshop Emily and some other kids practiced a little surprise play for Belle. Emily got to play Mrs. Potts. After the little rehearsal the got the meet Belle and perform their play. She was so proud. She even got a little gift at the end and off course lots of pictures.

We wanted to do some more ride because the wait times were not that bad but after we had lunch at Cosmic Rays Starlight Café at started to rain and it wasn’t going to stop for the next couple of hours so we made our was back to the exit of the park to the Monorail. But the express monorail broke down, but luckily we could still take the resort monorail to the TTC. A little soaked we arrived back at the car.

Before we went home we visited a close by Walmart. At the apartment we cleaned up a bit and did some laundry.

We ended the day at Yeoman’s Cask & Lion Bar with some shareables and drinks.

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Day 5: Staying on board!

Originally we planned to leave the ship today on an excursion to Pompeï but due to the bad weather we’ve decided to stay on board.

We start the morning of slowly with a coffee from Cove Café and a table service breakfast at Lumiere’s. Servers where great again, one of them made her a napkin mouse which jumped around, Emily loved it.

When we left the restaurant around 10am we found walked into Emily’s new friend, the girl from the UK. They played a while in the atrium before we headed to the open house in the Oceaneers Club. The girls played with iPads and we sat at an arts & crafts table trying to be creative.

Close to noon we went to Deck 9 for a small lunch, Danielle went for fruit, I had some sandwiches and Emily went for chicken tenders which we enjoyed outside in a covered area to not sit in the rain.

Since our schedule was changed today we would be able to see the latest an possibly greatest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame (might include a minor spoiler). Since this movie is PG-13 it’s not a family movie. First we brought the little princess to the Oceaneers Lab which had the closed program this afternoon, it wasn’t easy but when I was out of sight the tears stopped and she was watching a movie. We were just in time for the movie and we loved it 3000! Amazing and fitting ending, for us none Marvel comic readers definitely different as expected.

After the movie we went to pick Emily up but she was watching a movie in Andy’s room, it seemed like she enjoyed herself a lot. For that reason we left her in the club while we went to Signals a pool-bar in the adult section on Deck 9. A beer & a cocktail later we went to pick Emily up.

After a quick stop in the room to change Emily’s outfit to something royal we went to Deck 4 for pictures. We started with Minnie in a nice Italian dress, followed by Cinderella, Mickey in an Italian outfit and Tiana. Tiana she visited together with her new friend and they had a very long chat with Tiana.

While walking a way from that meet Emily shouted and “Jetzt essen!!!” For the non-German speaking audience the direct translation is: “Now food!!!”

At Lumiere’s they servers put our tables together and 3 person table became a table with 8 people of which 3 kids are German speaking 3-year olds. Emily loved it.

I asked our amazing team of servers to ensure dinner was done by 7:45 as we wanted to meet with Daisy at that time and although I ordered 2 appetizers (deep fried brie, escargots), 1,5 main (Seared tuna, rack of lamb) and 2 desserts (Grand Marnier Soufflé, apple tatin) and Danielle went for a double appetizer (iced jumbo shrimps and lobster, deep fried brie) 1 main course (baked salmon) and 1 dessert (Creme Brûlée) they made it happen.

After dinner we made pictures with Daisy & Donald Duck in their Italian outfit. But in between we had 2 other one with Princess Sofia, this was the most special one so far. Emily was so excited she was jumping up and down. A couple pictures and what felt like 10 hugs later we went back to our cabin. And we met with Joy from Inside Out in D-Lounge.

After the meet with Donald we called it a day and we walked back to our room.

At 10pm everyone was in bed and only minutes later everyone was sound a sleep due to the rocking of the ship.

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