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Our Family life...

Day 18: Bon Voyage…

No we are not yet leaving, but that’s the name and theme of the character breakfast we have today. 

After a late night yesterday we slept until 8:00am due to our alarm clock, Emily slept till 8:40am and at 9:05am we rolled of the driveway towards the EPCOT parking lot.

We parked at EPCOT instead of at Boardwalk where Trattoria al Forno, the restaurant, is located. Just because we wanted to walk through EPCOT and enjoyed a quite morning. EPCOT has 2 entrances, and the restaurant is located not far from the entrance at the International Gateway. Just before 10:00am we arrived at the restaurant and we got seated a couple minutes later. 

Every character was announced while entering the restaurant and we were the first table to be visited by each of them. First one to stop by was Flynn Rider from Tangled. She saw him writing in her autograph book and that was the only thing she wanted to have from that point in time, Right after him came his girl Princess Rapunzel who distracted her with her long blonde hair and was able to write in her book too.

Next up we’re Prince Eric and Princess Ariel. Emily recognized Ariel pointed at their the moment she saw her but she was a bit starstruck again until Ariel left that’s where she almost jumped out of mama her arms and gave Ariel a big lengthy hug.

The food during the breakfast was amazing, the pastries were delicious, Danielle ordered “Swimmers di ‘light’” (Smoked Salmon Egg White Omelet with Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Goat Cheese and Roasted potatoes), Emily got “Flounders Flapjacks” (pancakes with a sausage and fresh fruit) and I ordered “Golden Frittata” (Prosciutto di Parma, Piquillo Peppers, Green Onion, Pecorino Romano and Roasted Potatoes). Mine was served in a frying pan.

After breakfast we strolled a bit through the Boardwalk area and went back to EPCOT. Between the U.K. Pavilion and the Canada Pavilion there were a couple characters taking pictures, we were just in time for a photo with Mr. Smee. 

With the last page of Emily her 2 autograph books filled we decided to stop at the Starbucks and leave the park. While waiting for our drinks it started to rain and Emily and I left towards the car, but before we got there it stopped raining already. And that was good because mama had the car key with her…

Next stop was the villa for a afternoon nap for Emily. At the same time we (mainly Danielle) started packing the suitcases for our voyage home tomorrow. 🙁 Emily slept almost 4 full hours, she must have been exhausted. 

She got her dinner and after she was finished we went for one more visit to Disney Springs. Danielle got to pick out new Disney themed bracelets from Alex and Ani and we had dinner at the D-Luxe Burger place. And it was delicious, Emily got some fries and she loved them. 

After dinner we went back to the villa for our last night in the villa, the last packing and the last blog from Florida during this trip. Can’t wait to go back….

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Day 14: We did nothing…

Two late nights had its toll… Emily woke up somewhere around 8:30am and I woke up with a really sore throat. We decided to to do almost nothing today. I know we had the same plans yesterday but today we are really going to do nothing. 

At 11:00am we drove towards Florida Mall, we took a detour as Emily slept after being in the car for just 15 minutes. At the Florida Mall we visited the Disney Store as they had large beach/pool towels for just 7,99$. Before we left we had lunch in the food court. 

On the way back to the villa we enjoyed our chatterbox in the backseat, she was chatting almost the whole way back. And at the same time she was drinking her ice water…

In the villa we played a while before it was time for the usual afternoon nap. After the nap Emily got her pasta dinner and we left for ice-cream to the Hershey’s Ice-Cream Shop in the nearby Westgate Resort. After shopping at the Super Target the day was over for Emily and she went to bed. 

We didn’t make it late either as my throats got worse during the day and I believe I need some rest. 

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Day 8: Animal Kingdom…

Note to myself check the alarm settings on my iPhone when I let my daughter hold my phone. Some how she activated the alarm for 6:00am… 

Yes, Danielle and I were both bright awake! We decided to stay in bed and around 7:00am Emily woke up herself, she slept better as the previous nights but still not as good as before, she is also not 00% fit yet. 

After breakfast, she finally ate her slice of bread without struggling to much, she wanted to got the car. I know it’s a nice car to ride in as it’s huge but I believe that she wanted to do something else. We decided to just go to the nearest theme park which is Animal Kingdom.

Danielle got through security in no time as there is a special annual pass holder line. I needed to get my extension activated, this took about 20 minutes. And when that was done we met in line for Russel. 

Afterwards we were lucky and had a 10 minute only wait for Mickey and Minnie while they were on a signing session during there safari. That’s what I call lucky. 

We ended the visit with a short meet & greet with the #1 duck, Donald Duck. Here it became clear that Emily was tired, as she started crying when Donald took her autograph book to sign. We decided to leave the park, as soon as I started the engine she fell a sleep. 

She kept sleeping while we got ourselves some drinks at the Starbucks and woke up just before we got home around 13:00. We put her in bed and she slept a little bit till 3:00pm but shorter as usual. 

In the backyard we were splashing with water and we decided to go into the pool! Emily loved it as long as she could hold on to us or could sit on the stairs of the spa or pool. 

After swimming we weet for a quick dinner at Bahamas Breeze and after some shopping it was time to put Emily to bed, let’s hope she sleeps well and that she will be for tomorrow. 

Danielle watched some television while I’m finishing this blog. And with this blog you are up to date, meaning that this actually happened today, 

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