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The Gina & Glenn wedding…

This morning we woke up and told each other this day is the reason for this vacation and this is also the day we looked forward too for a year. We managed to get a late checkout (14:00) in the Indigo hotel which fitted almost perfect to the time we should be in the church (15:30).


Since we still wake up early due to the jet-lag we had some time left today. Danielle thought that shopping would be a great way to spend the morning and we went to Woodbridge Centre. She wanted to buy slipper as an exchange for the black heels she had brought with her. But first we needed a breakfast and we ended up at the Starbucks. Danielle found a nice pair of slippers which fitted perfectly to her dress.

After successful shopping we went back to the hotel to change from jeans to dress/suit. After changing we packed the suitcases in our car and went towards the church in Staten Island. The church is new and looks great. It is the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen.


The wedding mass was nice and somewhat different them we are used to from in the Netherlands. There was a live singer and the participants are participating more. The priest even made some jokes. After somewhat over a hour the mass was over and it was time to congratulate the newly weds. Then we needed to rush to the hotel to be on time on the party location which was in the Venetian in Garfield New Jersey.

There was a lot of traffic on the road but in roundabout 45 minutes we arrived at the Holliday Inn. And we were just in time for the latest shuttle towards the The Vemetian which meant we could both drink some alcohol! When we arrived we both were blown away. Such a nice location. In between the other 240 guests we soon found a table with Richy and Denise (the people we celebrate thanksgiving with in 2009). The food served at the cocktail party was delicious, they were serving a huge amount number of really big shrimps. Rumors go that there is no shrimp left in the oceans near New York City.I also had a short look at the location and made some pictures with my iPhone.



Soon the 2nd part was starting and we were sitting on table number 20. With other friends from Glenn. The dining room was even more beautiful then the other areas of the location. The food served was very tastedful and contained Sushi, Burgers, Chinese style food, Italian food and probably lost more but it was too much to try everything. You all know I’m a big eater and I’ve seen some food coming together but this topped everything. And the things I tried were really delicious.





And where there is dinner there is also a dessert. And I didn’t make any pictures of this part since I was blown away. It seemed to be even more then the main course. There were a white chocolate fountain, milk chocolate fountain, wafer makers, popcorn machine, cotton candy, cocktail glasses with different kinds of pudding, chocolate mouse, cake, fruit covered in chocolate, fruit. Can you remember the picture of the strawberry we had at Magic Kingdom in 2009, the one bigger then a golf-bal? Today I should have brought a honk-bal because the strawberry were bigger and more tasteful.

And in between the eating there was a lot of dancing going on. And yes there was some alcohol too. They actually had some interesting beers like Guinness and Corona! There were cocktails and shots without limits. And the following guy, Sully “took one for the team”


I think this picture says it all. We had an awesome experience and if they ask us to come to the party again we would definitely do it! The two families and the friends of both Glenn and Gina are great we’ve met a lot of nice and interesting people.

And the. A couple readers asked after pictures from the dress. I would first try to describe it. Gina was the shining star of the day. Her dress was American made and that was something you could see by all the shining stones on the dress.


And then there was also the groom.


Glenn, Gina it was a pleasure to be part of this wonderful day. We can’t thank you enough for inviting us. I’m looking forward to the anniversary party’s already! 😉 Thanks for making us part of the beginning of your future together.

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7 thoughts on “The Gina & Glenn wedding…”

  1. Bijzonder hoor dat jullie bij zo’n echte Amerikaanse droombruiloft bij mochten zijn!! Geniet nog maar lekker lang na van het gevoel, en natuurlijk ook van de laatste daagjes daar!

  2. It was great meeting the two of you!! You are welcome here if you are ever in Boston. have a safe trip home!!

  3. Gina and I are so happy that you both were a part of our story book wedding. It would not have been the same without you. You are wonderful friends and very special to us.

  4. Dat is een heel aparte bruiloft en jullie hebben het ontzettend naar je zin gehad.
    Mooie foto’s.
    Dit zullen jullie niet gauw vergeten.

  5. De bruiloft klinkt echt Amerikaans, super dat jullie daarbij konden zijn! En jullie zien er prachtig uit.

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