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The last miles of our roundtrip…

Today we would ride the last part of our roundtrip which ends in Los Angeles, better to say Buena park where our hotel for the last 9 nights is located. But first we need to get there. So we rushed out of ed since we needed to leave the hotel before 10 o’clock and as soon as we were in the bathroom we were both surprised by the number of ants in the sink. Since that was not the only problem we encountered during this stay (cockroach, most of the pools closed, 20 minutes till we had warm water) I wanted to file a complaint.

So I did and we got back the parking fee ($30). The room price was already low with $90 instead of the regular $299 so nothing to get back there. But it wasn’t too bad in the end the room was nice we just had bad luck with the closed pools and the ants in the room.

So time to leave and the first stop on the road were the Dessert Hills Premium outlets because I ran out of clean shirts again… We shopped at 7 for all Mankind and at Tommy Hilfiger and left the outlets with saving way more than $200. It’s always nice to make money while shopping, 😉

Still an hour to drive till our hotel and we already saw the increase in traffic. By the time we arrived in the Los Angeles area there were more vehicles on every single lane of the 7 lanes wide roads as we had seen on the whole highway since we left San Francisco. So I needed to pay more attention while driving again.

We arrived at the hotel at 2 o’clock but we needed to wait till 3 o’clock till our room was ready. Because we had so much patience and we had the gold status we got 4 free drinks (cocktails, beer) and 2 instead of one bottle of water for the room.

So at 15:00 we were in our room which is in the building a bit away from the highway and which is freshly refurbished. The room looks over the pool area and has a king bed. This is one of the better hotels during the trip, I would first want to sleep one night but I would say the only hotel which was better/nicer would have been The Venetian but that was also more as 2 times as expensive.

So what to do this afternoon and evening? It’s to short for a visit to the Disney Parks but we could already check-out Downtown Disney and get something to eat. We did some shopping again but now at the World of Disney store. For dinner we went to Naples an Italian restaurant where we d one pizza together (5 slices for me, 3 for Danielle).

Afterwards we went back to the hotel to dive into the hot tub where we spoke with 2 Germans, 3 Americans and 6 Dutch. And at about 22:30 we went back to our room to make a plan for the rest of the vacation because there are so many things we want to do here.

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4 thoughts on “The last miles of our roundtrip…”

  1. Brrrr. mieren maar nu weer in de bewoonde wereld.
    Lekker genieten van de Disney parken.

  2. Veruit de meeste kilometers zitten er dus op, dat scheelt een stuk met inpakken! Vergeet in downdown niet een glimp op te vangen van de Walt Disney Concert Hall, erg indrukwekkend (en persoonlijk…)

  3. Welkom terug van het rondje.. LA is inderdaad altijd druk qua verkeer, wij hebben er van de vakantie bijna twee uur over gedaan vanaf Anaheim, terwijl het eigenlijk maar driekwartier is, en dat was rond 13.00 uur :-)). Heerlijk hè downtown Disney!! Geniet van jullie dagen inde LA area.

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