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Visited Universal Studios Hollywood…

Today we had planned to visit the Universal Studios Hollywood. Because Hollywood is the place-to-be when it is about movies we expected a lot from this park, but we heard from people in the bus yesterday that this park is less than Universal in Orlando. So we were thinking, okay…… But we had to see it ourselves.

Because of traffic we arrived later as expected at the Universal Studios, at about 11:00 a.m. We parked our car in the parking garage and walked through the Universal City Walk to the entrance of the Universal Studios. First thing to do was the Studio Tour. They said the waiting times was approximately 30 minutes but in the end we waited over more than one hour. Then the tour begins. You drive through the real studios of Universal but there is not much more to see than just buildings. There were some nice scenes/attraction in the tour like King Kong, Jaws, Disaster and we also saw some really nice sets like from Desperate housewives and War of the Worlds. After one hour the tour was finished and we looked at the map what to do next. We were too late for the first show of Water World, so we went to Transformers.

Transformers is an attraction compared with the Spiderman ride in the Universal Studios in Orlando which attraction they do not have here in Hollywood. As the waiting line at the Mummy was not that long, we put our backpack in a locker and stepped into the waiting line. This ride is actually even better than the one in Orlando but really short.

After the Mummy all the attractions (except for Jurassic Park) in de Lower Level were done so we went back up with the escalators to the upper level. Because we really wanted to see the Water World show there was really nothing else we could do, so we went for a drink and waiter for Water World to begin. I must say, the show was good for a theme park. But when you know there were actors in it from shows like CSI and bones….. hmmmmm, it wasn’t that good.

We decided we had seen enough from Universal and we left the park and drove towards Santa Monica to visit the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. This sounds easier than it was. Because of all the traffic it took very long until we arrived but we soon found a parking spot not to far from the Pier. We walked over the beach (which has a road on it for cyclist, inline-skaters) to the Pier. The Pier is very nostalgic and also the end of the Historical Route 66.

We walked all the way to the end of the Pier where you have a very nice view at the Pacific Ocean. Slowly we walked around the whole Pier and back over the beach to the car.

Then it was time for a little shopping, but it took very long to get there because of traffic, but we did and survived. Tonight we had dinner at a new place for us called Johnny Rockets. They really have great shakes and burgers and all you can eat fries, but you won´t need it because the shakes are so heavy.

As soon dinner was over we drove back to the hotel.

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